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Magnificent Villa on an appreciated cooler day, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Magnificent Villa on an appreciated cooler day

A travel blog entry by linarogers


... wealthy family. Lovely furniture and painted ceilings.  After the tour we drove home – very picuresque area north of Lucca to drive through. We stopped at our favourite Products of the Area store and bought raspberries, home made ravioli, ...

Sogno Asiatico, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Sogno Asiatico

A travel blog entry by tez

Vagando. ...

Lucca before Maryce, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Lucca before Maryce

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... 8217;t you read the papers?" …I said “Pardon??”  … ”You should know everything about our Lucca F.C!” I said… “I only want to know at what time they are playing today?” “Well if you ...

Lovely Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Lovely Lucca

A travel blog entry by lynnloparo


... churches than you can count. We only spent one night in Lucca, but so far it has been my favourite day in Italy. We plunged into Lucca at midday, after our train ride, checked out several churches, including a striped one like the Duomo in Siena, the ...

Another night in Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Another night in Lucca

A travel blog entry by josiezim


I decided to extend my stay in Lucca but ditched my high price digs for some more backpacker-esque accommodations. Heather and Andy -- and Eben, and Elisha, and Jen you'll all be happy to hear that I am staying at a hostel tonight, sharing a room with up ...

Day 2 - Quiesa/Viareggio, Lucca/Quisa, Italy travel blog

Day 2 - Quiesa/Viareggio

A travel blog entry by laughingcow


... decide to drive to Viareggio and have walk along the propenade. It's a beautiful town, and seems a lot livelier than Lucca. Everybody without exception dressed in fur coats and sunglasses Victoria Beckham-esque - do you get badly dressed Italians? After ...

Alycia back for the day in Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Alycia back for the day in Lucca

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... has always wanted to move back to Milan to live …life is funny!! Stig and Charlotte…a lovely couple from Denmark, visited Lucca about 8 years ago, fell in love with it then finally moved here about 4 half years ago. Stig has retired and they ...

Doing what we do in Lucca!!!!, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Doing what we do in Lucca!!!!

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... at ‘Barallo Ristorante’ which is situated immediately outside the entrance to the anfiteatro. We did this because the Lucca Summer festival has a symphony orchestra playing a concert there and we wanted to listen but still be able to enjoy a ...

Starting to Sing (finally!!!), Lucca, Italy travel blog

Starting to Sing (finally!!!)

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... bike around.( Smart ) On Saturday night we booked ourselves at one of the ristorante in the anfiteatro for another of the Lucca summer festival concerts…this one was called ‘The 80’s’…couldn’t miss that one. We booked ...

Arena, Heatwave, travels, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Arena, Heatwave, travels

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... it available for acts. It was originally built for the same reason that they built these arenas all over Italy… whether here or Rome or even Lucca… but this wasn’t destroyed and looks magnificent. The top level (apart from about 20 ...

Classes and trip to Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Classes and trip to Lucca

A travel blog entry by gilliandonnelly


... class, then I realized that: 1. The teacher puts me to sleep, 2. The class is early in the morning, and 3. I'm in Italy and would much rather spend my time traveling around. My art history professor is hilarious, we have one lecture a week and one ...

Solo adventure, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Solo adventure

A travel blog entry by hahn105

... . But luckily by Sunday it had all cleared up. I looked through a little book about Tuscany and read about a town called Lucca about 1.5 hrs outside of Florence... it looked really cute and had tons of interesting history, so I hopped on a train and ...

Living the Dream  - Pietrasanta, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Living the Dream - Pietrasanta

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... more intricacies today. I have had another 4 photos taken…had my fingerprints taken 3 times… and questioned about Australia and Lucca. Interesting to say the least but after about 1 hour it was all done and I was on my way home for breakfast. ...

Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bluetriangle15


Arrived in Lucca and met up with Mike and Gen snr. And then there were seven!! Lucca is a very intact medieval city totally surrounded by a wall. Only takes ten minutes to walk from one side of the town to the other!! We're staying in an amazing ...

day 10, Lucca, Italy travel blog

day 10

A travel blog entry by twowombats


... out of Florence was a little easier, but not much and finally we were on the autostrada on our way to Lucca - Puccini's birthplace.  Deviation to Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo, winding road up through the mountains, fabulous scenery, tiny villages ...

