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Italian Riviera by Boat, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Italian Riviera by Boat

A travel blog entry by okikuta


... clear, and fairly warm.  The beaches are packed today, so we settled for dipping feet around the rocky harbor of Portovenere.  Well it's getting closer to reality as we head back to Milano tomorrow before flying home to Seattle on ...

Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Cinque Terre

A travel blog entry by suemacd


... and headed for Cinque Terre, a world heritage site made up of 5 small villages that tumble down to the sea. We were staying in Portovenere just to the south, and visited the region over a couple of days by boat - arguably the best way to see the ...

waterside break, Bellagio, como, cinque terres, portovenere, Italy travel blog

waterside break

A travel blog entry by emilita


ggdsa ...

So Pretty!!!!, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

So Pretty!!!!

A travel blog entry by dbats


... warning us of another crew fire drill. Okay…… this was at 10am. Freshened up and took the tender into Portovenere.  The itinerary originally was going to anchor in Portofino – another town we stayed in back in 1998.  ...

By the seaside, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

By the seaside

A travel blog entry by smithoshea


Tuscan Riviera Portovenere Had seen it on Getaway and looked very pretty.. Found a hotel with sea views and have spent 2 nights here resting , climbing around local castles… eating sleeping and watching the boats go in and out… not much ...

Isola Palmaria & Portovenere, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Isola Palmaria & Portovenere

A travel blog entry by beagui


... delle Cinque Terre" what is a nice area situated facing to the Mediterranean See and is very tourist (as almost everything in Italy). The island is not very beautiful, but the coastal part, which has high cliffs, is fantastic. Moreover, if you want to ...

stopover on the riveria, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

stopover on the riveria

A travel blog entry by paul_and_mandy


Paul had read about Portovenere so we made the effort to get there and look for a place to stay. We did and probably got one of the last rooms available (and ended up paying for it!!). It is a lovely port town that would have been nice to spend a ...

Portovenere and Cinque Terra, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Portovenere and Cinque Terra

A travel blog entry by jaq123


Today the weather was a little cooler but still clear and dry - perfect for a day of walking. Portovenre is a beautiful fishing village close to tha naval port of La Spezia. Yuda, our guide drove us to the town of Riomaggiore, the first of a series of 5 ...

Under the Tuscan Sun, Portovenere, Verona, north Italy, Italy travel blog

Under the Tuscan Sun

A travel blog entry by mjlankers


... We figure we'd get a few female reads with that title.... We left Chinque Terra and after a short stop in Portovenere, beelined for Verona, Italy. Verona is actually about 300 miles north of Tuscany... but the landscape leading up to the town does look ...

Santa Margherita - Seven Kilos Down, Santa Margherita, Italy travel blog

Santa Margherita - Seven Kilos Down

A travel blog entry by adrianmurray

... Gabrielle Lamaro, and her Mum Marie, who are here in Italy on holiday for a month. I was originally not planning on going to Italy. Then I thought I would sneak down from Vienna to Milan so I could say I had been to Italy on this trip (secretly to try to ...

Italy - Day 4 - Vernazza-Montorossa & Porto Venere, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Italy - Day 4 - Vernazza-Montorossa & Porto Venere

A travel blog entry by vhenschke


Italy - Day 4 - Vernazza to Montorossa 28th September 2008   We had an earlier start today to catch the 9.30am bus. At Manarola we caught the train to Vernazza, to start where we left off yesterday. Once we got there we had to use the ...

Muddy Boots and Hearts Crossover!, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Muddy Boots and Hearts Crossover!

A travel blog entry by tkobanff


... why not walk from there to our "home" base (to Riomaggiore)? Although not officially part of the Cinque Terre, Portovenere was certainly worth the trip. We hopped a boat in the morning, enjoying a leisurely ride into the beautiful port ...

Le plus beau panorama de tout le voyage, Portovenere, Italie travel blog

Le plus beau panorama de tout le voyage

A travel blog entry by mguay


Les panoramas qui s'offrent à nous à Portovenere sont les plus beaux que nous ayons vus à date dans ce voyage et, certainement, les plus beaux qu'ils soient de partout dans le monde. Le lunch sur une terrasse sur le bord de la mer a ...

Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Cinque Terre

A travel blog entry by s-m-i-t-h


... . We were up early and onto the bus to get to La Spezia to catch our first ferry which would take us to our first stop, Portovenere. We got off and had a steep walk past the old fortress il Castello and up the Main Street that ended at San Pietro Church, ...

