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Yokohama to Shinagawa, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Yokohama to Shinagawa

A travel blog entry by tbassplayer

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So the seven of us left all went to Shinagawa in two groups. We all checked into the Shinagawa Prince Hotel but this time instead of getting the awesome "western" style room in the big tower I split a closet with Tim. This room was small! The two beds ...

Big City, Ōta-ku, Japan travel blog

Big City

A travel blog entry by hpeier12

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It take you more than 40 k just to get out the City of Tokyo , Cycling along the River down to Harbor Area is a safe fun way to explore Tokyo I wad hoping to get to Kawasaki but the City Lines are blurred and Buildup and its not clear where one end and ...

Back to Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan travel blog

Back to Tokyo

A travel blog entry by vincethepince


... we really didn't have much to bring back with us. After checking into our hotel, which was massive business complex across from Shinagawa train station, we were back on the local train and off to Omotesando. It was getting to be rush hour at that time ...

Everything is awesome, Kōtō-ku, Japan travel blog

Everything is awesome

A travel blog entry by guy.luong


... . As we pass Aqua City I get hungry so head in to see what the Ramen Museum and its promise of Ramen from all over Japan. In reality it's just a food court that only sells ramen but I'm hangry now and need to eat. Noodles slurped, we finally make our way ...

Premières visites, Shinagawa-ku, Japan travel blog

Premières visites

A travel blog entry by parad2x


Je commence cette journée par un réveil bien matinal vu qu'à 6:00 (heure de Tokyo), je suis déjà debout, donc peut de temps pour vraiment dormir mais cela ne change pas d'habitude, du coup, je me lance à l'exploration des programmes TV disponible ...

Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum, Odaiba, Japan travel blog

Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum

A travel blog entry by misocutlet


... , but it was well worth buying.  Ghibli Museum Official Website If you buy a ticket outside Japan, check out this website. All the tickets to the museum is bound to be reserved.  Ghibli - The Miyazaki Temple Video ...

Odaiba, Odaiba, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by amynp


... was a bit different. We found some lunch in the cafe. It looked really nice but it was not so (terrible! Second worst meal in Japan to date). When we left the Sea life Park we found a street entertainer and watched him for a while, he was pretty good (I ...

Shopping, cars & views, Odaiba, Japan travel blog

Shopping, cars & views

A travel blog entry by discovereatplay


On our last full day in Tokyo we took the train to Odaiba, which reminded me of a cross between Darling Island and Circular Quay in Sydney. The train took us over the Rainbow Bridge to a quieter area with modern apartments, hotels & entertainment ...

Vecera v zapadnutej restauracii, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Vecera v zapadnutej restauracii

A travel blog entry by mozi


... Kazuko mi robila doprovod. Nakupy sa podarili a vydali sme sa stretnut dalsich ludi z Canonu v jednej restauracii v casti mesta, co sa vola Shinagawa. Je to ta cast mesta kde je moj hotel. Uz som sa aj naucil ako sa to po Japonsky pise - ak by som sa ...

DAY FIVE - Samurai Swordplay Workshp, Shinagawa-ku, Japan travel blog

DAY FIVE - Samurai Swordplay Workshp

A travel blog entry by junkos


... shoe s correctly and entering after being invited 'doso'. A small groceries shop then home to organise dinner for the first time in Japan. Eating out for lunch and dinner starts getting expensive. We are enjoying the food thou and kids have been a bit ...

For my bird watchers, Shinagawa-ku, Japan travel blog

For my bird watchers

A travel blog entry by japalexanders


We saw these giant black birds all over. They make very loud cawing sounds. What are ...

Our Odaiba hotel, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Our Odaiba hotel

A travel blog entry by japalexanders


From Meg: We survived three train rides to get back to Tokyo and the eastern area of Odaiba. Our last train was driverless and carried us over the Rainbow Bridge - the iconic bridge you see in the photo of Tokyo at the top of the blog. Odaiba is an ...

In search of the 47 Ronin, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

In search of the 47 Ronin

A travel blog entry by andynbaza


... went to the station and park to buy and eat our breakfast. That completed, we headed back to the station and on to Shinagawa. I'm using the excuse of being really weary after the two previous days, but I'd forgotten to check the details of exactly where ...

Top of the Afternoon in Tokyo, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Top of the Afternoon in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by nickij


... except i slept through the alarm clock, the birds singing and even the dustbin men who visit the restaurants near 2-5-4, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (my new home for a while) to empty the bins.  Feeling tired and groggy, i tried to ...

Ebisu, Shinagawa-ku, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by dancastellano

Departure ...

