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La Mia Bella Italia - part I, Pescara, Italy travel blog

La Mia Bella Italia - part I

A travel blog entry by zento

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... sounded more eager. We planned the trip with our friend Adriano, whose folks live in Lanciano, a small city near Pescara in Central Italy.  Even though Adriano is South African, his father is Italian and with that wonderful hospitality that runs ...

Il cibo, la moda e la dolce vita, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Il cibo, la moda e la dolce vita

A travel blog entry by cobi

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... up like everyone else. It was an enchanting morning that reminded me why I wanted to come back to Italy. I discovered Pescara has a decent beach, good shopping and beautiful buildings like most southern Italian cities, so I was relieved and excited. ...

Down along the Adriatic Coast, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Down along the Adriatic Coast

A travel blog entry by argieuk

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... simply put us through the local towns in the middle of the rush hour, so we headed back to the Autoroute. Now we are in Pescara, in a seaside holiday hotel. Spent some more time on the oil problem, then had a rather good meal in the hotel. No choice, but ...

Pescara, Pescara, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by rob.jenn


9/9/07 Day 41 JENN - Drove to Pescara today which involves crossing the country west to east with a few mountains in the middle. We head off and Rob and Tom Tom have their normal disagreement which means, I ever faithfully listening to my beautiful ...

The Turks invade Vasco de Gama, Pescara, Italy travel blog

The Turks invade Vasco de Gama

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... international friends you make and how many different cultures you get to experience. Well Buse's family, my Turkish roommate, came to Italy to visit for a week and we got the full Turkish experience. Her parents spoke no English so Buse and her ...

Sorpreso, buon compleanno! :D, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Sorpreso, buon compleanno! :D

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... ever.   Since I was in Spain for my 21st birthday and didn't get to celebrate with my little family in Pescara, we wanted to have a little dinner all together! Drink wine, eat stuffed mushrooms (I was craving vegetables after all of the desserts ...

Running through Italy!, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Running through Italy!

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... . And I'm loving it. Maybe it's just because of the killer views I get to see every time I run across the Ponte del Mare, Pescara's famous walking bridge that lights up at night and lets you see all of the city and the sea! Either way getting into running ...

Lost in Italy: Part 1, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Lost in Italy: Part 1

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


I started my classes this week! And by golly it's been a whirlwind.... This semester I am taking an English literature course, an Italian history course, and of course, Italian lessons. It's basically a vacation semester for a music therapy major! I ...

International Food and Friends, Pescara, Italy travel blog

International Food and Friends

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... world. In just a few shorts weeks I have made an amazing group of friends comprised of people from 11 different countries (Italy, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, France, Burkina Faso, Poland, and the United States in case you were curious) ...

Apartment adventures!, Popoli, Italy travel blog

Apartment adventures!

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... we did a little research (didn't want a repeat of Vasto...) and hit the road to Popoli, a tiny little town west of Pescara in the midst of the mountains. The train ride alone was beautiful. Going through the mountains in Abruzzo was so cool, the ...

Conservatorio!, Pescara, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... at Universita G. d'Annunzio, I have the opportunity to take some music classes at the Conservatorio on just the other side of Pescara! I take flute lessons twice a week from a very talented and jolly man named Gabriele Di'Iorio. He is a performer at ...

day5, Pescara, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuelgrant9

time to try our luck at another port and see if we can get over to Croatia. no luck though the ferrys in Pescara only operate in summer. The good news is 160kms north is a ferry that goes for sure to a town called SPLIT in Croatia. Distance 110km ...

Bolognese sauce, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Bolognese sauce

A travel blog entry by guyandhilli


The Michaelangelo is very comfortable and helps us recover from our experiences at the hands of Mr Grimaldi and also from the disappointing ride up from Puglia. The clouds part as the Raven sets off in the morning for Bologna and we thoroughly enjoy the ...

Aug 26, 2013, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Aug 26, 2013

A travel blog entry by cattieatu


Pescara (west coast of Italy), Pescara, Italy travel blog

Pescara (west coast of Italy)

A travel blog entry by pathenger

Six hour train from Venice to Pescara.  Nice ride along coast but this is a beach town with not much open in October. In addition, when we questioned the hotel clerk about sightseeing he immediately replied that most of the town was bombed in World ...

A schedule stuff up, Pescara, Italy travel blog

A schedule stuff up

A travel blog entry by tokyo_cate


... the situation was out of our control. We just had to wear it. So we travelled up the coast to a small town called Pescara, where we had the campsite practically to ourselves. Katie and Jude had organised a "mini-olympics"in honour of us heading into ...

