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Bedding Down With The Monks, Mt Koya, Japan travel blog

Bedding Down With The Monks

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... Mt. Koya, which is not a single mountain but rather a group of mountains, is primarily known as the world headquarters of the Koyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism- it is located in an 800 m high valley amid the eight peaks of the mountain (which ...

8ft  tall, with red beard dressed in a blue frock, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

8ft tall, with red beard dressed in a blue frock

A travel blog entry by itsem

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... venerated at Mt. Koya. This story would explain why dogs are the only animals permitted to enter the holy precincts of Koyasan. Kobo Daishi opened the mountain the following year and began construction of the head temple, the Kongobuji. He spent the ...

Monks and Merriment, Koyasan, Yura and Miyama, Wakayama, Japan travel blog

Monks and Merriment

A travel blog entry by kateinjapan

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... Buddhism, we were also able to enjoy the changing colors of the maple leaves - it's a HUGE deal in Japan! They loovvve their maple trees. Koyasan is a photographers dream, and I would've had a great time just taking pictures all weekend. Enough about ...

Koyasan and buddhism, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koyasan and buddhism

A travel blog entry by geoffnsteph


... fast, so difficult to capture on photo. From Shin Osaka on the subway, then train via Osaka, Namba and finally Gokurabashi to Koyasan via funicular and local bus. We finally arrived at our Buddhist monastery, Ekoin Temple,  by late afternoon. A ...

Buddhist Mysticism, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Buddhist Mysticism

A travel blog entry by globetrekker


... were waiting for passengers exiting the funicular. Everything was so well synchronized that traveling efficiently inside Japan was effortless. Koyasan could be easily divided into two sections: the transcedental footpath through a forest of towering ...

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water....., Koyasan, Japan travel blog

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.....

A travel blog entry by ros.garrity


... sea level, echoed with quiet despite the incongruous presence of a television in our tatami-covered double rooms!  During the day Koyasan is a different story. We traveled there via two trains, with a cable car for the final 5 minutes up a steep ...

I ain't afraid of no ghost, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

I ain't afraid of no ghost

A travel blog entry by tomandhayley


... hats and darkness. We quickly found the cemetery and I reluctantly peeked inside but not liking the prospect of wandering through Japan’s biggest graveyard at night with nothing but a few flickering lanterns to guide the way, we didn’t ...

Soul Food, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Soul Food

A travel blog entry by tomandhayley


... leaving Koyasan. Our next and final destination of our trip was Kyoto. We are so glad to have visited Koyasan and would highly recommend it to anyone journeying in Japan; it is cool, calm and peaceful – just what we needed to sooth our souls and set ...

Koyasan - Peaceful Retreat, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koyasan - Peaceful Retreat

A travel blog entry by jetsedder


... general walk in the area, I visited a famous Kongabuji temple where had supposedly one of the largest rock gardens in all of Japan.  I ventured east from there.  There was a large cemetery which led up a slight incline to the another ...

Koya-san, Koyasan, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by segacs


... cozy on the futon, I slept like a baby. Another bloody... temple In Europe, there were ABCs. In Japan, there are ABTs. Every five feet in Koyasan, there was another shrine or temple. They are all elaborate and beautiful, though they do start to blend ...

Koyasan and an introduction to Buddah, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koyasan and an introduction to Buddah

A travel blog entry by jedsterr


... Sat 20th May   Today is the first big Japan challenge! while planning the trip i came across a small mountain town called Koyasan. Whats so special about this place? well its the home of Shingon Buddhism in Japan and was founded in 816 by a master ...

Temples de Koyasan, Ito District, Japan travel blog

Temples de Koyasan

A travel blog entry by jfortin


J'ai quitté ce matin la ville de Kyoto pour me rendre sur le mont Koya (Koyasan en japonais, "san" veut dire "mont"). Le but d'aller à Koyasan est de passer une nuit dans un temple Bouddhisme. Tout d'abord, je me suis levé très tôt pour aller ...

Chanting Monks and Vegetarian Cuisine, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Chanting Monks and Vegetarian Cuisine

A travel blog entry by campbellot


... and ducks (especially Archie). We left the hostel and then left Kyoto vowing to spend more time here on our next trip to Japan. We had such a lovely time here and it is just spectacular with all the historic sites. They have statues of Astroboy and Kimba ...

Koya-san and Toba, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koya-san and Toba

A travel blog entry by jossie


Our last two destinations before heading to Kyoto were Koya-san and Toba. We had arranged to spend one night in each place however it turned out to be very extraordinary nights. Koya-san is a mountain south of Nara. While travelling we already got a ...

Never underestimate a monk, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Never underestimate a monk

A travel blog entry by louisejapanese


Even though it's only about 1 and a half hours by train, koyasan (mount koya) seems like a milion miles away from Osaka. We watched the towering department stores become lush, dense greenery as we delved deeper into a kind of paradise. The photos will ...

