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Day 1 - Tokyo - Let's go!, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Day 1 - Tokyo - Let's go!

A travel blog entry by mosredna


Yay! I have arrived! Picked up the JR Pass and a IC card and I'm ready to roll! I really don't get the Japanese subway and train system at the moment... Let's hope I'll arrive without any troubles... My first impression is probably the worst one you ...

Day 8 - Tokyo & Kyoto - Last but not least, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Day 8 - Tokyo & Kyoto - Last but not least

A travel blog entry by mosredna


... , the line was a lot longer. Must do number 2: Go to a Maid Cafe. One of the weirdest stings you can do in Japan. Awkwardness to the Max! Literally, since I went there with my travelbuddy Max from Bayern. I couldn't take pictures there (no pikucha purizu) ...

Fuji-Qhighland, Kawaguchiko, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamesinjapan


I went to Thomas land and Dad and Mom went on 1 ride at ...

36,000 Feet in The Air, Chuo, Japan travel blog

36,000 Feet in The Air

A travel blog entry by meganmulray


... with the flight attentants, eating the food, and observing the customs, and listening to the language. Although, I am only experiencing Japan and Turkey through airport layovers, I feel that I really get a taste of their cultures by flying on their ...

The Tsukiji Flop, Chuo, Japan travel blog

The Tsukiji Flop

A travel blog entry by rt9812


Both aware we were due a good day, we made less ambitious plans, they didn't quite work out, but we enjoyed a slow day. We decided to amble aroud Tsukiji fish market. We woke, left the house and walked to the subway station. The journey to Tsukiji ...

Sky tree with yohei, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Sky tree with yohei

A travel blog entry by jagosperring


After 11 hours we landed in Tokyo, Japan and met yohei at the airport. We hadn't seen yohei for 4 of us had grown. Yohei took us to different places in Tokyo following an hours train ride into the city. We saw the sky tree but could not go up ...

EARTHQUAKE!!!!, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidandjackie


At 9:24 there was a 6.5M earthquake 600+ kms from us under the sea, but our hotel room on the 8th floor was shaking for about 30 sec....awesome! Of course when Jackie felt it she told me to stop it because she though I was being a dick head and shaking ...

Waiting in Tokyo Airport, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Waiting in Tokyo Airport

A travel blog entry by cornevanhoepen


I thought once upon a time I enjoyed flying, but after spending 12 hours straight on a plane, I think I changed my mind. Just waiting on a 45 minute stopover in Tokyo before the 7.5 hour flight to Singapore. Everything has gone smoothly so far, and we ...

Last days in Japan, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Last days in Japan

A travel blog entry by antandsash


We will certainly miss this ...

Here at Last, Chuo,  Japan travel blog

Here at Last

A travel blog entry by kiaelise


Well ladies and gentlemen we finally made it to Tokyo! After a wonderfull few days with my aunt and uncle in Burbank in which I attended a delightful and thought provoking church service, saw an episode of the Tonight Show live , experienced a local ...

Kanazawa, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by ijulie


... the city. Our first stop was the gold leaf museum where we saw demonstrations of how they make the gold leaf. 99% of all gold leaf in Japan is produced here and they use gold leaf a lot. We even had gold leaf tea. We hopped back onto the loop bus for the ...

Nishi-takashimadaira, Chuo,  Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by dawn.meiklejohn


... are covered with poetic notes. Apparently merchants do the most to promote the day. Noting lovers' holidays, Valentines Day, February 14 in Japan is when females express their feelings for males, and a month later, March 14, White Day, men express their ...

Journey through Japan, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Journey through Japan

A travel blog entry by hughandjen


... first trip to one was fantastic. Traditional Japanese gardens with ponds, tea houses and shrine in the afternoon light was perfect. Japan is especially popular in autumn when the leaves change colour and although we were a bit early in the year for this ...

Our First Two Days in TOKYO, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Our First Two Days in TOKYO

A travel blog entry by loisandgreta


Day 1 We got off the plane after a long 12 hour flight completely shattered, we then had to get on the train into tokyo central. With our backpacks on we went in search of our hotel. We got there to find we couldn't check in for a few hours so dumped our ...

Ningyo Cho - Tamahide and Amazake Yokocho, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Ningyo Cho - Tamahide and Amazake Yokocho

A travel blog entry by helencheung


While Meg has gone off with her friend to Tokyo Sky Tree, we decided to explore an old part of Tokyo called Ningyo Cho 人形町 near Nihonbashi. Took the Hibiya line below our hotel to Ningyocho Station. Found the famous 5th generation ...