A day walking on the beach, Pescara, Italy travel blog

A day walking on the beach

A travel blog entry by rbartorillo


... . We took a different road back to the coast, through the winding countryside we ended up in San Benedetto and headed south arriving in Pescara to return the car. Back to Hotel Alba to drop our bags and head for the beach. It was late in the day and ...

I have arrived!, Pescara, Italy travel blog

I have arrived!

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... a snow storm in Philly with all of my luggage dragging behind me.    Home is now the cutest little apartment in Pescara, Italy that I share with two super sweet girls from Turkey, an Italian native, and the other Naz student who is studying in ...

Andiamo a una partita! Forza Pescara!, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Andiamo a una partita! Forza Pescara!

A travel blog entry by emily.osullivan


... in Pescara! One of the first truly sunny days since I've been here and my friends and I got to see an outdoor soccer game between Pescara and M, another team from the region of Abruzzo. Now, I've been to plenty of soccer games before, I've seen a lot of ...

Train ride to Pescara, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Train ride to Pescara

A travel blog entry by rbartorillo

Later we hopped on the train, which seemed more like a subway train w/comfortable seats for our ride to Pescara on the eastern coast of Italy in the province of Abbruzzo. About a hour into the ride we started to see amazing views of steep mountains. The ...

Daddy needs a break, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Daddy needs a break

A travel blog entry by schipper


... warm in Italy, I thought what better way to recharge than head to the beach. I found a super cheap train ticket and hotel in Pescara which is on the east coast of the Italian peninsula.  It was a beautiful place and well worth it. A bit of a catch ...

Ferry from Pescara...not, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Ferry from Pescara...not

A travel blog entry by benkeats

Arrive in Pescara to find that there are no Ferries from Pescara to Dubrovnik, they only operate in the summer-time (as most things along the coast seem to)...we decide that weŽll splash out on another hotel (ouch) and then hit the coast road again ...

Jul 19, 2009, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Jul 19, 2009

A travel blog entry by rightwayaround


once in a lifetime, Pescara, Italy travel blog

once in a lifetime

A travel blog entry by jmckerricher

... and a half hour bus ride from Rome, takes me through the breathtaking landscape of the Lazio and Abruzzo regions, and into Pescara; a town that I know nothing about, with the exception of its geographical location. I call Francesco, my couch surfing host, ...

A Sea Change- Pescara, Pescara, Italy travel blog

A Sea Change- Pescara

A travel blog entry by tissnseven

... so that I can relax for a couple days and am therefore unable to enjoy this adequately interesting city. I can say that Pescara holds a certain familiarity for me, being a beach town. It has a main street for pedestrians, perpendicular to the coast ...

Seaside : Pescara, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Seaside : Pescara

A travel blog entry by rdumler


... Ponte de Mare. We enjoyed the views of the city, the beach and the sea as well as an excellent seafood salad, Fruits de Mare, which included large bits of octopus - another first. We now leave for southwestern Italy near the Amalfi coast and ...

Queen, Sun, Sand and Italian sunbathers, Pescara, Italy travel blog

Queen, Sun, Sand and Italian sunbathers

A travel blog entry by youngadventure


What a country I will always remember the beauty and warmth of Italy.  One moment your travelling through vine yards and rolling hills, the next it is sheer mountains and rugged coastlines.  I think the landscape also reflects the people, so ...

Arm Fossa, Popoli, Italy travel blog

Arm Fossa

A travel blog entry by wilhelminarj


We zullen een rustig dagje hebben en drinken nog een kopje koffie voor we weg gaan , als het licht uitvalt. Toch maar op weg en omdat het weer veel belovender lijkt dan. Oorspeekselklier toch de picknickdoos mee. Het hek wil niet open en ik kom op de ...

Never trust Italian trains..., Pescara, Italy travel blog

Never trust Italian trains...

A travel blog entry by travellerbruce


... that we could catch a later train, so I relaxed until our train eventually drew away after a 45 minute delay.  Reaching Pescara, though, I discovered that there was no onward train (that could carry bikes) from Termini to Foggia (where I had my ...

Character of the Place, Collecorvino, Italy travel blog

Character of the Place

A travel blog entry by geneandmarj


Our living quarters are the second story of the house. The ground floor appears to be used for storage with a part of it being rebuilt. It appears to have contained a garage and pens for small animals (goats or sheep). There is a tall wrought iron gate ...

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