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Funky Monkeys, Hattoji, Japan travel blog

Funky Monkeys

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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... before the deer could investigate the chocolate chip bread snacks I had stashed in my pockets. Taking the shinkansn to Okayama I looked over the directions to get to where I was staying tonight, Hattoji International villa just north of Okayama. The ...

Okayama Shinkansen transfer, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Okayama Shinkansen transfer

A travel blog entry by kiemce

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nada ...

All Aboard- to the Naked Man Festival!, Okayama, Japan travel blog

All Aboard- to the Naked Man Festival!

A travel blog entry by kateinjapan

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... Yes, you read it correctly.. My friends Mac, Joe, Lily and I took a 6-7 hour road trip to a "nearby" prefecture called Okayama. We affectionately refer to it as our sister prefecture because the two names sound so much alike, and if you don't ...

A week on, Okayama, Japan travel blog

A week on

A travel blog entry by scurvydom


... day with my host family, I was taken to Okayama city's most famous sights, the ever so pretty Koraku-en and the castley Okayama castle. I was lucky to arrive on the day of the rice planting festival. It was pretty cool really, There was a bit of ...

Way out in the rurals, Okayama Prefecture, Japan travel blog

Way out in the rurals

A travel blog entry by tom_pallett


... floor! I liked the workaway immediately.  It’s a spacious arts and craft centre in a tiny village in the Okayama prefecture.  It’s a beautiful location, surrounded by mountains on all sides, with a river running through it.  ...

A weekend getaway to Western Honshu, Okayama (and Kurashiki), Japan travel blog

A weekend getaway to Western Honshu

A travel blog entry by xerius


... . Then it was off to the last item on the agenda: a visit to Okayama. Along with Mito and Kanazawa, Okayama has earned a ranking on one of Japan's "Top Three Gardens" list, courtesy of its lovely stroll garden Kōraku-en. Unlike pretty much any other ...

Summer Vacation, Shiraishi Island, Japan travel blog

Summer Vacation

A travel blog entry by janeyinjapan


... to book rooms in a small villa on an island in Okayama Prefecture, about 600km west of Nagoya. The villa was part of Okayama's foreign tourism program, and thus was open only to "foreigners and their Japanese friends." Being foreigners, Chris and I took ...

Back to Okayahama/ Saidaji, Okayahama, Japan travel blog

Back to Okayahama/ Saidaji

A travel blog entry by leon1974


One night at Leons folks, before we had to say goodbye :( more to ...

Apr 23, 2010, Kurashiki, Japan travel blog

Apr 23, 2010

A travel blog entry by monchhichi


Okoyama & Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Okoyama & Kurashiki

A travel blog entry by jorrr

... Japan gevestigd, dus voor eventuele vakanties in de toekomst zullen we het zeker onthouden. Onderweg naar Hiroshima komen we eerst langs Okayama. Het enige dat hier eigenlijk te zien is, is een gigantische Japanse tuin. Het lijkt mij wel mooi om hier ...

Hanami, Kansai, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by trent


As I said last week, Hanami is the Japanese tradition of getting extremely drunk in the park while sitting under cherry blossom trees and stuffing your face with food. With that in mind, Bill and Satsuki and I headed out for Himeji, which has the ...

The Day we traveled to the west, Okayama, Japan travel blog

The Day we traveled to the west

A travel blog entry by mitsukishiroi


... K's House turned out. I won't make that mistake again soon!! 9.00 we get into the Shinkansen to our first stop-- Okayama. Okayam is a major transportation city basically. The only railway across the Seto Inland Sea toward the island of Shikoku leaves from ...

Naoshima day 11; Cycling in the world of art, Naoshima, Japan travel blog

Naoshima day 11; Cycling in the world of art

A travel blog entry by nikolasdm


Wanneer ik tijdens de vorige dagen tegen een Japanner vertelde dat ik vandaag naar Naoshima zou gaan keken ze me allemaal raar aan en vroegen ze of ik wel zeker was van mijn bestemming. Vreemd dat dit kleine eiland (shima) niet meer in faam geniet want ...

C-c-changes, Okayama, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by scurvydom


... ` or just a guessing game along those lines. With the Sugimoto family (my first),I lived in a large 2 storey house in a suburb of Okayama. With my current host family (the last name is Fuji-something) I live by my self in the one room apartment above ...