A scholar and a gentleman, Lucca, Italy travel blog

A scholar and a gentleman

A travel blog entry by hammitt

... understand.  Six months in numbers are, apparently, beyond his feeble grasp.  That evening, we found ourselves in Lucca, a beautiful walled city in Tuscany, and perhaps Dad's favorite place on earth.  Though tired and rumpled from our car ...

Lucca Take 2, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Lucca Take 2

A travel blog entry by johnnyg


... good but always so expensive to eat here. A tiny sit-down meal usually costs 15-20 euro ($25-30) and you are still hungry afterwards. By the way, Lucca is where Pinocchio was invented, and also the birthblace of Puccini (famous composer). ...

Lucca...Lucca...Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... 8217;…which is an exit directly next to the ‘Piattaforma San Frediano’ which is the only square fortification around Lucca. This entrance comes out about 50 metres from the supermarket and easy access out of the walls…it is also a ...

6 Degrees of James Taylor, Lucca, Italy travel blog

6 Degrees of James Taylor

A travel blog entry by barbwengler


... of us holding up the tower and Julia bought her friends some small souvenirs.  Then we hopped back on the train for Lucca which has a wall around the entire city.  We entered through a tunnel like opening and immediately found a place for ...

Visitors from Oz, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Visitors from Oz

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... us for dinner at Leos tonight as he was ‘Home Alone’ with Michelle in London to see their daughter, Brittany. Lucca has been looking amazing everywhere with the ‘Comic Festival’ just around the corner and with Halloween a few days ...

Italy's Hidden Jewel, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Italy's Hidden Jewel

A travel blog entry by jimmyboi2

... , and at one point I almost asked the flight attendant for fresh-squeezed water. But still… I was going to Italy ! Personally, I think airplane seating should be handled like dinner party seating: the flight attendants should make sure that people ...

central italy, Pisa, lucca, florence, Italy travel blog

central italy

A travel blog entry by emilita


hjusr ...

Villas & Beach time:Torre Del Lago,ViaReggio&Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Villas & Beach time:Torre Del Lago,ViaReggio&Lucca

A travel blog entry by laceyk3


... around some more and stopped at a dive bar to listen to a band play. My teacher said it was his favorite city in Italy which I think is a little extreme because all the cities are impossible to compare in order to pick just one favorite but I definitely ...

Roadtrip to Northern Italy, Aosta, Torino, Alba, and Lucca, Italy travel blog

Roadtrip to Northern Italy

A travel blog entry by peterandmelissa


... other areas they were scarce. Not sure why... It was less than an hour to our destination of the night, Lucca, named one of the most romantic cities in Italy. The old town is still surrounded by historic walls, and we stayed in a nice place just outside ...

Buon Giorno Italia!, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Buon Giorno Italia!

A travel blog entry by patdes


Our second day in Lucca: Bike riding in rain on 40 ft walls. Eating gelato while strolling through an ancient Roman Coliseum. Hanging out with the locals. Enjoying wine and eating finger-foods for dinner. This day was very memorable and enjoyable being ...

Rome and back home?, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Rome and back home?

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... and co. again…we all had a laugh and I promised not to follow them. I returned back to Brunella with the feeling that Lucca was getting busier and busier by the hour…after lunch Mary took off for her second lot of two laps and I walked over ...

My name is Lucca, I live on the second floor..., Lucca, Italy travel blog

My name is Lucca, I live on the second floor...

A travel blog entry by darrenhough74

This is a top pick!

... and sampled a few beforw buying a hot cocolate drink...literally hot chocolate in a cup. It made me feel a bit sick. Walking Lucca is like a big Borough market (without the sampling) with lots of lovery deli's, cafe's and patisseries. Ofcourse we had to ...

Lovely Lucca, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Lovely Lucca

A travel blog entry by josiezim


... wall, or the ramparts as they call them and see a couple churches and underground excavations. Just like Rome (and probably all of Italy) Lucca's modern day sits about 9 feet above ancient Lucca. There is a church where you can walk down and into the ...

Back Home!!!!, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Back Home!!!!

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... plenty of time to go through all my exercises and a good hour singing all my songs…. The streets and walls of Lucca have been changing slowly but definitely over the last few days…the days are starting to get shorter and the temperature is ...

Finally Home for 12 months, Lucca, Italy travel blog

Finally Home for 12 months

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... unbelieving that they didn’t do it. Anyway…she then told me to go to the Post Office Centrali in the middle of Lucca… this I did getting there just after 6.30 pm and getting it all done. I think everything should be done now. Even ...

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