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Meeting the locals, Taito, Japan travel blog

Meeting the locals

A travel blog entry by seb-zazu1993

おはよう!日本に二番の日です。疲れました、多い歩いたから。昨日は ...

A stroll in Ueno Park, Taito, Japan travel blog

A stroll in Ueno Park

A travel blog entry by lesleyburt


Today was a lazy day because we were SOOOOOO dead-tired from the plane ride yesterday. Oh, and being on a plane was really cool by the way! We were over British Columbia for what seemed to be a really long time. Like... more than 2 hours. It was funny: ...

Tokyo, Taito, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by shanstravels


First day of tokyo. Some of the pictures are fuzzy since I took pictures of the shots on my camera with the ...

Sunrise Geyser Fields, Taito, Chile travel blog

Sunrise Geyser Fields

A travel blog entry by delfuegoproject


Geyser fields are generally a sight to this case waking up at 4ish to complete the drive though this vast desert/rock field/mud flat lit only by moon made it all the better. Earth has a grand habit of reminding everyone that there are ...

We have landed, Taito, Japan travel blog

We have landed

A travel blog entry by seb-zazu1993

... 12521;グだよ 48 hours, 4 flights, and 1 frantic dash though Charles de Gaulle and I've made it to Japan. I'm still riding the emotional seesaw between nervous and excited at the prospect of what will be my longest and furthest flung trip ...

Golly, there sure are a lot of people here., Taito, Japan travel blog

Golly, there sure are a lot of people here.

A travel blog entry by bethere


Two things are certain about Tokyo: It is big, and there is a lot to eat.  Oh, and also we're exhausted by 8:30 at night and we wake up at 6:00 every morning.  (I guess that’s three things.)  Stupid jet lag. We’ve spent the ...

To Tokyo Day 1, Taito, Japan travel blog

To Tokyo Day 1

A travel blog entry by charliebolinger


Who: Today I am solo. What: I am going to explore the a little bit of the city. When: Today Where: I stayed in Asakusabashi and will be walking around and checking out Akihabara and making my way across Tokyo to Shibuya where I plan to stay tonight and ...

Tokyooooooooo, Taito, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by alex.wauman


Om 11u vertrokken in fuji en aangekomen na enkele treinen en (verkeerde) metro's hier in Tokyo rond 14u , dan hier nog wat rond gelopen , ik wou eerst op de skytree (hoge toren) gaan maar ik was vergeten dat je in het weekend best de toeristisch dingen ...

Geen woorden maar foto's, Taito, Japan travel blog

Geen woorden maar foto's

A travel blog entry by alex.wauman


Beetje te moe om te typen vandaag dus gewoon foto's van dag 2 in Tokyo. Morgen voorlaatste dag Azië ...

It's snowing!, Taito, Japan travel blog

It's snowing!

A travel blog entry by suebar


... but a community living in western Canada. Note: must find out how a French Canadian comes to be fluent in Japanese and living in Japan. As the rain was turning to sleet we decided that it would be best to head for a museum for the afternoon and so we ...

Ueno park, relay for life, Taito, Japan travel blog

Ueno park, relay for life

A travel blog entry by johnnym


I've not stayed in a duff hostel in Tokyo, and I've Moved around a lot, staying in five here and one in Nikko. But Toco Tokyo Heritage hostel still stands out. Khaosan annex is cheap, with a good common room and plenty of space for stuff. Near the river, ...

Travelling round Tokyo!, Taito, Japan travel blog

Travelling round Tokyo!

A travel blog entry by nathanjamie

... at a Mr Donut for breakfast! We stood at the edge of the road and a little lady from Singapore started talking to us. She was in Japan checking out uni for her son. She then took our number and told us if we want to go to Singapore she will show us ...

Okinawa party, Taito, Japan travel blog

Okinawa party

A travel blog entry by johnnym


A return to boiling hot weather and sunshine today. It had been cool in Nikko, which I attributed to the surroundings, but it turned out to be cool in Tokyo yesterday, too. Which was a blessing as I ran with Namban Rengo again in the evening. This time I ...

Japan!!!!!!, Taito, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by nathanjamie

We arrived in Japan at around 11.00pm. With the information centre shut and that being where we had to get our rail pass from we decided to sleep on the seats at the airport along with others. We went to a shop and got some ready meal style noodles with ...

Universal studios., Taito, Japan travel blog

Universal studios.

A travel blog entry by nathanjamie

We thought we would treat ourselves today so off we plodded to Universal Studios. 1st ride we went on was Spider-Man. It was wicked. Then we queued for what felt like 3 days for the Back to the Future ride which was equally as cool. Next up we went on ...

Rainy days and the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, Taito, Japan travel blog

Rainy days and the controversial Yasukuni Shrine

A travel blog entry by seanandkat


... about it.  I did like the beginning history, which showed the early armor and swords and talked about the unification of Japan.  There was a timeline shelf that extended out from the display case and showed from the 1200s to the 1500s.  We ...

