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No room at the inn..., Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

No room at the inn...

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... strangers, just walking along and stopping to talk to anyone who asked us a question. Our time at Stefanus' home in Ruteng was also interesting from a cultural point of view. The island is Catholic (the exception in a mainly Muslim and Hindu country) ...

A Whale of a time, Pulau Lembata, Indonesia travel blog

A Whale of a time

A travel blog entry by worldofbintang

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Leaving behind the city of Maumere we took a 4hr bus ride to arrive at Larantuka, a small port town at the Eastern tip of Flores. The journey was uneventful apart from the occasional 'clucking' from the chickens underneath our seat. A lot of the hotels ...

Another Overnighter, Ruteng,  Indonesia travel blog

Another Overnighter

A travel blog entry by faff

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... I was already on my way to the other hotel and we had to commit. We used a private shuttle this time to go from Moni to Ruteng. This shaved about 2 hours off our journey and we made it to Ruteng by 7 pm. It was pleasant see that all the other passengers ...

Hey Moni, Moni!, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Hey Moni, Moni!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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The scenery on the way to Moni is the most stunning we've seen in the whole of SE Asia..and thats saying something! It's so green and's literally green as far as you can see! The road to Moni is the windiest yet and I'm really surprised ...

Never stayed in a convent before!, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Never stayed in a convent before!

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... . As it was i just waited on the side of the main street in town for about 20mins and then flagged down a small bus with Ruteng written on the windscreen. It only cost 70,000INR although it did take 5 hours as it kept stopping to pick up locals etc as ...

Trip to Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Trip to Ruteng

A travel blog entry by shimmy08


... und somit auf rene geflogen bin....naja aber rene hatte ne schoene Schuerfwunde am Knie.... Wir fuhren dann weiter nach  Ruteng, durch Nebelverhangene Berge in denen es Arschkalt war (gut...wir mit Tshirt und kurzen Hosen) vorbei an reisfeldern und ...

Mobbed, Flores, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by fyrelizard


Our first evening anchored off Flores felt like pure insanity.  Persian Sands arrived first, and radioed to us that they had quite the welcoming party.  As we rounded the headland into the bay, we saw them surrounded by eight or so ...

Transit a Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Transit a Ruteng

A travel blog entry by makistouf

Il nous faut 5 heures pour rejoindre Ruteng depuis Bajawa. En Kijang (voiture partagee). On a le plaisir d'etre conduit par le seul chauffeur d'Indonesie qui ecoute de la musique country dans un volume tout a fait acceptable. C est assez rare pour etre ...

Twisting Our Way to Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Twisting Our Way to Ruteng

A travel blog entry by lisabraz


... hiked up to a lookout over a huge valley where the rice fields were planted in a vast "spiderweb" pattern. We reached Ruteng in the early afternoon, stopping for lunch at about the only place that looked safe to eat. Bill ordered fried chicken and ...

Christmas in Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Christmas in Ruteng

A travel blog entry by nickpalfreyman


... (dinner). People were so kind. I don't think I've ever shaken as many hands. You have to shake hands with everybody, in Indonesia, and photographs are also much loved. I can still remember asking Jo if she would take a photo of me and four other vols ...

Pitstop, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by garyandjenny


... town. This time we hired a vehicle, which turned out to be a nice comfortable car! - didnt even know they existed in Indonesia. Again, driving along we were in complete awe of the scenery outside the window. The trans-Flores highway is one amazing road. ...

The road to Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

The road to Ruteng

A travel blog entry by lisamcsherry


... and we were spending 7 hours a day in the car, it would take a fairly strong constitution not to barf. Yay me!   Ruteng didn't have a huge amount going for it, just a dusty town with nothing but locals eager to practice their English. Thankfully we ...

Staying in the nun house, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Staying in the nun house

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


... couldn’t resist ordering a ‘Coffee Hot Chocolate’.  Yum – this was the best mocha ever! For most travellers, Ruteng is really just a place to stop for the night, to break up the journey – which is what we did.  But ...

ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marco-2010


 4h de Labuanbajo, après de magnifiques routes de montagnes et de plateaux me voilà arrivé à Ruteng. Pas de bol le seul hôtel pas trop cher et correct est complet pour un meeting. Voilà comment se retrouver dans un hôtel miteux avec la télé ...