Tokyo, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by nrdegay

Lots of walking and shopping/window shopping in Tokyo today. The transport system her is really efficient,both metro and overground train.Metro fairly easy to navigate but over ground huge and complex.Main Tokyo overground station has 23 platforms on ...

Tokyo!, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by timvanslooten


Flink verkouden wakker geworden, waarschijnlijk door airco die bij nader inzien wel erg op mij gericht stond. Wel klote, voelde me niet super. Maar even doorbijten, immers laatste paar dagen met Wim. Sightseeing in Tokyo is nog vrij lastig, je hebt niet ...

First Night, Chuo, Japan travel blog

First Night

A travel blog entry by rachcakes

We landed this evening after our 12 hour flight. We navigated the Narita airport and even found a place to pick up a mi-fi device, so we can have Internet on the go. The only affordable way to get into the city is via airport limousine, which is ...

Downtown Tokyo, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Downtown Tokyo

A travel blog entry by sarahgallo


... door to the hotel and waited for us to get our tickets and took our bags straight to the loading area of the bus - amazing service! Seriously polite and helpful people in Japan!!! Got on the flight no worries - ready for our next adventure in ...

Earth Garden in the Urban Jungle, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Earth Garden in the Urban Jungle

A travel blog entry by kboyle05

... and music, and some familiar sounds from a Japanese group called Modern Irish Project. We had a beer and began tasting the food of Japan. We first dug into a bun looking like a dumpling, filled with some mystery meat!, and a egg sandwich with pork, leeks, ...

Tokyo, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by turkoois1990


... half Frans half Japans. Paar uur mee staan praten en toen terug naar het hotel. Dag 2 Vera en shantal zijn aangekomen in Japan. Had met hun afgesproken op Shibuya. Hebben daar wat gepraat rond gelopen en toen zijn we weer terug gegaan want hun waren ...

Wandering the maze, Chuo,  Kanto travel blog

Wandering the maze

A travel blog entry by kernszt


Woek up today and went and checked out the tsujiki fish market, the imperial palace, downtown Tokyo, asakusa, and ahkihabara. The palace was kinda cool and but we couldn't go onto the real gardens so it wasn't too exciting. Asakusa had lots of shrines ...

Man-made Island, Chuo,  Japan travel blog

Man-made Island

A travel blog entry by dawn.meiklejohn


Today I took the elevated train to Odaiba, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. The island is home to many businesses, shopping centers and entertainment. The museum choices are Maritime, Gas Science, and Future Science. The architectural gem Convention ...

Maizuru, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by ijulie

Arrived in the port of Maizuru early this morning so no lying in. What a lovely location this is. We are within walking distance of the city and surrounded by wooded hills in the tiniest port we have visited yet. We visited Tore Tore fish market first ...

Arrival! Ginza n Shinjuku, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Arrival! Ginza n Shinjuku

A travel blog entry by bchungpy


Tokyo, Chuo,  Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by dawn.meiklejohn


I am wandering in Tokyo despite the fact the pin likes to say I'm in Chuo. After breakfast I stopped at the concierge desk and asked about tours. They handed me a brochure describing seven different tours offered. Am I proud to say that I have been to ...

Zaterdag Tokyo, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Zaterdag Tokyo

A travel blog entry by timvanslooten


... los. Nadeel was wel dat biertjes 700 yen waren wat neerkomt op 5 a 6 euro. Helaas wel nog redelijk normale prijzen voor japan. Je kreeg er wel een heinekenblikje voor. Ook nog de huisgenoot van Jouke tegengekomen, die met wat vrienden ook was gekomen. ...

Work done and now we play, Chuo, Japan travel blog

Work done and now we play

A travel blog entry by pah140


So all my work is done and we have become tourists again. We are slowly ticking off all the key highlights of Tokyo. I say slowly as it is a very large city and we have tried to walk as much as we can - which can be fun trying to follow the street names! ...

Tokyo, Chuo, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by burkeandcindy


We arrived in Tokyo late the night before and stayed up super late chatting with burkes cousin, spencer. We woke up late the next day and it the town. We walked around several parts Tokyo. It's really a beautiful city. For the evening we went to a big ...

Let's start from the beginning...., Chuo, Japan travel blog

Let's start from the beginning....

A travel blog entry by martices

We have dreamed about the trip around Asia since me and my husband met 5 years ago. There was always something that was stopping us from realising out dream: lack of money (well, there is never enough money, right? But if you want, you will find a way ...

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