Day 51 - Kamakura & Ginza, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Day 51 - Kamakura & Ginza

A travel blog entry by antonmarsh


... the longest military rule in the world to date. It all began in Kamakura - making it a special cultural visit when travelling to Japan. Grabbing a bite to eat at a quick shop then navigating the railways, we headed off. Kamakura is a seaside town set in ...

Day 52 - Last stop Shibuya, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Day 52 - Last stop Shibuya

A travel blog entry by antonmarsh


... so many amazing places for nature lovers with trails and islands to explore. We really only saw a glimpse of an aspect of Japan but definitely enjoyed it and its people. They are polite, efficient and very approachable. We are looking forward to our ...

Tokyo 2, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Tokyo 2

A travel blog entry by glenndwyer


As I'm sure a lot of you know we are big fans of the domestic Football competition in Japan known as the J League. The passion of the supporters at these games is just amazing and the standard is very high. Cashed up clubs being able to afford the best ...

Day 8: Odaiba, 115m above the ground in a fishtank, Odaiba, Japan travel blog

Day 8: Odaiba, 115m above the ground in a fishtank

A travel blog entry by apat


We're exhausted. It was a busy one today. Not content with travelling halfway across Japan, we decided to also continue the day with an extensive wander around the largest captive audience tourist attraction in Tokyo, the man-made island of Odaiba ...

Japan, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by twestberg


... morning to do some seabass fishing in Tokyo Bay in the evening. 5-28 - 10 am We drove back to Tokyo, checked back into the Shinagawa Prince hotel, grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to Tokyo Bay to fish for seabass, at night! We did not catch a lot of ...

Girl Power Japanese Style, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Girl Power Japanese Style

A travel blog entry by nickij


... , punctual and most trips cost 165 yen, under £1.  Just after the morning rush hour, in amongst the concrete jungle of Shinagawa, i found a little florist and brough 2 beautiful autumn plants for Rina and her mum - my gift to them, for looking ...

Tokeyo, Tokeyo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sublimefan12

Yeah Out Of The USA And Here In Japan Chines Food And Sex With School ...

Rob's Japan Review, Japan, Japan travel blog

Rob's Japan Review

A travel blog entry by dancharming

... Twins World Tour 2005-06 -- japan review 1. Tokyo, Minami Senju.(2 days). What chaos to start with. we collected our 240pounds japan rail pass which enables us to use majority of railways, only it doesn't include tube trains which is basically what we ...

Off to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Off to Tokyo

A travel blog entry by jennisan


... out. We arrived no problems and got our bag and then loaded a bus that had been arranged for us and we headed to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The hotel is pretty big, but the rooms are really small. We have two small beds right next to each other and ...

Home Sweet Home, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Home Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by nickij


Having had an amazing day yesterday at the Tokyo Tower and Shohei's wedding i have so much to tell you.  That said, the sun is shining it's little face off in Tokyo so im heading out in flip flops and shorts to the Royal Palace area to have a ...

Cold day in Tokyo, Tōkyō-to, Japan travel blog

Cold day in Tokyo

A travel blog entry by afoxi911


Today it was cold in Tokyo. It barley got above 9 and the wind chill made it worse. It actually felt like our 1st day in Hakuba in the snow. We only ventured out in the morning as far as the shopping centre for brekky. Brett was starting to get what Mel ...

Home again, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Home again

A travel blog entry by marahaisha


... met onigiri's (rijstballen). Na dit allemaal werd ik heel hartelijk ontvangen door familie Kischuck, waar ik deze eerste week in Japan heb verbleven. Wat was het bijzonder terug te komen in Japan! Ik ben echt zo blij, herkende veel dingen. Klinkt ...

Samurai, Sumo and Fine Japanese Cuisine, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Samurai, Sumo and Fine Japanese Cuisine

A travel blog entry by nickij


... area, in search of the little bakeries and supermarkets i was familiar with from Gotanda.  Unfortunately, no such luck, as Shinagawa is a business transport hub the best i could do was Seven Eleven for banana and pinapple.  When Shohei and Emi ...

Hotel Stay, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Hotel Stay

A travel blog entry by steventeh


Quarto dia em Tokyo - DisneySea, Shinagawa, Japan travel blog

Quarto dia em Tokyo - DisneySea

A travel blog entry by joyflatrip


Mais um dia de criança! E hoje chegamos a conclusão de que a Disney não tem nada a ver com montanhas russas, tínhamos uma concepção errada. O que é pra ser admirado é a produção e os efeitos especiais, ...

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