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Les Miserables Part Deux, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Les Miserables Part Deux

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... out the extra $ to stay at a B&B, but none were to be found.  No choice but to press on to Strandhill. Finally we reached our turn off towards the penninsula where our campground was to be situated.  That meant that the road turned and we ...

Here Comes the Sun, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Here Comes the Sun

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... food :) We wandered the beach for the rest of the afternoon watching learning surfers try things out.  Never knew that Ireland was such a hot spot for surfing!  Wandering a little further we found an old deserted church and cemetary.  ...

Dingle to Sligo to Strandhill, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Dingle to Sligo to Strandhill

A travel blog entry by kcgunther


... community or city to Sligo was a beach town (Strandhill), we headed in that such direction.   Upon entry to Strandhill, Lauren and I realized there were literally only 2 accomodations to choose from for the evening.  Surf shop and hostel ...

Strandhill/Sligo, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by huntingaurochs


We spent the nights of 24 - 25 July camping at Strandhill. Strandhill is a lovely small village on the Atlantic, though in a sheltered bay.  There is tons of seaweed on the beach, and I thought I recognised kale.  The taste was not bad.  ...

Rosie, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lisaajane


I know that the journey of life is full of new welcomes, sad farewells and everything in between. But I don't like the last time of anything. In fact, if I didn't know it was the last time, i wouldn't mind so much. But knowing today was the last time I ...

A book, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

A book

A travel blog entry by lisaajane


Since I have started travelling and realising how much time I actually have, I have spent less time on the computer (not hindered by the fact I no longer have a laptop and a great explanation as to why my blog has been severely neglected over the past ...

The Beach that Keith knows, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

The Beach that Keith knows

A travel blog entry by lisaajane


So today I left my new friends place, and went to my final destination on my Celtic Thunder Tour.  This is technically not part of any song, but Keith. Keith surfs here, so I go here. And it was really strange, I have to say, talking to people who ...

Tombs and Warriors, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Tombs and Warriors

A travel blog entry by peterjl


... the road cuts through. Apparently the locals call it " the ass in the pass"! But I liked it. Found a campsite next to the beach in Strandhill, a few miles from Sligo. After today's travels we will have two nights here before we follow the coast ...

Strandhill dune climb., Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Strandhill dune climb.

A travel blog entry by mr_smork


... . Was forced to get up at 8. Nice place to stay it was. After some discussions 1st stop today was a near by surfer town of Strandhill. Was really nice to see the place after 10 years. Ocean greeted us with some good size waves and a flood up until a ...

ghosts from the past...., Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

ghosts from the past....

A travel blog entry by nonnaclaire

... .... Headed south west via country and main roads. the country ones are much nicer....through Sligo and out to Strandhill..... A surfing village.... Seriously....have photos to prove it....where they surf all year round.... We are told they surf ...

Knock Knocknarea, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Knock Knocknarea

A travel blog entry by oldagetraveller


... to hills and mountains, and we had a very pretty run down Glen Car to Sligo. West of Sligo is the odd little resort of Strandhill, on the wild Atlantic coast, and here was our first stop.  The campsite was right on the beach, but the owner advised ...

beach bar restaurant /aughris house, aughris templeboy co sligo, Ireland travel blog

beach bar restaurant /aughris house

A travel blog entry by darren76


I'm going to TANZANIA!, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

I'm going to TANZANIA!

A travel blog entry by sean.johanna

Since I was a child I have always wanted to go to Africa (not very specific, I know) to work as a medical doctor. Why? I have no idea. I presumed I must have watched a movie or read something inspiring but I honestly can't remember what. To do this I ...

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