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Leaving Switzerland / Verlasse die Schweiz, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Leaving Switzerland / Verlasse die Schweiz

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


7.5.2013    Lecco (I)    Km: 61264          Leaving Switzerland / Verlasse die Schweiz Another highlight. Leaving Switzerland on the Splügenpass and probably I will not be at home so ...

Not so impressed..., Lecco, Italy travel blog

Not so impressed...

A travel blog entry by wagonmaker


Hello everyone! Well, it is finally December and we have had our first taste of Italy. Our first stop here (after many train transfers) is Milan, a highly fashionable city with a very high-culture attitude. To put it bluntly, Milan has not warmed us up ...

Car dramas, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Car dramas

A travel blog entry by david.seldon


... seem to be very good towards the motorhome market and provide a loan car and also pay accommodation costs while it's being fixed. Lecco is a delightful charming little town and we have enjoyed our time here. It's right at the Sth East foot of Lake Como ...

Aug 03, 2009, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Aug 03, 2009

A travel blog entry by perl


Aug 15, 2009, grignia, Italy travel blog

Aug 15, 2009

A travel blog entry by perl


Sep 30, 2009, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Sep 30, 2009

A travel blog entry by hader.mito


Arrival in Lecco, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Arrival in Lecco

A travel blog entry by brittej


... as the vast majority of our travelling was done on the Autostrada system. This is a system of toll roads that criss-crosses Italy. They would remind you of the Interstate system in the States (except for the tolls and the fact that the Autostrada is ...

Resegone (Rif.Azzoni) dal piazzale della funivia, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Resegone (Rif.Azzoni) dal piazzale della funivia

A travel blog entry by wandergal

Calda giornata di maggio, partenza alle 7.30(circa) da Brivio dove io e Simone passiamo a prendere la Mari. Arrivati a Lecco si esce dalla superstrada seguendo le indicazioni x la funivia dei Piani d'Erna e si arriva fino al piazzale (625mt). Al bar ...

Lake Como, Calolziocorte, Italy travel blog

Lake Como

A travel blog entry by jagberg

Went to a great town by the lake called Lecco which was the most picturesque town I've ever been to or seen. Had a good pizza the night before but I felt bloated all night and didn't sleep well. When I woke up I was very nauseous and couldn't eat ...

Arrived in Italy, Merate, Italy travel blog

Arrived in Italy

A travel blog entry by nualamccullagh


... after waiting 7 hours in heathrow airport. I didn't sleep all that much on the flight to London, so I slept the entire 2 hours to Italy, which was good, but I'm still exhausted so i am excited to sleep! Also, I don't have wifi in my room so ill have to ...

Our Varenna Visit, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Our Varenna Visit

A travel blog entry by brittej


... ever experienced.  Safely home we enjoyed another great meal at our hotel’s Terrazza Manzoni ristorante overlooking the lights of Lecco. Tomorrow it’s off to Bellagio, I wonder if the fountains are working? Ciao! John and Pat ...

Jul 07, 2011, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Jul 07, 2011

A travel blog entry by cmosilva


LECCO YOLUNDA, Lecco, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveloturc


GÜN 29 Günlerden Perşembe    Nasılsa Lecco yolunu karine ile bulduk.Yağmur bezdirecek kadar hızlı ve ısrarlı.Göz gözü görmüyor.Yol dağın kenarında adeta incecik bir patika.Arabayı ...

Relaxing at Lake Como, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Relaxing at Lake Como

A travel blog entry by missmm_2206


... smaller vessels. Maybe it gets busier in summer proper? In any case, it felt kind of surreal to be on the water, in Italy, watching the world go by. Loved it. And then we disembarked again at Bellagio and spent a pleasant couple of hours walking around ...

1592. The Cliffs, Calolziocorte, Italy travel blog

1592. The Cliffs

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... a series of long, narrow lakes slice through the Alpine foothills. And the change in culture is evident as well. Most towns in Italy are centered around a monument to the soldiers who fought and died in Italy's many wars. Here, the central monument is ...

Rain, fog and another town, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Rain, fog and another town

A travel blog entry by rachel_spencer


So we have been in Oggiono a few days now and it has not been the best weather. On Thursday we went into Lecco which is the nearest big town and we had been told that it was very pretty. It did look quite nice as it was on a lake with a nice view and ...