The Heart of Darkness, Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

The Heart of Darkness

A travel blog entry by itsagas

OK a mea culpa to begin with. My snide observances about the G'n'R classic have come back to haunt me as I since learnt that they did do a version of the song, how do I know, because its on fairly high rotation on the sound scape that is Flores. Every ...

Upland Flores - Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Upland Flores - Ruteng

A travel blog entry by matt.mckeon


... car to head back to Labuan Bajo. The car had been showing signs of distress - the horn stopped working upon arrival in Ruteng, a really worrisome thing with so many bling curves on the roads. In the afternoon the driver told us that something on the car ...

bemo nightmare!, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

bemo nightmare!

A travel blog entry by adamandgail


... driver to take us to the station, were met with a grin, but no action! ( you get a lot of grins but no action in Indonesia, its not that they dont understand, its that they think they can do it when they feel like it, and you can just wait!!)Eventually ...

Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by toltmanns


... indonesian dschungle and all the locals and kiddies coming up saying "Hello Mister" and being really astonished when I answered in Baha Indonesia. Went cross country through the dschungle and open fields until a bemo (bus) picked me up and drove me back ...

Ruteng, Flores, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Ruteng, Flores

A travel blog entry by toonloon

Ruteng, ...

Happy Christmas, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Happy Christmas

A travel blog entry by cjgr


... is a holiday in Indonesia. We tried to find private transport, as if there is one thing you are constantly offered in Indonesia, it is transport. the entire male population seems to earn a living as taxi drivers whilst the women, carry heavy thngs like ...

Bus journeys and teaching English!, Ruteng , Indonesia travel blog

Bus journeys and teaching English!

A travel blog entry by curlywurly

... ;s the first day I’ve not eaten rice since I left home!   Flores feels slightly different from the rest of Indonesia, the island is mainly catholic and people dress differently they also have a distinct look different to other places I've been. ...

Jul 26, 2011, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Jul 26, 2011

A travel blog entry by renzo59


Across Flores, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Across Flores

A travel blog entry by selina_and_mo


... to not upset the tourists - what ever the reason, it worked for us. For our first nights accommodation we were in Ruteng at a Catholic Nunnery. (If you miss out one word from that last sentence we would probably have been struck by lightning...). ...

Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Ruteng ...

10 juillet, 8:16am, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

10 juillet, 8:16am

A travel blog entry by milie

... de rêver à lui! Ben oui, ben oui... C'est sur! Grosse route demain en perspective! 10 juillet, 9:24pm Congrégation des soeurs, Ruteng Ce matin, on prend pas de chance; 2 gravols (au gingembre) dès le départ. Malgré tout, ça en prendra une de plus ...

depasar - labuan bajo, indonesia, Labuan bajo, Indonesia travel blog

depasar - labuan bajo, indonesia

A travel blog entry by googoosh


time: one hour 45 mins hight: 37,000 feet food: bread roll, water and a ...

11 juillet 2010, 6:24am, Denge, Indonesia travel blog

11 juillet 2010, 6:24am

A travel blog entry by milie

Congrégation des soeurs, Ruteng Les soeurs ont bien dressé leurs coqs, ils ne chantent pas à 3 heures du matin comme à Bajawa! La chambre est toujours aussi belle mais Nick a quand même trouvé une méga-coquerelle sur le mur pendant la nuit. Au ...

1st trip, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

1st trip

A travel blog entry by setyandari


Ruteng............dinginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn banget ...

Ruteng is full!!, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Ruteng is full!!

A travel blog entry by nachoandsusana

... Golo Gurum que es un mirador que esta en Ruteng y desde el que se ven diferentes terrazas de arrozales, visitamos Compang Ruteng un poblado perteneciente a la etnia Maggarine propia de esta región de flores. En Compag Ruteng las casas son de madera con ...

Indonesia - Ruteng: Arrival, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesia - Ruteng: Arrival

A travel blog entry by canadiansmiley

... is to go to the main bus terminal in LabuangBajo and catch a mini bus for 50,000Rp which will take only 4hours. I got to Ruteng after traveling with a pig and a chicken in the bemo full of locals who were just making fun of me alone tourist. Could not ...

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