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Lake Como, Como, Italy travel blog

Lake Como

A travel blog entry by jonmatters

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Lake Como was only a two day ride from where I was before, so I figured I had to see it before departing Italy. After all, if it is good enough for George Clooney to have a vacation home... Well, it didn't blow me away (I’m getting harder and harder ...

Lake Como Weirdness, Lake Como, Italy travel blog

Lake Como Weirdness

A travel blog entry by peteandmandy

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... ....yep, snow, again, in the middle of summer. What the!!! Within an hour things had changed dramatically. Our last obstacle before Italy was a tunnel, all 17km's of it. Driving in a 17 km tunnel is not my idea of fun. Boring, claustrophobic, carbon ...

Bellagio., Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevefn

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Bellagio. ...

A Slice of Italy, Cinque Terre, Naples area,  Amalfi, Paestum, Lake Como, Italy travel blog

A Slice of Italy

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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... Mel is waiting with hungry Napolites for pizza at the aforementioned Pizzeria da Michele: AMALFI COAST DRIVE The Amalfi Coast is Italy's version of the U.S. Highway 1 - only even more narrow, more steep, and more miles of beauty. The road winds ...

The Hills Are Alive!! - Day 2, Lake Como, Italy travel blog

The Hills Are Alive!! - Day 2

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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(C) We planned to stop and swim and see the lake, but it was raining so hard when we got here, we looked at the map and kept on driving all the way back to France.  No pics, no stories. (S) Seriously...why is it always raining on ...

Como, by the lake, Como, Italy travel blog

Como, by the lake

A travel blog entry by ieeworldvoyage

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... house taken separately was not that great in truth (somewhat square or rectangular with narrow windows). We can say that prices in Italy are so much better than in Switzerland... the same basket of cherries costs half...even if it came from the one ...

day 19, Como, Italy travel blog

day 19

A travel blog entry by twowombats


... up petrol on the way home, as we Peter was dropping off the car after he dropped me and the bags at Como San Giovanni station. It is sad to leave Italy but Switzerland and then, France await with a whole lot of new adventures. We hope you've enjoyed the ...

Entry to the Motherland..., Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Entry to the Motherland...

A travel blog entry by travelingmoores


... to provide enough room for us to pass.  I was compelled to roll down the window and repeat "Grazie" a dozen or so times.  Nevertheless, the ferry ride across Lake Como to Bellagio made the introductory journey into Italy worthwhile... ...

Bella-lagio., Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


When we escaped the mountain we began another treacherous pass over the alps into Italy where suddenly the landscape changed from pineal to leafy and the hills began to look more like Hawaii than alpine. We eventually came to lake Como where we traversed ...

Ho Bellagio!!!!, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Ho Bellagio!!!!

A travel blog entry by shirbil


Yesterday we arrived near aviv's sleeping hour we had no chance to look around but we still managed to eat in the wonderful restaurant of the hotel. The second word after chao was Bella bambina!! Aviv catches everyone's attention it was the first time ...

When a in Varenna, Varenna, Italy travel blog

When a in Varenna

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... just happens to be two centuries older than its larger neighbour.  That sort of sums up Varenna.  Other places on Lake Como shout out "hey – George Clooney lives here" or “This spot was used in a James Bond movie” but Varenna ...

VILLA D'ESTE, Cernobbio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by linarogers


... seems that many people stay there. We suspect that the rich and famous are more likely to come to these smaller places as Como is busy, but we haven’t been there yet. I particularly liked the cascading fountain and mosaics. Back to the waterfront ...

BELLAGIO & GEORGE! HOW EXCITING, Cernobbio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by linarogers


... to do internet research for Milan. Whilst we have missed having internet in our apartment, it has been lovely to go down to Lake Como each day – the walk and view would be very much enjoyed in Adelaide each day. Have we got free wifi in Adelaide ...

The Lakes, Como, Italy travel blog

The Lakes

A travel blog entry by badgerstour


... and told me to let it go. It is the principal, but I took her advice and feel better already. Nearly a week on Lake Como has passed now, I love the place, the scenery is stunning, the climate has been wonderful, the backdrop of the snow crested mountains ...

Milano and Varenna, Varenna, Italy travel blog

Milano and Varenna

A travel blog entry by mas54po


... we were able to sneak on a direct flight to Milan and for all intents and purposes add another day to our time in Italy.  We spent a few hours milling about Stazione di Milano Centrale (Milano's central train station) which is a sight to be seen--as ...