Day 2 Lecco, Italy, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Day 2 Lecco, Italy

A travel blog entry by allanbe


... . In fact in 2013 Lecco was awarded the "Alpine City of the Year" in recognition of their efforts in sustaining the environment. Despite this Lecco is still the main centre for steel wire drawing in Italy. I wanted Bev to see this city as well, so we made ...

ssx, Lecco, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by olympicemma

h ...

Pandora..., Lecco, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bmsrmd


Visited Lake Como in northern Italy today... Easily the best place I have ever traveled to so far in life. It outdid Hawaii and that is hard to do... I dont have much time to write but I wanted to get a few pictures up for you all.. I am leaving for ...

Decisions in Milan, Milan, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Decisions in Milan

A travel blog entry by reddev


... nbsp; We went to their new riding club, which is about 10 minutes from the Swiss border.  We went to the town of Lecco- a beautiful old town set against snowy Swiss Alps, cobbled streets, and boats and windsails on the lake.  They fed me pizza- ...

Lake Como - Lecco, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Lake Como - Lecco

A travel blog entry by jagberg


The most picturesque town we've been or seen. The lake was almost at the same level as the town. Went to a great Italian restaurant. I had a Gorgonzola and Salami pizza which was really good and Gabi had a penne arabiata which was also very ...

COMO GOLU GEZISI, Lecco, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitebarsik

9 KASIM CARSAMBA COMO GOLU Sabah 8.00`de kalkip dustuk yola. Como golu iki ayakli bir samdan gibi. Biz guney dogu ucundan basladik, Golun dogu sahili boyunca bolca tunel gecerek Bellano`ya geldik. Burada fazla gezilecek bir yer olmadigi icin ...

Jul 07, 2010, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Jul 07, 2010

A travel blog entry by rennie-brewers


A Perfect Day for an Italian Wedding, Lecco, Italy travel blog

A Perfect Day for an Italian Wedding

A travel blog entry by dtomkun


... town guests staying at the hotel and we were soon on our way to the ceremony at San Gottardo e Colombo, a church in Lecco.  The combination of warm sunny weather and gorgeous green hillsides in the background provided the perfect setting for a ...

More great views, Lecco, Italy travel blog

More great views

A travel blog entry by howiex4


... wife sees us off with a jar of her peach preserve. We head to Verona and park up near the Arena. The Arena is Italy's best preserved stadium, a mini version of the Coliseum. They are setting up for an Egyptian based Opera. Duncan makes the experience come ...

1594. Mystical Lecco, Lecco, Italy travel blog

1594. Mystical Lecco

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... Once again I'm reminded of how the church plays a central role in many aspects of social life here in Italy... It's dark as I reach the beautiful town center of Lecco where I enjoy a gelatto as I mingle with the crowd. I'l have to explore this city a ...

Bella Italy, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Bella Italy

A travel blog entry by mbeahm


From Mary's journal.... Our hotel room is large with a balcony overlooking an inlet of Lake Como and is very well equipped including our first bidet. It took some explaining it to Meghan - she thought it was a low sink for short Italians. We settled ...

Herlige Nord - Italia <3, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Herlige Nord - Italia <3

A travel blog entry by america2011


... , gratis internett og parkering. Vi viste ikke så mye om Lecco på forhånd, så vi fikk oss en veldig positiv overraskelse! Lecco ligger ved Comosjøen som sies og være Italias vakreste innsjø. Ikke så rart å skjønne hvorfor, vakrere plass enn ...

Camping up in Abadia, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Camping up in Abadia

A travel blog entry by renny31


... see the Alps one last time before I had to return to the states and Scott (being from Colorado) missed the mountains.. so Como/Lecco was perfect for us. Anyway, as a cheaper option we decided to go to camping and stay in a bungelow whih really worked ...

Giro in the rain, Lecco, Italy travel blog

Giro in the rain

A travel blog entry by geeijo


We had a bus transfer to the lake como area this morning. Weather wasn't great and the views across the lake only showed their potential magnificence. We had lunch beside the lake and bade farewell to about a third of the riders for their wet ride. The ...

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