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Aeolian islands and Catania, Catania, Italy travel blog

Aeolian islands and Catania

A travel blog entry by aussierach

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... We stayed at the top for about an hour before descending back to the village. Next day I headed back to the mainland, to Catania. I had intended to stop off in the Taormina, which is supposed to be a pretty little town with a Greek amphitheatre set high ...

Catania: football fireworks and massive Mt Etna, Catania, Italy travel blog

Catania: football fireworks and massive Mt Etna

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

This is a top pick!

... to the capital Palermo I took the left fork at Messina and headed down the east coast to the second largest city called Catania. Toward the end of the journey I'd met a couple of local lads who explained that in the afternoon there would be a ...

Sicily, Catania, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by whatboundaries


... sky was filled with floating flowers and bells were chiming over and over. A great experience in a short time in Sicily. From Cheryl: Catania was a VERY quick stop.  To be honest, we went ashore to say we got to see Sicily!  After hearing ...

Arrival, Catania, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld

Arrived today to find Catania baking in glorious sunshine after a fantastic jorney in the lap of BA luxury... I just may fly business class more often if I can possibly afford it! Free wine, champagne, good food... What more can you ask? And the ...

Gold Star, Catania, Italy travel blog

Gold Star

A travel blog entry by pwong


... in both beauty and size, as was its massive piazza out front, with a unique central fountain featuring an elephant, Catania's symbol.  The buildings here are unique, built from dark volcanic stone, with any light-coloured buildings also darkened by ...

Homesickness bites..., Catania, Italy travel blog

Homesickness bites...

A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld

Well, its finally happened. Im beginning to feel homesick... Its not England itself I miss that much - though what I would do to see a proper storm on the Atlantic coast right now... - its far more the people. And I miss the fact that I could ...

Catania - Our Last Day, Catania, Sicily, Italy travel blog

Catania - Our Last Day

A travel blog entry by debjo


... change trains in Messina. At Messina we found out we could wait an extra hour or so and take a train with only 2 stops into Catania but we'd arrive later than the earlier train that made several stops. So, we opted to take the earlier train and keep ...

Catania, Catania, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by richlum

... was a bit cloudy and overcast and we couldn't see the peak - probably a good decision to not do the tour as well... Catania is a nice quaint quiet town and wouldbe lovely in summer. Caught the 10pm overnight train to Rome with Laura. Overnight trains in ...

day 3, Catania, Italy travel blog

day 3

A travel blog entry by blondeitalian

well, it's 12:37 pm and I am writing to update you all since my last blog. it's cloudy and icky outside (and cold) apparently since the day before I got here it's been like that where my uncle lives. it gets nice and warm in the afternoons down in town ...

Finally a good computer!, Catania, Italy travel blog

Finally a good computer!

A travel blog entry by dldemented


... floor is always 0) It's clean and the price in half as much as we were paying so that's good. The trip from Sorrento to Catania by train was nine hours and thank god we went first class rather than standard.. We did get to see more of the countryside ...

Christmas is coming!, Catania, Italy travel blog

Christmas is coming!

A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld

Hi all! Well the weather is utterly crap today and offers a choice between weta nd windy and...well, more of the same! It's actually a lot like home! The only difference being that when it rains like this here, the whole world stops - people stay at ...

I'm engaged!!!, Catania, Italy travel blog

I'm engaged!!!

A travel blog entry by ashygag


... horny teenager w/ his grandma at bay.  yesssssss!!!!!!  next on Aislinn's shopping list?  shoes that don't leak :( Catania has the sleaziest, most unsafe train station area yet. Think Rogers Park at night but in the daytime.  ...

quick info, Catania, Italy travel blog

quick info

A travel blog entry by ashygag


... want to know: a duomo is just the italian word for cathedral.  yeah, not too exciting, eh?  stopping uneventfully in catania after docking in pozzallo again and catching a bus here.  working my way back up to napoli for a couple days since ...

Reflecting on a weekend in the mountains..., Catania, (but I was near Randazzo!), Italy travel blog

Reflecting on a weekend in the mountains...

A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld


What a fantastic weekend my flatmates and I have enjoyed - good food, reasonably good weather (it was VERY cold during the night, even with a log fire going and winter sleeping bags, and it did threaten to rain on us! But heh...), some fantastic scenery ...

well,, Catania, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by blondeitalian


well, the last two days have been pretty quiet round here. yesterday i didnt do much of anything just went into town and my uncle bought me a purse and jeans and a shirt. then we just kinda hung out around the house. today my aunt came to visit for ...

Killing Catania and Seeing Sicily, Catania, Italy travel blog

Killing Catania and Seeing Sicily

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1


... ; I was playing right cornerback, while Mike chose to play outside linebacker over safety. Our next offensive possession I picked apart Catania's defense with some quick passes, a screen to Mike, and finally threw a 4 yard touchdown pass to Beppe. ...

