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Ready for the off!, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Ready for the off!

A travel blog entry by fishtails04

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Can't believe it's finally June and I only have 2 weeks left till D-day. The career break's granted, the house is let, the mail's redirected, the savings are in the bank and the bag is packed... I'm ready to go. It's sixteen years since i left Japan for ...

Les Miserables Part Deux, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Les Miserables Part Deux

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... and dry and I can hear little Irish children playing outside in the wind and the rain!  You know you’re in Ireland when…Although, they haven’t been out like us today, and they have nice warm trailers to run into...but still! ...

Here Comes the Sun, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Here Comes the Sun

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... food :) We wandered the beach for the rest of the afternoon watching learning surfers try things out.  Never knew that Ireland was such a hot spot for surfing!  Wandering a little further we found an old deserted church and cemetary.  ...

sligo pin, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

sligo pin

A travel blog entry by elsewhere

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sligo ...

Westport and Sligo, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Westport and Sligo

A travel blog entry by meganandkevin

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... mountains.  Pretty amazing accomplishment actually and certainly a unique experience. We both enjoyed the experience (if you are curious to see it I think their website is Off to explore Donegal and then to Northern ...

Megalithical, Sligo, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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When going away for a weekend, there are certain items one must carry, and if going to Ireland, the the three most needed things are 1) A Passport 2) Clean Underwear 3) An Umbrella We have tried a gortex jacket, but an umbrella wins hands down ...

Dingle to Sligo to Strandhill, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

Dingle to Sligo to Strandhill

A travel blog entry by kcgunther


... natural rock formations.  Well worth the visit should you be looking to visit the country and southern Ireland.   Hours later... we reach Sligo.  Known for nearly nothing other than a party scene and floating garbage and ducks in the ...

Cliffs, Cairns, and Yeats, Drumcliff, Ireland travel blog

Cliffs, Cairns, and Yeats

A travel blog entry by rovingwerners


... to the other so we deal with only one every day. Then we met and talked with a couple from Switzerland who are driving around Ireland until Thursday. We’ll see them again at breakfast. It’s getting late, and it’s time for us, like ...

Sick and Tired, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Sick and Tired

A travel blog entry by jasndan

... room. A quick coffee and a cakie later and no extremely breakable pottery purchases later we were off again.  We headed towards Sligo, our stop for the night...we stopped on the way at a church in Drumcliffe where Willam Butler Yeats was buried and ...

And She's Off...!, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

And She's Off...!

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


... of obstreporous children, 5 days a week; paying unwelcome bills; listening to continuous doom-and-gloom news; adjusting to an Ireland deep in a recession and discovering the implications this has for me in terms of income levies, increased prsi, ...

Strandhill to Easky, Easky, Ireland travel blog

Strandhill to Easky

A travel blog entry by huntingaurochs


On 26 July, we rode from Strandhill to Easky.  The ride was OK (not many steep hills) but there were some teething problems with the bikes, and our bums were very sore by the time we pulled into Easky at 4pm. Easky is a very small village; I would ...

Sunburns and Midges, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Sunburns and Midges

A travel blog entry by suzabroad

I take back every mean thing I said about the weather in Ireland. The last four days have been beautiful. The last day in Galway Kristy and Zoe took off to Tara and I decide to stay in the city. It was sunny, blue skys and around 25. I spent most of the ...

Couldn't hear them, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Couldn't hear them

A travel blog entry by lucinate


Railway Hostel Sligo ...

Strandhill/Sligo, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by huntingaurochs


... taste was not bad.  Megs declined to taste it. On 25 July, we took a few buses to an industrial park south of Sligo, and purchased bicycles, pannier racks, and panniers.  All up, our kit cost a little short of 400 euros.  The plan ...

From Dublin to Sligo!, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

From Dublin to Sligo!

A travel blog entry by loznwayne2euro


... we drove along the Royal Canal to Mullingar. In Boyle we walked through the ruins from the 12th century Cistercian Abbey. We drove through lots of lush country side to our hotel in Sligo bay. We had the afternoon free to shop and look around ...

Christmas in Ireland, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Christmas in Ireland

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

C's Mum and sister came up to my Mum's for the 1st time ever, and so we had a grand oul ...

