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Gero gero, ribbit ribbit, Gero, Japan travel blog

Gero gero, ribbit ribbit

A travel blog entry by allilaoshi


The next place in Japan we visited was Gero in Gifu.  We took a Wide View Hide train and it was beautiful.  We arrived in the little town and were greeted by the shuttle bus driver.  He took us up the side of the mountain to the ...

Gero: onsen town, Gero, Japan travel blog

Gero: onsen town

A travel blog entry by pyres


... mineral water and relax for a while), Gassho Village (an open-air museum of traditional straw-roofed farmhouses) and a frog shrine (since Gero sounds like frog sound in Japanese, kero-kero). It was getting dark already, so we went to have a dinner (some ...

Landside of Japan, Gero, Gero, Japan travel blog

Landside of Japan, Gero

A travel blog entry by kahuamweh


... Onsen abfährt. Im Bus trafen wir einen Deutschen, der schon seit 18 Jahren auf "Reise" ist. Indien, Südostasien und Japan ist seine Heimat. Wir haben ein paar Reiseerfahrungen ausgetauscht. In Gero Onsen hat uns Rocky-san und Ikumi-san abgeholt. Sie ...

Local Kabuki (Ji-Kabuki) & Gero Spa Resort, Gero, Japan travel blog

Local Kabuki (Ji-Kabuki) & Gero Spa Resort

A travel blog entry by misocutlet


... . Actually, the local kabuki is performed for only two days every year: November 2nd and 3rd. November 3rd is a national holiday of Japan, but 2nd may be a weekday, which means the kabuki is not for tourists, but for locals. In any case, the local kabuki ...

Japan - Gero Onsen, Gero, Japan travel blog

Japan - Gero Onsen

A travel blog entry by liamhelly

... area. First-and-foremost, and agreed by all in the Onsen, the ultimate must-try was Hida Beef. This was hailed by all as Japan's best beef, bar none. They ensured I was to try this in explaining that, pre-slaughter, these Cows are treated like Gods. Don't ...

Getting there, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Getting there

A travel blog entry by liamri


... some damage. Train attendant was nice though, and I wasn't deported. We got to our hotel, went looking for food, but everything was closed. Therefore, first meal in Japan...large double cheeseburger meal. God bless the Golden Arches. Talk soon ...

Chapter Nine, Gero, Chubu, Japan, Japan travel blog

Chapter Nine

A travel blog entry by luggagesbitch


... taken back by a breathtaking view. I began to feel any lingering feelings I had from the night before melt away. I knew that Gero Onsen Yunoshimakan was situated in the mountains, but the pictures don't do it justice. I only took pictures from the train ...

Dogs and Cats and Cows, oh my!, Gero, Japan travel blog

Dogs and Cats and Cows, oh my!

A travel blog entry by wwoofers


... of Japanese culture.  It is a place to relax and rejuvenate and is such a divine experience that I recommend anyone visiting Japan to try, regardless of their levels of shyness or horror at the thought of being totally naked and exposed in a hot tub ...

Universal Studios and travelling to Kyoto, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Universal Studios and travelling to Kyoto

A travel blog entry by liamri


Hiya As a way of easing in to our trip, decided to do Universal Studios on the first full day we had. So, after one of the best coffees I've ever had, lined up for the Studios. The first truly strange moment of the trip came when a random guy asked ...

Eco Buildings, Gero, Japan travel blog

Eco Buildings

A travel blog entry by wwoofers


Here we go, short and Gero aside from tending to the cattle and enjoying the antics of all the animals we spent quite a bit of time working on some construction.  Using earth bag building techniques and under the strict observations of our ...

Back on the Farm, Gero, Japan travel blog

Back on the Farm

A travel blog entry by wwoofers


... can be a pretty great thing. In other news on the Gifu front, many of you know about the volcano that recently erupted in Japan.  We were unaffected although the farm itself is only about 30 km (google the mileage I don't know the translation) from ...

Gero ville thermale dans les montagnes, Gero, Japan travel blog

Gero ville thermale dans les montagnes

A travel blog entry by -sebastien-


Etape a Gero sur le chemin de Takayama. Ville reputee pour ses Onsen (bains), nous testons les bains de pieds dissemines dans la ville (environ 50 degres c'est chaud...) puis un bain en exterieur dans un decor ...

Kamikochi, Kamikochi, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by on_the_trail

d ...

Akigami Onsen Hot Spring, Asahimachi, Japan travel blog

Akigami Onsen Hot Spring

A travel blog entry by misocutlet


The bus arrived at Takayama a little bit later than scheduled, but it didn't do me harm. I headed for the backpackers hostel right off in the snow. The hostel was very close to the bus terminal. It was a small hostel, but very clean. In addition, the ...

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