Mt Koya-san & the Shojoshin-in, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Mt Koya-san & the Shojoshin-in

A travel blog entry by freya691


... in the cemetery. Hence many offerings of food are left outside the tomb to keep him sustained. Women were also barred from Koyasan until 1872.   After leaving our cases behind at the Granvia we were on the 7.16am Shinkansen to Shin Osaka station. ...

Koya-san: Winter Wonderland!!, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koya-san: Winter Wonderland!!

A travel blog entry by sophiatravels


... , the flip-side to this was that the temperature was very cold - perhaps -5 or -10! The coldest weather we've encountered in Japan by quite a bit. At the temple, our host was a little monk who had suffered injuries in the 1995 Kobe earthquake. Here, we ...

In Search of our Inner Buddha, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

In Search of our Inner Buddha

A travel blog entry by emmaandpaul


... a short ride we were at the main entrance to Okunoin. It was considered one of the most holiest places to be buried in Japan, as the founder of Shingon Buddism; Kobo Daishi was laid to rest here. More than 200,000 graves lay testiment to that ...

Onuncu Gün, Koyasan, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Onuncu Gün, Koyasan

A travel blog entry by japonya


... 305;nda budist keşiş Kukai tarafından seçilen bu yer, dünyadaki önemli budist merkezlerinden biri olarak biliniyor. Koyasan’da konaklayacağımız tapınağa giderken yol boyunca çok sayıda tapınak ...

Buddhist monasteries, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Buddhist monasteries

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... . We were met by the monks and dropped our bags off. We aren't able to check into our rooms until later! Koyasan is Japan's centre of Buddhism, with 110 temples located here. The Buddhist community was established in 816 by someone called Kūkai ...

Living the ancient Japanese way, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Living the ancient Japanese way

A travel blog entry by fxdacat


... named Kūkai.  Kūkai, having studied Buddhism from China, was responsible for bringing Shingon Buddhism to JapanKoyasan became a university town for Buddhism in Japan.  At one point there were 1500 monasteries there.  But ...

Temple City, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Temple City

A travel blog entry by kalsi_kaur


And now for Koyasan - excuse this rambling blog - some of the detail is more for us as a journal of our trip. Koyasan or Mount Koya is located about 1000m above sea level and is surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides. It´s one of those rare ...

Koya-san day 6; Living in a Buddhist world., Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koya-san day 6; Living in a Buddhist world.

A travel blog entry by nikolasdm


... 3 reisbussen vol plots voor een tempel stoppen. De berg is zo belangrijk omdat de grondlegger van het Shingon boeddhisme in Japan deze als zijn "uitvalsbasis" had gekozen. Tijdens de piekperiode waren hier dan ook een 1000-tal tempels terug te vinden, ...

Zen Temples, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Zen Temples

A travel blog entry by trent


... staying in the temples, eating the same meals, and going through morning prayers with the local monks. Koyasan is one of the most religious places in Japan. It's the headquarters of the Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism (the belief that the ...

Mount Koya-san, Kōyasan, Japan travel blog

Mount Koya-san

A travel blog entry by stephiesteph


Jack & I spent our weekend, Thursday Friday days off, in Koya-san. We stayed at a Buddhist Temple and really enjoyed being up in the mountains. They provided meals with our room (vegetarian!) and we also had the opportunity to take a hot bath. In the ...

monked, Koyasan, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexbclark


... because i could still see tree lines in the distance, just faintly though. i guess it would be helpful to explain the importance of koyasan to the buddhist religion... but i don't know it that well... what i do know is that the founder of a certain style ...

Kōya-San - achieving spiritual enlightenment, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Kōya-San - achieving spiritual enlightenment

A travel blog entry by monkeybusiness


From Nara we made our way to Kōya-San. Kōya-San is a small town at the top of a mountain reachable by cable car or road. We were staying in a temple called the Eko-In. It is a really nice temple and we got the chance to see how the Buddhist ...

Koyasan y llegada a Osaka, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koyasan y llegada a Osaka

A travel blog entry by cagonu


... Kongobuji, pero yo ya estaba mas que harta de templos, asi que no entre. Cuando acabamos de explorar las tiendas de Koyasan, recogimos los trastos del hostal y cogimos el funicular para bajar la montana y encaminarnos a Osaka. Cuando llegamos, cenamos ...

A bus, 3 trains and a cable car, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

A bus, 3 trains and a cable car

A travel blog entry by kcfraser


A bus, three trains, and a cable car (5 minutes up a 50 degree slope!) brought us from Kyoto to Koyasan, for our stay at the Buddhist monastery (Rengejô-in Temple) on Mount Koya. We met up with our local tour guide (Taruko) after getting off the ...

Japan - Koyasanwa, Kōya-chō, Japan travel blog

Japan - Koyasanwa

A travel blog entry by elliegriffiths


... In the morning I got up at 6 to watch the morning prayers, which involved a lot of chanting! That day we walked through the revered Koyasan cemetery, located in woods of giant trees, and up to another temple hidden in the woods. Then we drove to ...

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