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Gorgeous goreous gorgeous Siena, SIena, Italy travel blog

Gorgeous goreous gorgeous Siena

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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... I spent the afternoon wandering among the streets, and watched the sun go down in a little cafe with lovely views over Siena. On Sunday I visited the church of Santa Croce in Florence, which contains the tombs of Gallileo Gallilee (the Franciscans who ...

Short stop in Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog

Short stop in Siena

A travel blog entry by vine_hooligans

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Siena, known as Italy's Gothic gem, was another short stop which we unfortunately did not have enough time to explore in-depth and would have to come back to, when we return to do a tour of the Italian wine lands (hopefully in a few years ...

Saints can be so interesting, Siena, Italy travel blog

Saints can be so interesting

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... canonized by Pope Pius II in 1461, making her one of Italy's two patron saints.   Now here is where it really gets interesting. Siena wanted her body. Rome said no. So someone from Siena went to Rome, cut off her head and tried to it smuggle it out ...

"The Wall"

A travel blog entry by jbushie

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... of Catherine, who came to Catholic prominence as an 8 year old, received the stigmata, was subsequently canonised and is Siena's patron saint. The church was an interesting mix of building styles - plain pre-Reformation, elaborate gothic post-Reformation ...


A travel blog entry by jbushie

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... something, streets and alleys with surprises around every corner and the whole thing ringed by a mediaeval wall. We had that today in Siena, with sunshine and coffee added for good measure. We walked from one end to the other to find a gate in the ...

AN ENDLESS SEARCH FOR GELATO, Siena, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bowz

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... , and we enjoyed watching other people being attacked by killer pigeons in the Piazza. An interesting parallel between Hong Kong and Italy: fake Louis Vuitton and Gucci purses are everywhere - often sold directly in front of the real stores (and probably ...

Rainy Italia, Venice and Siena, Italy travel blog

Rainy Italia

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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... with its amazing floor. And we didn't break up after this particular day trip. And I still like the crayon name "burnt siena." Miracles abound! (C) You are right on re Venice.  What seemed so magical to me on my first visit in ...

. . . and then Italy!, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terra, Siena, Assisi, Rome, Italy travel blog

. . . and then Italy!

A travel blog entry by sharadnsusan

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... We were really glad to have taken the time off because we absolutely loved Rome. St. Peter's Basilica was particularly moving. Between Italy and France we feel like we have taken an art history course. In fact, that has been the best part about ...

"Wish You Were Here III"

A travel blog entry by jbushie

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... stage to buy one, sit for a while and watch the world go by. We paid the small admission to visit the imposing Siena Duomo - the Catholic cathedral built from the 11th to the 13th centuries in predominantly white and black marble. It has a nave still ...

Under the Tuscan Clouds, Siena, Italy travel blog

Under the Tuscan Clouds

A travel blog entry by twittg

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... on me while others are suffering in the world. (sigh) I went to Siena to see the city and some of the Tuscan countryside. Siena had several bad things going for it from the start (rain, buses, people at tourist office, accomodation). I won't go into ...

"Recurring Dream"

A travel blog entry by jbushie

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... Trenitalia came through this time and everything worked. The trip was initially backtracking through Liguria, but the Empoli to Siena sector travelled into Tuscany and the landscape changed markedly... less market gardening, more fields of hay and ...

The horse race of Siena, Siena, Florence and Perugia, Italy travel blog

The horse race of Siena

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... remain closed, hence the outside sleeping. Perugia was good but we had driven to this area as we wanted to see Il Palio in Siena. The twice annual horse race around the town square. We had arrived five days earlier and run into the Aussie couple John and ...

Spring in Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog

Spring in Siena

A travel blog entry by caroladele

... we were able to taste some reserva Cab Sav and Vin Nobile (70%) Sangiovese. Yummy!!!!! So much for drying out in Italy!!! The enoteca here in Siena is a palce where you can taste up to 300 wines and every week they have something different. It has been ...

Motorinos!, Siena, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnnyg


... scooters are a great way to see it. I think we ended up doing about a 100km loop then cruised around the outskirts of Siena for a while. Eventually I lost Neill somehow so I headed for the bike shop to return the bike, it was almost dark anyway. ...

A day in Tuscany!, Siena, Italy travel blog

A day in Tuscany!