Seaweed baths and Tombs at Sligo, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Seaweed baths and Tombs at Sligo

A travel blog entry by robthebruce


... chicken with field mushrooms and Dwayne had the same. It was very yummy, although the portions were much larger than most places in Ireland. Keeping with the tradition of not having food with music, we set out to the Harper's Bar to take in some Irish ...

Sligo, Sligo, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Went to see my Mum and we go to fancy "new best in North West" restaurtant called 'Cleavery Mills' with my best friends Mum. Lovely restaurant & food, but had surreal experience with the 2 ladies, as they spotted my embarrassing teenage ex. at the petrol ...

Back Home... For Now!, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Back Home... For Now!

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


Back to Ireland at last... ten and a half months later than I planned, but I got here! I was greeted by the smiles of Rachel and Marion, on arrival at Dublin airport, and we spent the night catching up and eating Indian, followed by a long lazy ...

Day 8 - Co: GAL, MAY & SLI, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Day 8 - Co: GAL, MAY & SLI

A travel blog entry by neason


... . we drove to a beach which he said was an hour away, we got there in under 10 minutes. so then we started wondering if 5 hours to sligo was a bit of an exageration! when we got back on the road i rang a hostel in sligo, he said it would be a 3 hour drive ...

Ecolodge, Castlebaldwin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by leann-robyn


... circular second floor seating area that evening.   It was here that Robyn battled the largest spider we'd seen in Ireland and where we shrieked our way through a very traumatizing spider execution via the kitchen sink drain. Feeling a little ...

Anna in Ireland!!!, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Anna in Ireland!!!

A travel blog entry by anna_and_andrea


Anna is in Ireland!!! Here is what she has told me so far about her trip: 9/19/2008 I am here in Sligo, we left dublin this morning and it has been great! i have still been trying to catch on sleep it feels like but so far the wather has been ...

Round Connemara, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

Round Connemara

A travel blog entry by badefamily


... for sending signals over the Atlantic - built by Marconi. Then went popped into the grounds of Kylemore Abbey for a stroll. And on to Sligo. Our B&B hostess greeted us saying it was so hot it was a heatwave - we think it is lovely! Walked in to Sligo ...

More stones, Sligo, Ireland travel blog

More stones

A travel blog entry by tokyo_cate

... around and took a few photos and was all finished by 3.30. Then I walked the 4km back into town. That's it for Sligo. Nothing else to see. Next stop was supposed to be Derry but that was only because I expected to see Carrowmore tomorrow morning ...

Rosie, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lisaajane


I know that the journey of life is full of new welcomes, sad farewells and everything in between. But I don't like the last time of anything. In fact, if I didn't know it was the last time, i wouldn't mind so much. But knowing today was the last time I ...

Sligo, Sligo, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

Yesterday we drove from Dublin to Sligo on the border with Northern Ireland. We stopped off at Boyle for a photo stop of the 12th Century Cistercian Abbey ruins, then onto a town near the river Shannon for a cruise on the Shannon. Not much to see on the ...

A book, Strandhill, Ireland travel blog

A book

A travel blog entry by lisaajane


Since I have started travelling and realising how much time I actually have, I have spent less time on the computer (not hindered by the fact I no longer have a laptop and a great explanation as to why my blog has been severely neglected over the past ...

More Tradition Explored, new cousins discovered!, Drumkeerin to  Killargue to Co Sligo, Ireland travel blog

More Tradition Explored, new cousins discovered!

A travel blog entry by tkelly5


... to scan and mail them back pronto. What a wonderful set of cousins the Gallaghers are, true story tellers.  The Gallaghers (in Ireland this name is pronounced Gall-a-her, silent G), Brian and his wife Pauline, we'll be in touch with his sister Maev ...

Counties Sligo, Mayo, Clare and Galway, Mullaghmore, Ireland travel blog

Counties Sligo, Mayo, Clare and Galway

A travel blog entry by kelleyr


... to steal each other's soil! We stopped at Black Head and then went on to the Cliffs of Moher which were very busy - Ireland's biggest tourist attraction. The wind had got up and the rain was coming in which made our walk around the cliffs shorter than ...

religion, politics and football, Belfast, derry and sligo, United Kingdom travel blog

religion, politics and football

A travel blog entry by brae88


My title highlights the 3 topics you should never bring up in a pub in ireland. Unless you want to get your head kicked in. From dublin I headed up to belfast. I stayed in a hostel, which eased any anxieties i may have had about this trip. I went on a ...

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