Taormina made our day, Catania, Italy travel blog

Taormina made our day

A travel blog entry by petkatravels


Catania and Taormina, Scily,  25 May  We cannot lie and say beautiful things about the port of Cantania in Sicily. In fact, it is very plain and so different from Valletta yesterday. Our 10-15 minute walk to the train and bus stations did not ...

Sicily, Catania, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by freetogo

... to the other.     Mt. Etna has dominated the lives of those who live under its shadow. Ash-stained Catania, Sicily's third largest city seem undaunted by a neighbor who has flooded it with lava and shaken its foundations over the ...

finally had a minute to write!, Catania, Italy travel blog

finally had a minute to write!

A travel blog entry by blondeitalian


hello everyone. my goodness that was a LONG trip. all the flights were good though. i was able to rest and watch some great movies. no one talked to me on the plane. :( I made no new friends. haha my cousin nino picked me up from the airport at 5pm ...

Day Fifteen - Arrivederci Italia!, Catania, Italy travel blog

Day Fifteen - Arrivederci Italia!

A travel blog entry by needlemind

... upon everything the last two weeks has given me. And so with great sadness the time came to say farewell - arrivederci - to Italy.  What a fascinating and inspiring country.  I've seen and done things that I would never have imagined I could ...

In giro per la città, Catania, Italy travel blog

In giro per la città

A travel blog entry by cmossino


Catania al sabato mattina. La città è interessante, la presenza dell'Etna è incombente (nel vero senso delle parole!), il centro storico è (sembra) in fase di recupero. La presenza della nera pietra lavica rende alcuni edifici veramente unici. Il ...

Bartorillo / Farruggia, Catania, Italy travel blog

Bartorillo / Farruggia

A travel blog entry by rbartorillo


Caught the 9am bus from Palermo to Catania, a whopping €12.50 each! (Thanks to Lyns cugino Stefano). Checking out Catania today and renting a car tomorrow to see some more. On the local news they reported that Etna is flowing once again and we are ...

Catania, Sicily, Italy - Cruise 1, Catania, Italy travel blog

Catania, Sicily, Italy - Cruise 1

A travel blog entry by tlbuster


... "everyone must jump into the water"...thankfully we were just having a crew liferaft drill! :)  The ship docked today in Catania, Sicily, Italy.  The poor downtown of the city looked like a bomb had gone off and noone remembered to pick up the ...

Events to date..., Catania, Italy travel blog

Events to date...

A travel blog entry by bj_oysterworld

... 'til 4am?!? Well, it has been fun anyway, even if the old sleep patterns have been seriously disturbed! The nightlife here in Catania is FANTASTIC and the weather, while it has been a little changeable of late, has now turned back to its usual tendency ...

The Amalfi coast of Sicily, Catania, Italy travel blog

The Amalfi coast of Sicily

A travel blog entry by dbats


... and then turned back as we were meeting Christian at around 3pm.  He was waiting for us and we headed back to Catania.  Christian pointed out key buildings in Catania and like Pireaus, a lot of graffiti around the town – a real shame. ...

Etna, Mount Etna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


Mount Etna represents unfinished business for me in Sicily, a place I didn't have the time to visit last time around, nor the funds to do a proper tour of the famous volcano.  The six-year wait was worth it, as Etna did not disappoint, probably ...

A quick arancini before our bus ride., Catania, Italy travel blog

A quick arancini before our bus ride.

A travel blog entry by dinoshona

... lost their lives. It is not a brilliant black it kind of gives the city a dirty look. Our early morning tour of Catania started with 'La Pescheria' (fish market), followed by the chaos of the produce market were we brought fresh fruit and some amazing ...

Sicily and Mt Etna, Catania, Italy travel blog

Sicily and Mt Etna

A travel blog entry by kewlabah


... and form a new larger island. I think i´ll sit and continue to simply look at it for a while before heading back to Catania.´´ I´m going to try and make my way to Rome tonight on an overnight train we´ll see how i go! Keep Smashing it ...

On to Catania, Sicily, Catania, Siclily, Italy travel blog

On to Catania, Sicily

A travel blog entry by bbuchanan

On to Catania, ...

grosstadt auf sizilien: catania, Catania, Italy travel blog

grosstadt auf sizilien: catania

A travel blog entry by dovi


... .ohne selber abwaschen müssen). Leider wars das dann aber mit positiven erfahrungen in sizilien.später mehr dazu. Catania ist unglaublich schmutzig und runtergekommen. Wir dachten, das sei halt einfach in dieser 2.grössten sizilianischen stadt der ...

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