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Northern Towns of Italy, Udine, Italy travel blog

Northern Towns of Italy

A travel blog entry by carinamjones


... day trips to visit the small northern towns that lie within an hour drive from us. Here you will see just three towns, Pordenone, Treviso and Udine. It is amazing how much history, architectural detail and natural beauty each of these towns has to ...

Sgarfefurlans now ONLINE!!, Udine, Italy travel blog

Sgarfefurlans now ONLINE!!

A travel blog entry by sgarfefurlans

Sgarfefurlans now on the Internet! Cirint furlans ator pal mont: Prime part: Australasie e Asie: click here: Una trasmissione radiofonica di Loris Vescovo a RADIO ONDE FURLANE ( ..., Udine, Italy travel blog

A travel blog entry by sgarfefurlans


Di gnuf atris 2 aparechios, e o soi ... cjase. Ancje par me al concet di cjase al'e sdopleat e fuscat. O soi furlan, di Trivignan, ma o vif bielza di un pos di agns a Trent. Jessint che a Trent al'e un fogolar (oh yes, vere!) alore o pues considerami ...

Return to Forni di Sopra, Forni di Sopra, Italy travel blog

Return to Forni di Sopra

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... badepantofels (german for swimming flip-flops?) in the swimming section of the sports store. Once that was done, we headed off towards Italy. It was raining really hard for the entire drive and about an hour and half from Forni, we stopped again (we ...

Roncjis, Udine, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgarfefurlans

partence!!!!!! ...

Radio Onde Furlane, Udine, Italy travel blog

Radio Onde Furlane

A travel blog entry by sgarfefurlans


Le idee e je avonde semplice. La ator pal mont, e intervista i furlans propite tal puest dula che e vivin, sinti la lor esperience, le lor storiis, vivi la lor prospetive cence ...

INFO about Sgarfefurlans, Udine, Italy travel blog

INFO about Sgarfefurlans

A travel blog entry by sgarfefurlans

... Venezia Giulia and carried out by Informazione Friulana - Radio Onde Furlane. On 30/11/07 Loris Vescovo left from Friuli-Italy in december 2007 for a long trip though Londra, Singapore, Sydney, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Brisbane, Cairns, Bangkok, ...

Italian Elvis, Udine, Italy travel blog

Italian Elvis

A travel blog entry by tmcmullin

... pm , and there was only seven people left on dark platform three. We were taking the last train of the night from Udine , Italy to Vienna and on to Prague . The other platforms were dead silent. ...

Forni di Sopra, a quick visit, Forni di Sopra, Italy travel blog

Forni di Sopra, a quick visit

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... by again. We set off once again stopping along the autoroute a little further on for a picnic lunch. On the edge of Italy before crossing in to Switzerland there is a huge apple growing area. There were tons and tons of orchards fully laden with apples ...

Longest Train Ride In History, Udine, Italy travel blog

Longest Train Ride In History

A travel blog entry by aaronm58

Greetings from Udine, Italy!!! I really have no clue where exactly Udine is at...But my best guess is somewhere in Northern Italy. The landscape up here is absolutely stunning. I had to get off the train at 6:00 am this morning to make my ...

Slow day at our friends house, Market day, Udine Italy, Italy travel blog

Slow day at our friends house, Market day

A travel blog entry by colinkayla

Slow day, went to the base and just took a break.  we are off to Pisa on sunday and then eze on monday.  took a few photos of the town and market.  Jim would like this town, it has a school for mosaic artists.  ...

The long Drive to Italy, very long, Udine Italy, Italy travel blog

The long Drive to Italy, very long

A travel blog entry by colinkayla


Munich Football Club  Drove through the mountains, kind of cold for June. On our way to our friends house in Italy.    Pretty much says it all   The sky says we are not in Phoenix   ...

Bus trip to Vienna, Udine, Italy travel blog

Bus trip to Vienna

A travel blog entry by caeneden


Not much to report today. Full day on the bus. Left Venice at 8.30am. Wonderful sleep. We drove through the Dolomite Mountains. The scenery is just spectacular! Will arrive at the hotel in Vienna in about 1 hour... 4pm. Then off to the Viennese Concert ...

Vienna..... Wein, Udine, Italy travel blog

Vienna..... Wein

A travel blog entry by caeneden


Up at 6am Off to Schonbrunn Palace at 7.30am. First people through the gates so able to take lots of photos with no one there. This is amazing. The size of the place! No photos inside but I had a ball with the camera in the garden! In the 16th century, ...

