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Goodbye Paris!, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Goodbye Paris!

A travel blog entry by styrsky

This is a top pick!

... to Dublin is uneventful. We land and find our way to the hotel (which is farther from the airport than I thought, in a small town called "Swords") via public double-decker bus. Have to j-walk across a freeway to get to the hotel, and take a taxi in the AM ...

Summaries, Swords, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by vickyandcourt


... = 25 #6. Switzerland = 23 #7. London = 15 #8. Paris = 11   DUBLIN <b>43</b> Ireland (Dublin) was extraordinarily friendly everyone was polite and cordial. We were pleasantly surprised by the cuisine and the beer is obviously ...

Last day in Ireland for a bit!!, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Last day in Ireland for a bit!!

A travel blog entry by webbies2013


We have all had a wonderful time so far and tomorrow we leave to visit mum's cousins in The Netherlands and France :) In Ireland I have liked looking at the old houses that are now ruined. I have enjoyed playing with our little friends Tara and Eve. My ...

The journey home begins, Swords, Ireland travel blog

The journey home begins

A travel blog entry by judy59


... pack fully for our flight tomorrow.  Hard to believe we are starting to head home.  This has been a great trip around Ireland and when we were saying goodbye last night it wasn't just people we had met we were saying farewell to, we were saying ...

Kilmainham Gaol, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Kilmainham Gaol

A travel blog entry by sa.hurley


... He was the anti- treaty IRA leader, who in later years served first as Toiseach (Prime Minister) and subsequently President of Ireland. After his release the prison was closed, locked and essentially left to rot by a population who hated even the mention ...

Teaching Trees and Greenan's Favorite, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Teaching Trees and Greenan's Favorite

A travel blog entry by kathybuys


This will be short and probably the only blog before I return home. I had a lovely time with deep teachings at Dunderry. A lot to process and think about! The nature is so powerful there and so beautiful. It seems the trees have a wisdom all their own. ...

Wall to Wall Belfast, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Wall to Wall Belfast

A travel blog entry by bear_in_toronto


... as "The Twelfth", what we know as King Billy's Day or Orange Day, a huge celebration for Protestant or "Loyalist" Northern Ireland.  And a huge source of tension, with the Catholic "Republican" population.  Our first stop was one of the gates ...

Godsends, Swords, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by europeinajar


I bet God is getting a little tired of us at this point. Yesterday when we couldn't find a place to stay we would start to say stuff like "God, please let this place have a room that's affordable, cheap, and not sketchy". Eventually, after the longest ...

Days 2-4, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Days 2-4

A travel blog entry by zurnal101


Left Swords Friday for a tournament in Port Louise about an hour west outside Dublin. I wasn't planning on spending the night so I didn't bring my iPad with me, hence no updates here. Three of us including the Coach took a car out there and met the rest ...

Pre travel planning., Swords, Ireland travel blog

Pre travel planning.

A travel blog entry by mheffernan


Final preparations being ...

Monday 30th January 2017, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Monday 30th January 2017

A travel blog entry by mheffernan


Today took Skytrain to Saphan Taksim and boarded the river ferry at Sathan Pier. We travelled up to Phra Athrit pier and made our way on foot to the famous Khao San Road in the Banglamphu area of Bangkok. Had couple beers and watched the world go by. ...

U9 Girls - first outing of the season, Swords, Ireland travel blog

U9 Girls - first outing of the season

A travel blog entry by stpatsgaa


Swords Castle, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Swords Castle

A travel blog entry by nahury1


Although it was closed for improvements, a couple quick photos from the car. ...

And we're off, Swords, Ireland travel blog

And we're off

A travel blog entry by madkath

A very early start for our first flight from Dublin to Heathrow and then onwards to Tokyo Narita airport on an overnight ...

Things Matt Found Interesting...., Swords, Ireland travel blog

Things Matt Found Interesting....

A travel blog entry by benoche


... 10 Things Matt Observed While In Europe 10 - Italy Traffic Tip - staying in lines on road is optional - assuming there are lines 9 - Ireland Traffic Tip - signal light on right - wiper blades on left 8 - Europeans love roundabouts and toll booths 7 - Once ...

Lsst Day in Ireland, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Lsst Day in Ireland

A travel blog entry by roadmonkey

... and wolfed it down...yummy.  Tonight we are ridding ourselves of all maps, brochures, pamphlets, etc that have to do with Ireland.  Can't drag them around any more.  Today Carolyn and I sent out a few postcards so maybe you will be lucky ...

Last full day in Dublin.............what a day., Swords, Ireland travel blog

Last full day in Dublin.............what a day.

A travel blog entry by jscotth


... we headed back near the river to grab some souvenirs. Got that taken care of and decided that we would catch the last bus out to Swords (village where we were staying near) which was at 11. Had about 4 1/2 hours to burn. What now? Head back to Temple ...

Leaving Dublin, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Leaving Dublin

A travel blog entry by vivicarroll

I do not understand why the American Airlines check in is such a zoo. Why do they care about my favorite thing about the trip, my room number at the hotel, what I saw? The process is already slow enough! At least I had the ability to use my Global ...

TGIMonday, Swords, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jared.norris


... actually take a shower safely.  We took an afternoon siesta, then headed over to TGI Fridays for our 2nd annual "Goodbye to Ireland" dinner.  Mom stayed in her room to ice her ankle.  The girls were excited to actually have nachos (as ...

Going Home, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Going Home

A travel blog entry by mariacg


... . We took the shuttle to the airport and I picked up some last minute gifts. We turned in our VAT forms (since the VAT in Ireland hovers around 18-21%!) and boarded our plane. I had requested different seats with more leg room, luckily that worked out. We ...

The End Of A Chapter..., Swords, Ireland travel blog

The End Of A Chapter...

A travel blog entry by benoche


... an amazing woman, stood in front of The David, saw grapes growing on the vines.  We felt special in Italy.  Ireland was enchanting.  Being here is like visiting family you have never met.  It is familiar but different.  We felt ...

Ireland yeehaaaaa, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Ireland yeehaaaaa

A travel blog entry by yoshi13

... Lizzy dropped us to Bristol airport which was about an hour away (hope you found the 20 pound in your dash Liz) on the plane to Ireland we went. Landed at 8pm but still had plenty of daylight to go to pub for a wee beer, get some dinner then head back to ...

Layover in Ireland, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Layover in Ireland

A travel blog entry by heidif


After our almost 7 hours flight, we are happy to arrive in Ireland. We are tired and hungry. Airline food is never something super great but Aerlingus' showing on this flight was not a hit with our family. We mostly ran out of our picnic take-along food. ...

Day 1, Swords, Ireland travel blog

Day 1

A travel blog entry by zurnal101


Landed in Dublin and was the first in line at customs… Attendant asked me how long I was going to stay and I said seven months? Eight months? Could be three weeks… He then looked at me like I was an idiot. He said it raised serious threats ...

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