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Nahariya and Akko, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

Nahariya and Akko

A travel blog entry by spsadventures


... Akko (aka Acre, Acco) early.  That is also a town on the shore, but it has lots more character (and dirt).  Nahariya seems sterile compared to Akko.   The north parts of Akko have apartments where people live.  Many of them reminded me ...

Pessah, Nahariya, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by romankr


Coming. ...

Nahariyya & Haifa, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

Nahariyya & Haifa

A travel blog entry by mattccaddy


... amusing to watch his rising irritation levels. We then had lunch at s famous felafel place which Raz says is the best felafel in Israel. It was delicious and I liked like home made cold drinks there. Next we went back to the top of Haifa snd hiked down ...

Mirage, Nahariya, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by tessapermar


...  I predict that by the end, I will be excited to come home, but if given the choice, I would rather stay in Israel continuing the program.  Two more months will be just enough time to get completely comfortable and attached.  Isn't this ...

To remember the Holocaust, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

To remember the Holocaust

A travel blog entry by tessapermar


... silence, and we know that we are supposed to rise, adopt a somber stance, and think about the person or event.)  In Israel they have a slightly different way of remembering or honoring, and I think for me, it has been more effective and meaningful. ...

Israeli Interrogation, Western Galilee, Israel travel blog

Israeli Interrogation

A travel blog entry by stamasese


... passport, mamma mia!  Once I made it through I had to get a taxi, two buses and a train up north to Nahariya (north west of Israel) to meet my friend Ayelet from New York.  A short minivan ride later we arrived at her family’s kibbutz in ...

I'm here!, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

I'm here!

A travel blog entry by tessapermar


... sunlight.  We taxi'd to the train station, and somehow eventually got our luggage onto a two hour train from Tel Aviv to Nahariya.  It's true what they say about the soldiers, they are everywhere and they do have rifles.  This didn't make ...

I head north, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

I head north

A travel blog entry by helen60

... the car and went off exploring. I opted not to have breakfast before I left TA and went looking for Falafel best I had in Israel. Spent about 3 hours here and could really have spent longer. At the visitors centre you get a map and combined ticket for all ...

Yofi!, Nahariya, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by tessapermar


     I just came from Hebrew class, which I have twice a week.  It's like being in Kindergarden again: learning the alefbet, sounding out words, goofing around, dozing off, mostly singing and playing games.  I've been trying to ...

Ani Purim, Ani Purim, la la la  . . ., Nahariya, Israel travel blog

Ani Purim, Ani Purim, la la la . . .

A travel blog entry by tessapermar


...  In the middle of the day we left our paints to participate in a protest - 5 minutes of silence for Gilad Shalit, a soldier from Nahariya who has been held captive by Hamas for four and a half years.  We joined a circle of various groups in the ...

Quick Stop on the Way, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

Quick Stop on the Way

A travel blog entry by morris-janis

We stopped by Nahariya, another beautiful beach resort. Here there were many newer hi-rise condos (I presume) all around the beach.  The beaches and water along the coast is truly magnificent – such ...

A short hello before Goodbye, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

A short hello before Goodbye

A travel blog entry by tessapermar


It gets hotter every day.  Today it got up to 30 degrees celsius (I think mid to high 80's F).  What they say about the sun being hotter here is true: half an hour without sunscreen and I'm nice and toasty pink, 3 hours on the beach and come ...

Ceserea, Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, Acre and Tiberias, Nahariyya, Israel travel blog

Ceserea, Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, Acre and Tiberias

A travel blog entry by johannajac


... my old kibbutz as well as the old Yehiam fortress castle at the nearby kibbutz. Sunday we left and spent a great morning in Acco and then on to Tiberias for a few day where we are currently and taking a few day trips to enjoy Israel's mature ...

War and Independence, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

War and Independence

A travel blog entry by tessapermar


... cafe.  It was one of the best days.      Friday, I had a wonderful Shabbat dinner with a family in Nahariya that I have gotten to know through a family friend.  I am really humbled by the support and hospitality they've shown me. ...

Ouch, Nahariya, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by tessapermar


... and body have ceased to function.  I will go back and edit later (in 5 months).  Monday, second day of the week in Israel, first full day of classes.  Ouch!  I knew it was coming but oh my goodness, we are all hurting, even those of ...

Północ- Haifa-Akka-Naharya-Liban, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

Północ- Haifa-Akka-Naharya-Liban

A travel blog entry by wojtekn2


Dziś coś specjalnego. Jedziemy na północ tak daleko jak się da. Naharya na północy znana jest z cudownych wapiennych klifów i jaskiń oraz z.... Rakietowego ostrzału przez Hezbollach. Jest to jedno z ...

L'Hitraot Israel, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

L'Hitraot Israel

A travel blog entry by tessapermar

... of the day, learning to dance only for myself, this is what I have grown to love and appreciate about dancing on a kibbutz in Israel.  My strongest feeling right now is one of relief.  I am so relieved that it is almost over and so relieved to ...

Coffee anyone?, Nahariya, Israel travel blog

Coffee anyone?

A travel blog entry by csgrtadventure


I could not have shown my face had I not tried a cappucino (I think they call it aufuch) coffee at Aroma  Cafe.  It's coffee with a heart . . .literally. We stopped here on our way to Akko ...

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