Shinkansen, the way to travel, Okayama-shi, Japan travel blog

Shinkansen, the way to travel

A travel blog entry by aussieellen


The bullet trains are quite expensive but fast. They're sleek and well made. Comfortable and warm. I love travelling across Japan this ...

Onwards to Okayama, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Onwards to Okayama

A travel blog entry by scurvydom


... of the journey, apart from the fact that I am now, very tired, and the Shinkansen (bullet train) is awesome fast. I arrive at Okayama station, where Mariko gives me a lift to meet my host family, we meet outside a supermarket, because it`s very bright, ...

Kurashiki, Kurashiki, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by schwate


Hallo zusammen, habe Kurashiki zweimal von Okayama aus besichtigt. Am Montag um mir die Stadt anzuschauen, am Dienstag um mir ein Museum anzuschauen. Auch Kurashiki hat eine Shinkansen Station (Shin-Kurashiki), diese liegt aber genauso weit weg von ...

Arrival in Japan!, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Arrival in Japan!

A travel blog entry by mskillern


... local castle (Okayama-jo) and the adjacent gardens.  Amazing.  What a thrill to see traditional Japan finally.  Walking through the streets of Okayama was just great.  The streets are immaculate - no trash anywhere.  I only saw ...

Hospitality Japanese Style, Kurashiki, Japan travel blog

Hospitality Japanese Style

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


... the table in the centre of our room and served with Japanese tea and a squishy red bean filled sweet, which are very popular in Japan. We were told that dinner was at 6.30 and asked whether we wanted sake for dinner. We have tried sake before, Daniella ...

Apr 21, 2010, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Apr 21, 2010

A travel blog entry by monchhichi


Okayama-jo, Okayama, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by anslwithers


We took the Shinkansen train to Okayama to visit the castle and gardens here.  The castle was quite impressive and the gardens, said to be among the 3 best in Japan, very pretty and peaceful.  The highlight of the day was my ...

Japan rock!!, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Japan rock!!

A travel blog entry by acot

Helloo!! ...

Ahh the serenity, Tomonoura, Japan travel blog

Ahh the serenity

A travel blog entry by barryandemma


... particularly enjoying the 40 degrees herbal bath - effectively a big bath of tea all to herself!!! A very relaxing stay, and well worth it for a day - back to the big smoke of Tokyo for our last couple of nights in Japan... (PHOTOS TO FOLLOW ...

Pottering around, Bizen, Japan travel blog

Pottering around

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


... them so much she paid to have them fired, then send back to the UK. After this we headed back to the station and took a train to Okayama where we changed for another train to Kurashiki, where we had booked a stay in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese ...

The best day, Naoshima-chō, Japan travel blog

The best day

A travel blog entry by aussieellen


... of places I'm still yet to explore in Japan. Today I went to one of these places... NAOSHIMA Naoshima is an island between Okayama and Takamatsu. Almost all the island is an art gallery. There are sculptures scattered all over the place, more than three ...

Our induction into traditional Japanese arts, Kurashiki, Japan travel blog

Our induction into traditional Japanese arts

A travel blog entry by hlgunst


... named Taisuke Sato who is an artist. Sato-san makes a particular kind of traditional Japanese pottery called Bizen, which is very famous in Japan. He is well known in Japan for his work, and even has pieces in the Bizen pottery museum. Bizen pottery is ...

I can finally say, Okayama, Japan travel blog

I can finally say

A travel blog entry by scurvydom


... the old albinos gambling, and the young kids bugging their parents for another 10 pounds to waste on the UFO catcher. In Japan, arcades are thriving hang out spots where teenagers go to show of their skills at the various `beatmania` games, which include ...

Miki, Yoko and Their Family, Kurashiki, Japan travel blog

Miki, Yoko and Their Family

A travel blog entry by hatandtubbz


... views out to sea, with the many offshore islands and a great view of the trail of bridges built to connect Honshu, Japan's largest island, with Shikoku, its smallest. For the couple of days we stayed with them they treated us unbelievably well, taking us ...

Naked Man Festival, Okayama, Japan travel blog

Naked Man Festival

A travel blog entry by brianneinjapan


went to okayama. have been wanting to go for a while. just happened to drop in the same weekend as the infamous NAKED MAN FESTIVAL. if that hadn't been going on, i might have bailed on the city after a few hours... not sure what exactly everyone has ...

Okayama, Okayama, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by arimadrid

Okayama ...

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