One more sleep till Venice, Udine, Italy travel blog

One more sleep till Venice

A travel blog entry by mombeau66


At 10 am we were checked out and on the road to Italy. We go to Udine today because it is too expensive to stay the night in Venice. I have been so excited for this part of the trip. Our agenda is light again today with 4 or 5 hours of free time in the ...

Klagenfurt to Udine, Udine, Italy travel blog

Klagenfurt to Udine

A travel blog entry by traveltragic

... for lunch Italian border Mountain scenery great at first, but got steeper & rockier as the weather deteriorated to rain & mist so it felt a bit spooky, lots of rubble from big earthquake last year between Gemona & Udine added to that ...

Too windy, let's go Italian, Sella Nevea, Italy travel blog

Too windy, let's go Italian

A travel blog entry by samlocke3


... operation. Aaa man! Pretty disappointed at the news, but the silver lining was that we could get a free shuttle to Sella Nevea in Italy at 9:30. Hurrah! Our ski resort of Kanin does in fact connect with the Sella Nevea resort, so you can reach the top of ...

Jun 08, 2015, Udine, Italy travel blog

Jun 08, 2015

A travel blog entry by topgun1


Shopping in Udine, Udine, Italy travel blog

Shopping in Udine

A travel blog entry by bbordignon


Today was another relax day for us in Udine.  We spent most of the day shopping with Zia Gabriella, and bought some clothes for me and a few items to bring home with us.  This evening we visited my Zia Elisa, her daughter Elena, and grandson ...

Zeltplatz auf einem Damm, Udine, Italien travel blog

Zeltplatz auf einem Damm

A travel blog entry by familiewuff


Wunderschöner Blick auf eine alte Kirche. Eimer mit warmen Wasser zum Waschen, Antipasti und Kaffeeinladung zum Frühstück mit hervorragender italienischer ...

Speedwayn GP, Udine, Italia travel blog

Speedwayn GP

A travel blog entry by pexi413

Saavuimme Hotelli Europaan... Sitä piti vanhempi pariskunta ja heidän englannin kielen taitonsa oli hieman kyseenalaista... Kymmenen minuutin selvennyksen jälkeen selvisi missä heidän pysäköinti mahdollisuutensa on... ...

May 06, 2010, Udine, Italy travel blog

May 06, 2010

A travel blog entry by dsklyarov


Italy, Udine, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bahramjan

Italy ...

"Prova a star con me un'altro inverno...."

A travel blog entry by atordiscols


Allora dov'erevamo rimasti..... L'ultima uscita risale a Novembre e ora il calendario sentenzia 14 marzo, ma a noi, onestamente, che siamo ormai proiettati in realtà parallele dopo esserci liberati dal giogo di Cartesio, come dire....non ce ne fotte un ...

NONNINO DISTILLERY, Udine, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by kariola


Karma, Rome, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by philpeter


Little did I know when I first looked at the Crown Jewels in London that they would come back to haunt me. Who am I to make a joke comparing them to Peter's? Rome paid me back big time! Everywhere we went Rome's Crown Jewels were staring me in the face! ...

Udine/Pesariss, Udine/Pesariss, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by punk1959


... Italy going and the south of Italy are free loading on the north.  I have to keep reminding myself that Italy is a youngish county forming in 1861 and they seem very regionally minded rather than national minded.  Observation:  ...

Lots of driving, Udine, Italy travel blog

Lots of driving

A travel blog entry by brian796


... , although the rest of the family would probably disagree.  I now have a much better appreciation why motorcyclists talk about North Italy with awe. Upon arrival at our hotel (which is actually more like a B&B), the family settled in while I did ...

Treffpunkt, Udine, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by hasch


Auf der ersten Raststation Richtung Venedig nach der Verzweigung der Autobahn nach Triest bzw. Venedig ist der Treffpunkt: Autogrill S.P.A Indirizzo e Recapiti Localita' Autostrada Gonars Sud 1 33050 Gonars UD Die Mühlis sind von Maishofen aus ...

August 23, 2013, Udine, Italy travel blog

August 23, 2013

A travel blog entry by kimokini_travel


... . He always said that "Take me home, country road" was the West Virginian national anthem. As soon as we got off the autostrada in Udine, guess what came on the iPhone? Yup, that very song. Very eerie! We are staying at the Astoria Hotel. It's a ...

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