From the Ocean to the Lake, Menaggio, Italy travel blog

From the Ocean to the Lake

A travel blog entry by tmcclurg


... of timing, we missed the most direct train there and had to wait a while for the next. We ended up getting into Lake Como around 7:30. Thankfully I had called my parents while on the train ride for our weekly chat and they were able to find us a hostel ...

waterside break, Bellagio, como, cinque terres, portovenere, Italy travel blog

waterside break

A travel blog entry by emilita


ggdsa ...

Lake Como and lakside villages, Como , Italy travel blog

Lake Como and lakside villages

A travel blog entry by neverold


We stayed at Como for a couple of days.  This is part of the Italian Lakes district.  Being at the base of the Swiss Alps it was a little cooler.  But just a little. We purchased an all day ferry ticket on the second day and did the ...

Lovely Lake Como, Lake Como, Italy travel blog

Lovely Lake Como

A travel blog entry by richlum

... up the steep hill to the Volta Lighthouse. If it wasn't for the foggy view we would have had a great panoramic view of Lake Como and it's surrounds. After walking back down to Como we caught the bus out to Belaggio which is at the furthest point on the ...

Lake Como, Menaggio, Italy travel blog

Lake Como

A travel blog entry by alex_merwin


... Now. If Lake Como could speak, it would mutter those words. This wishbone shaped lake is in the heart of Northern Italy - surrounded by countless charming villages on its shores. I went to Menaggio on the west bank due to a hostel recommendation from ...

lake como, Lake como, Italy travel blog

lake como

A travel blog entry by lisavinci

hi all here for a vey quick visit. the ran has decided to show up but never the less not going to let it dampen my time here. the hostel is not bad but there are a lot of steps  - poor dave once again. had a very good look around the tinny town ...

Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by mcnamaras


... was a beautiful part of the earth and how true their words were. Bellagio village is in the north of Italy located on one edge of Lake Como, a huge lake system below the Swiss Alps. The geography/geology is spectacular; with views across the lake to ...

Varenna & Colico (Mon 9th), Varenna, Italy travel blog

Varenna & Colico (Mon 9th)

A travel blog entry by shearers


In an attempt to complete the main "doing" of Como, we wanted to travel up the East side of the lake (on the brown roads to avoid any difficult travelling like Bellagio) To start this, we visited Varenna which Charlotte (good suggestion) had recommended. ...

C10 Bus trip into Como, Varenna, Italy travel blog

C10 Bus trip into Como

A travel blog entry by dbats


... Menaggio and meandered around the shores of the lake passing through many towns.  The prettiest were Cadenabbia and Tremezzo. Como is a large sprawling city.  Making us feel really happy about our choice of where to stay on the lake. ...

Lake Como - Bellagio is not just a casino in Vegas, Como, Italy travel blog

Lake Como - Bellagio is not just a casino in Vegas

A travel blog entry by thetembas

... done its best to buy up rights to many of the football leagues here, most notably English Premiere League and Italian Serie A (Italy's top club league). Sky Sports is an expensive cable channel that most people do not have in  their homes, so ...

Goodbye Indonesia, Como, Italy travel blog

Goodbye Indonesia

A travel blog entry by rebecca.jacob


We're back home! Actually, for more than 2 weeks by now, working life has us back, but the huge smile doesn't seem to disappear from our faces, especially when asked how vacation was. As you can see, we haven't been idle since and finally uploaded ...

Interrogatorio policial, Como, Italy travel blog

Interrogatorio policial

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0


Poco después del mediodía y entramos en Italia con un tren semivació. Al llegar a Como, la policía al ver los pasaportes latinoamericanos nos bajó del tren y nos revisaron de punta a punta el equipaje. Para colmo el mexicano traía un frasco con ...

Molto bene, grazie., Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Molto bene, grazie.

A travel blog entry by travelingmoores


Buon giorno. Bellagio, on Lake Como is truly a piece of heaven. The pedestrian plaza and lake shore is lined with rosemary bushes, the streets are packed with gellaterias, stores selling silk scarves and ties and villas that take your ...

Varenna, Perledo, and Fiumelatte, Varenna, Italy travel blog

Varenna, Perledo, and Fiumelatte

A travel blog entry by mas54po


... just south of Varenna to the Fiumelatte (literally the river of foam) which is well known in the area as the shortest river in Italy (at approximately 820 ft).  We decided to call it a night.  We spent the next couple of hours watching CNN ...

Last day in Varenna, Varenna, Italy travel blog

Last day in Varenna

A travel blog entry by funinitaly


... of Prosecco was chilling in our fridge, so we enjoyed it with some pasta for dinner. Tonight is our last night at Lake Como and in Italy. Tomorrow night, we take the train to Milan and fly out, bound for Brisbane. We are both pleased to be heading home ...

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