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Lithuania 16/11, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Lithuania 16/11

A travel blog entry by karimico


Hello, Just a short message to tell you about my day, a short visit of Lithuania we are in Palangua, small city on the beach. We going for a traditionnal meal in another city, and then for a little swim in the Baltic sea. Something i don't especially ...

Palanga, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog


A travel blog entry by rnriggins


... from different countries needed a common language in order to communicate. I never could have imagined such an amazing beach in Lithuania of all places! I arrived in town without a place to stay. At the bus station there was a travelers info center ...

Discofever, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog


A travel blog entry by pajas


Destination 18:   km42'021 Ankuft in Discotown Palanga rechtzeitig zum Pfingst- Weekend und zwangsläufige Wertsteigerung der Unterkunft: Da alle Campingplätze verwaist und keine Hostels vorhanden, günstiges Hotel gebucht. Da immer noch ...

Racing in Palanga, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Racing in Palanga

A travel blog entry by no1pablo


... , the shower was invented by the local made professor and was patented trust me when i say no one will by buying it!. As for Palanga it deserves better a great beach resort with loads to do and see, cheap and good fun for a few days or a week well ...

Finally, a sandy beach!!!!, Klaipeda/Neringa, Lithuania travel blog

Finally, a sandy beach!!!!

A travel blog entry by mrconfused


... the town. I came for Neringa. Neringa is the name the Lithuanians give to the part of the Curonian Spit belonging to Lithuania (it originates in the Russian province of Kaliningrad), and is basically 50km of a few small towns, some pine forests and a ...

Forest and Amber, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Forest and Amber

A travel blog entry by anne.alenskis


... , and it is truly spectacular! We walked through the forest and enjoyed many of the sculptures and holy places along the path. Lithuania was one of the last countries to go from Pagan worship to Christianity. So there's an interesting mix of statues to ...

Palanga, la station du kitsch, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Palanga, la station du kitsch

A travel blog entry by mathieu.gillot


4h de bus de Kaunas et arrive a Palanga, une petite station balneaire familiale sur la Baltique, et aussi l'empire du kitsch ! Le temps n'est vraiment pas terrible, et comme c'est le weekend de Paques, la station est vide. Je fais juste une marche le long ...

Auf dem Weg nach Vilnius/ sur la route de Vilnius, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Auf dem Weg nach Vilnius/ sur la route de Vilnius

A travel blog entry by eiffeltower


Heute haben wir eine grosse Autostrecke vor uns: von der Küste soll es in die Hauptstadt Litauens Wilna gehen, wo wir zwei Hotelnächte gebucht haben. Wir hatten Nida auf der Kurischen Nehrung als erstes Etappenziel eingegeben und waren auf dem ...

Escape from Palanga, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Escape from Palanga

A travel blog entry by markprendergast

... she was waiting there for new guests and not just her last forgetful one.      Cross the border into Lithuania with no problems and head for Leipeja the unofficial rock & roll capital of the Baltic.  The Lonely planet map ...

Next country - Lithuania, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Next country - Lithuania

A travel blog entry by jannettek


... little earthenware pot. Delicious. As were the potato pancakes with smoked salmon which we also tried. But we were bound for Palanga in Lithuania and needed to get a move on.  In Palanga we stayed in a place right opposite a pine forest by ...

The Koronian Spit (Peninsula), Klaipeda-Nida-Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

The Koronian Spit (Peninsula)

A travel blog entry by ilenes1225


... .  The forest is filled with wood carvings of folk artists, many of them are characters from Lithuanian fairy tales. Lithuania is a very spiritual and mythical country where superstitions abound.  Each witch on the path through the forest has a ...

Lithuanian beach party town, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Lithuanian beach party town

A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


Packed with Lithuanians all summer, it should be nice despite the super touristy set up....but it was too early in the season for any action yet. ...

vanad liivlased ja disniländ, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

vanad liivlased ja disniländ

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


... . Narodnoje guljaanie. Jurmala keskpäeval on rahvarohkuse mõttes ilmselt samasugune, aga väljanägemiselt jääb see kindlalt Palanga kesktänavale alla. Palangas võib aimata üksikuid maju, millel on säilinud arhitektuuri ja mis on peidetud hoolsalt ...

Gintaro muziejus, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Gintaro muziejus

A travel blog entry by bugo


Kai pajudėjome iš Kretingos buvo beveik antra valanda. Oras ryškiai šalo (čia svarbu paminėti, jog šiais metais neturėjom sniego) ir važiuojant link Palangos pasirodė pirmosios snaigės. Tai ...

Seaside!!! happy again.., Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Seaside!!! happy again..

A travel blog entry by the-gibbons


Posted the keys and left Latvia with high hopes for Lithuania (Angela had a good feeling) 4 hour drive to the seaside town of Palanga (recommended to us by the bar man at bar 38 WIQ) Had originally booked the Lasas Hotel for tomorrow to stay 2 nights but ...

Palanga & 1000 year Lithuanian celebration, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Palanga & 1000 year Lithuanian celebration

A travel blog entry by will.traveller


I am going to another beach town, Palanga, 30 min North. Micro busses leave frequently. They appear to wait until full which can be 2 minutes or 40 minutes (like to Nida). This is a total beach resort. It's pedestrian walk even has Carnival type rides, ...

Baignade, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog


A travel blog entry by biet

Aujourd'hui il est prévu une excursion à la fameuse station balnéaire de Palanga, "le lieu où chaque Lithuanien doit avoir mis les pieds au moins une fois dans sa vie" (dixit Vytas) ! bref nous voici dans la Mecque des corps bronzés, bikinis et ...

Searching for the  sun and hedonists, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Searching for the sun and hedonists

A travel blog entry by ilenes1225


... - ok, at least that's what they say in the brochure), which is well-known for what happens during the short summer months of Lithuania.  Incredibly, the population usually balloons from 20,000 to 100,000 people.  No, we did not hang on the beach ...

Seduction on the beach, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Seduction on the beach

A travel blog entry by pwong


... !).       The sun came out as we strolled through the beautiful botanical gardens.  Who would've thought Lithuania would be as nice as this?  A friendly guy started chatting with us - he was in the park with his mother and ...

Party moved to Palanga!, Palanga, Lithuania travel blog

Party moved to Palanga!

A travel blog entry by salvo

... from the good time I can say that the Lithuanian sea is really beautiful, clean, extremely cold and surrounded by forest. Palanga itself is nothing really special, just the classic summer place for families during the day and for party animals at night. ...

Lituanie ma belle..., Smiltynė, Lithuania travel blog

Lituanie ma belle...

A travel blog entry by manolo2.0


Day 6. Réveil à l'auberge de jeunesse de Vilnius, les deux Rémis, au Do Ré Mi Hostel... pouvait-on rêver mieux? Nous reprenons la visite de la ville entamée la veille au soir, nous découvrons cette charmante capitale qui nous donne un aperçu des ...

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