Day 4 in Tokyo, Taito, Japan travel blog

Day 4 in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by joca92


... evening when it was fully lit up. It was an eye-opening experience with some weird and wonderful stores that could only exist in japan. From dolls for men, through anime( some a bit/ very seedy) , thousands of collectible cards and huge gaming arcades. It ...

3 days to cover!, Taito, Japan travel blog

3 days to cover!

A travel blog entry by seanandkat


... . This just confused us more. Kat and I bought some things, and the really nice thing is that when you buy something in Japan they always offer gift wrapping for free, which is nice.  One man took this hospitality another step and gave us some free ...

Kitchen Town, Shopping and 7-11: Tokyo Day 3, Taito, Japan travel blog

Kitchen Town, Shopping and 7-11: Tokyo Day 3

A travel blog entry by kelseyandmike


... instantly say "where did you get that?" to which we could leap into our story about that time we took a long weekend trip to Japan. After going into many stores and coming out empty handed, we were beginning to think we weren't going to find what we were ...

Arcades & a Duty Free Shopping Spree: Going home, Taito, Japan travel blog

Arcades & a Duty Free Shopping Spree: Going home

A travel blog entry by kelseyandmike


... to knock off the coins that are hanging over the edge. In North America you usually play for tickets to redeem for prizes. In Japan, you use tokens and play for...more tokens. I don't think you can actually redeem these tokens for cash. Maybe you can get ...

Bilder fra dagen, Taito, Japan travel blog

Bilder fra dagen

A travel blog entry by ingridogeivind


I dag har vi vært på museum. Se bilder ...

Exploring Tokyo City, Taito, Japan travel blog

Exploring Tokyo City

A travel blog entry by lisakresky

This is a top pick!

... awhile before finding a bin. After lunch we went to visit Meiji Jingu shrine. I learned the difference between a shrine and a temple in Japan. A shrine is for the Shinto belief. There is a gate that you walk through to get to the shrine. Shrines are ...

Metro op, metro af, trein op, trein af, Taito, Japan travel blog

Metro op, metro af, trein op, trein af

A travel blog entry by saskialivens


Na wat heen en weer gemail met belgië ivm de problemen van de visa vertrekken we met een bang hartje naar het dichtsbijzijnde ATM machine dat open is op zondag: Ueno. Zenuwachtig de kaart insteken en ja hoor! Er kwam geld uit! Vermoedelijk waren de ...

Another 5 star day, Taito, Japan travel blog

Another 5 star day

A travel blog entry by jttisdale


Today started out just as I thought... We woke up, had a visit with Simon and Jonathon (thank you for breakfast) and then the long slog across Tokyo. After much sweat and many steps we arrived at the hostel. We immediately dropped out bags and went ...

Vacation Stop #1, Taito, Japan travel blog

Vacation Stop #1

A travel blog entry by leinad61


... so close to my hotel and was part of the view from my room! I went onto Ueno zoo next with a few stops to take photos of Japan's unique architecture and decor (see pics). The zoo was fun for me, I saw animals I only ever saw on tv like pandas, giraffes, ...

Tokyo drumming, Taito, Japan travel blog

Tokyo drumming

A travel blog entry by kworld


... by a monkey. Monkey attack successfully averted, it was time to head for the Shinkansen back to Tokyo to end the first leg of Japan 2014 - 2 weeks down, 2 to go. For dinner, a friend of mine took us to a dingey looking basement by the love hotel area of ...

Lots of fun and worries, Taito, Japan travel blog

Lots of fun and worries

A travel blog entry by saskialivens


Het ontbijt hebben we voor de 3e x ergens anders gegeten: eerst op het dakterras, gisteren in de ontbijtruimte en vandaag aan de traditionele japanse tafeltjes. Gezellig, maar toch niet zo heel comfortabel... Het plan was om vandaag naar tokyo sea life ...

Wandering Tokyo, Taito, Japan travel blog

Wandering Tokyo

A travel blog entry by kernszt


... , even in the rain. And every single person has an umbrella, which is apparently one of the most commonly stolen items in Japan, but nobody wears any sort of rain jacket. Public transit is really convenient and popular here, every train I have ridden is ...

Tokyo Tales, Tokyo, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Tales

A travel blog entry by happynomads


We arrived in Japan on Friday afternoon. The staff at the airport were extremely helpful and got us on our way to Jen and Christian's on the airport bus. The Tokyo airport bus cost us 24 each, compared to the Beijing Airport Express, which cost 2.50 ...

Fish auction!, Taito, Japan travel blog

Fish auction!

A travel blog entry by backpacktime


3:25 wake-up, 4:15 arrival at the fish market and we were the last people to get in. I'm sitting next to a lady from ATL, a girl from UF and a man from UMich. Small freaking world. We then went to the giant Tuna auction (the tuna was giant, not the ...

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