Off to Cinque terre, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Off to Cinque terre

A travel blog entry by randylehs

We were up this morning to head out to Cinque Terre on the west side of Italy on the Mediterranean Sea. We hooked up for our private tour with a francesco again for our 2 1/2 hour drive over there. The drive was decent and we had some good conversation ...

Hiking Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Hiking Cinque Terre

A travel blog entry by sellers2013-14


... about future trips we can plan together. After the initial sail away from Rome, we stopped the next morning at Portovenere, a very picturesque small port that is the gateway to the Cinque Terre, the five beautiful towns that are connected primarily by ...

SOOOOOO TIRED, Portovenere, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by jane_mouse


... price tag!).  Everyone needs to visit Venice at least once in their lifetime we have decided. Anyway, that’s all for now and we are training to Portovenere on the west coast of Italy and will walk the Cinque Terra trail there.  Ciao ...

Poets and Ports, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Poets and Ports

A travel blog entry by cranleystravels


... cruised out of La Spezia early in the morning and explored Il Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets), before arriving at Portovenere, a not insignificant fishing village south of Riomaggiore. This place easily matches the beauty of everything we've seen so far. ...

Jumped in the Mediterranean, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Jumped in the Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by heidibennett


We cruised up the Italian Riviera from Viareggio to Portovenere.  What a beautiful trip.  It's amazing seeing the coastline from the water. We anchored in the Golfo della Spezia and had the kids and the water toys in the water within ...

Pooped in Portovenere, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Pooped in Portovenere

A travel blog entry by nelmary

Today, Dana and I hit a wall.  Tomorrow we have a 7-8 hour excursion to Cinque Terre, so we took advantage of the ship's amenities.  I did water aerobics in our saltwater pool.  After that, we laid on chaises in both sun and shade, read ...

and disaster strikes, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

and disaster strikes

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... are really pleasant to work with.  However now we have more free time to enjoy Italy and believe you me, I will be making the most out of it...As such this week I though that I would include some more photos of Portovenere, our delightful home ...

Portovenere, Le Grazie/Portovenere, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by theb-cfamily


... of Saracen raids. First indications of the existence of a castle date from 1113, and in 1161 the walls were erected. Portovenere became a fiefdom of a family from Vezzano before passing to Genoa in the early 12th century. In 1494 it suffered a ...

Hiking from Riomaggiore to Porto Venere, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Hiking from Riomaggiore to Porto Venere

A travel blog entry by tommays


... the atmospheric activity picked up with lightening.   Discretion ruled and we passed on the remaining 1 hours of hiking into Portovenere.   It was all downhill anyway!   In early days Portovenere (the port of venus) was ...

Porto Verene, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Porto Verene

A travel blog entry by paultsch


What a long day! After traveling from Venice to la spezia it started raining. I waited out the rain and finally got to the bus stop that would take me to my hostel. The bus got to the stop at the same time I did so I did not have time to buy a ticket. ...

Cinque Terra, Cinque Terra - Monterosso e Vernazza, Italy travel blog

Cinque Terra

A travel blog entry by theb-cfamily


... . The Village is surrounded by very steeply-terraced Olive groves which are said to produce among the finest Olive oil in Italy. The cobble stone main street from the station to the Harbor is classically beautiful, lined with colorful buildings that house ...

I have looked forward to this for months, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

I have looked forward to this for months

A travel blog entry by mblair


... bump, a double espresso. We wind through small coastal towns, by the busy industrial port of La Spezia, and get to Portovenere about 14:00. The hotel (Grand Hotel Portovenere) is much better than our expectations, and the lady behind the desk ...

Cinque Terre Tour, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Cinque Terre Tour

A travel blog entry by ejoseph


... and up to a church (Jan remembers this church!). The trail again was closed from town 2-1 so we took the ferry back to Portovenere. There were many vendors along the harbor.  We missed towns 3&1, but we all were quite tired after the 2 hour ...

Jan 11, 2010, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Jan 11, 2010

A travel blog entry by outofoctober


Our final hike before Tuscany, Portovenere, Italy travel blog

Our final hike before Tuscany

A travel blog entry by tommays


September 10 – Our last hike When we awoke this morning and look out or window into the harbor we saw this boat and thought maybe Darth Vader had arrived. Three islands make up the archipelago of Porto Venere: Palmaria, Tino and ...

One of my favorite places., Portovenere, Italy travel blog

One of my favorite places.

A travel blog entry by premiertravel


Today we had scheduled a private boat tour of the CinqueTerre but the weather was so rough that it wascancelled. We took the ferry instead and were able to see 4 of the 5 villages.  The landings were right out of the beaches of ...

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