A travel blog entry by jmoon


... some and since it is organic and vacuum packaged it is okay to bring into Canada. Our next stop was the lovely Medival town of Siena. It's got the biggest piazza and they is a horse race every year there. We had some shopping time and then went to the ...

Pictures of my apartment! (Finally), Siena, Italy travel blog

Pictures of my apartment! (Finally)

A travel blog entry by fminonne


... to the city.  Walking in the other direction for about 7 minutes leads straight to Piazza del Campo, the main piazza of Siena.  It's a great location, with 3 pizza places within 30 seconds, one of which sells anything for 1 euro after ...

Day Trip to Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog

Day Trip to Siena

A travel blog entry by fiseb


A quick day trip to Siena proves disappointing as it rains hard all ...

MAASSSIVE!!!, Siena, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by benanna


We arrived at Jules and Joe's place (Rancho Relaxo) in the rolling hills of Tuscany close to Siena and were welcomed with a delicious feast cooked by Lu – the boys mum - for dinner! So much yummy food.. we LOVED it. The house (or houses as there are ...

Return to Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog

Return to Siena

A travel blog entry by fminonne

Return ...

Florence/Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by cheenosineurope


... Dawn and Dusk. Included in the pass was the larger Chapel of the Princes, also behind the San Lorenzo. Relaxing slow train to Siena. A bundle of 7 or 8 escalators took us up most of the hill towards the old town. Walked through the Arco gates to our ...

Tuscany - Day 2, Province of Siena, Italy travel blog

Tuscany - Day 2

A travel blog entry by tammyandsteve


So I am a day behind in my blog because we had a very late evening last night. We started our day in Sienna. It is one of the bigger Tuscany towns. There is also a lot of medieval history there. Each neighborhood, contrada, has their own flag and ...

Siena and San Gimignano, Siena, Italy travel blog

Siena and San Gimignano

A travel blog entry by ccitalia

... plaques and decorations, it was pretty fun. Then we went to San Gimignano, its one of the most well preserved mideavel towns in Italy. It was so surreal. This iddy biddy little city that looks like it hasnt changed at all in the last 100 years. It's ...

Day Trip to Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog

Day Trip to Siena

A travel blog entry by msilver_21


Hey Eveyone!     So the nice part about free internet is that I can write and check my e-mail whenever I want. The downside is that it is more fun to only check it once in a while because then you have lots of mail and feel really loved. ...

Single Signora, Siena, Italy travel blog

Single Signora

A travel blog entry by caroladele

I have now moved in to my own apartment just outside one of the gates leading into Siena "Porta Camollia" which is in the N|W section of the city. I would have preferred to be in the older section of the city and they don't understand why I frefer old to ...

Siena, Siena, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnnyg


... defence and gothic architecture, very impressive. Somehow we stumbled on a castle and wandered inside to find the annual chefs of Siena meeting. We gatecrashed the party by slipping through the gates and there was just about every type of Tuscan food you ...

Siena day trip, Siena, Italy travel blog

Siena day trip

A travel blog entry by richlum

Siena photos here: Thursday caught a bus to Siena with Nonie and Kerrin. The Duomo there is one of the best and most beautiful churches I've seen inside and out - and I've seen ...

More photos!, Siena, Italy travel blog

More photos!

A travel blog entry by josiezim


I know that I should really be embedding these into where I reference them on the blog, but I am in Italy and would rather not spend the time doing that. I hope you can forgive me and just enjoying looking at them out of order. Prego. teheehee. Also, I am ...

Weekend Travels, Siena, Italy travel blog

Weekend Travels

A travel blog entry by gojenngo


... surrounding city we visited the basilica of St. Domenici. We learned that there is a difference between churches, cathedrals and basilicas in Italy and the defining element of a basilica is the relic that "belongs" to it. I use belong loosely because it's ...

First and Seconds, Siena, Italy travel blog

First and Seconds

A travel blog entry by blissmiss

... a half due to language barrier and stupidity. Finally bought running shoes today but I had to go to the mens sale aisle because Italy does not carry size 10 women's shoes. Trying to explain that I needed running shoes that were on sale in a mens size ...

Ciao is my Favourite Word, Siena, Italy travel blog

Ciao is my Favourite Word

A travel blog entry by caitlin_hines


... and leave early the next morning. So with little time, we dropped off our bags at the hotel and headed straight for Siena's beautiful medieval cityscape.  Emile tapped into his childhood memories and lead us into the Piazza del Campo and guess what!? ...

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