Travel Blogs from Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia

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Beaches, Boats and Diving, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Beaches, Boats and Diving

A travel blog entry by worldofbintang

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... to practise their English on us and we responded by speaking the little bits of Indonesian we had picked up. Eventually we landed at Labuanbajo at around 7pm at night where we fought through the crowds, headed for a beer (the Pelni ship was dry!!) and ...

Enter the Dragon, Flores Indonisia , Indonesia travel blog

Enter the Dragon

A travel blog entry by joanna.means


... from Bali and I am sure that parts of Flores are very beautiful but the town we landed in we felt a bit disappointed with.  Labuanbajo is a sleepy port town, it's not pretty and there is not much to do.  That evening there was a vicious storm so ...

Roadtrip door Flores!, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Roadtrip door Flores!

A travel blog entry by 3xanne


... . Het heeft ons wat tijd en geld gekost, maar het avontuur in Flores kon eindelijk beginnen. Onze eerste bestemming in Flores was Labuanbajo, een havenstad vanwaaruit we een dagje tripje met de boot naar Rinca hebben gemaakt. Deze boottocht was gaf ons ...

Living on a deserted island and Komodo dragons, Kanawa Island, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Living on a deserted island and Komodo dragons

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


... more snorkelling – which was a nice respite from the heat of Rinca. Waiting, waiting So now, we are back in Labuanbajo, killing time, drinking yummy mixed fruit juices at the only decent restaurant in Labuanbajo and making use of their internet, ...

Bananen an Board !!! / Bananas on board!!!, Labuanbajo (Flores), Indonesia travel blog

Bananen an Board !!! / Bananas on board!!!

A travel blog entry by pajas


... die Bananen zuvor von Hand auf Faehre verladen. 14:30 Uhr: Faehre wurde beladen und legt los - Juhui! Ankunft in Labuanbajo, Flores, bei Dunkelheit. Das einzige Hotel das noch Zimmer hat ist das schlimmste bisher! Das Erlebnis mit dieser Faehre hat ...

Dragons and Flying Fish..., Bajawa, Labuanbajo and Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

Dragons and Flying Fish...

A travel blog entry by jtrail


Breaking the tiresome journey across to Labuanbajo on the Flores west coast, we stopped in the bustling little town of Bajawa. Stretching our legs, we wandered the streets where (apart from the Pom finding a KFC!) the markets were the most entertaining ...

Fishies and mantas and lots and lots of current, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Fishies and mantas and lots and lots of current

A travel blog entry by ania23

... some other equally dumfounded foreigners, we concluded that it wasnt just our paranoia...this is what is the norm in Indonesia...and particulary here in Flores. Anyways, one local boy thought he could try to be my friend and each time I walked by where ...

International fugitives :D, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

International fugitives :D

A travel blog entry by adamandgail


... is going to be a long entry, so save it til your really bored and can give it your full attention :D It all started well enough. Labuanbajo is a OK place, the hotel was Ok, if a little over priced. The restaurant was OK, if a little slow on service, and ...

Some kind of wonderful...., Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Some kind of wonderful....

A travel blog entry by deb4grey


... about clearing up the “organic” debris that is washed up, so in two days we have the cleanest beach in Indonesia. It’s a real shame that virtually everywhere you go in Asia, the views, beaches, rivers are all covered in plastic. They ...

Flores by boat., Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Flores by boat.

A travel blog entry by deb4grey


... we were away before, so it was really something to see and we weren’t disappointed. The sky goes a bright red in Indonesia, with hues of purple and oranges– unbelievably beautiful! It’s amazing just how quickly the sun actually rises and ...

Boat To Flores, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Boat To Flores

A travel blog entry by adteamtour


... gang of Flying Foxes lived. In the evening they flew around the boat. We also went fishing, but only Andrea caught a fish. Unfortunately it was too small to eat. Upon arriving at Labuanbajo on the West coast of Flores we went off to find some ...

Long & winding roads, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Long & winding roads

A travel blog entry by flail

... back to Bali BEFORE I left Bali.  And having decided to make the trip three-quarters of the way across the island of Flores to see the crater lakes of Kelimutu, I realized my timing was very off with regard to sensible means of getting back.  ...

Underwater world exploration, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Underwater world exploration

A travel blog entry by wanderlust_asia


... decided to get going once he's finished his smokes and food with his mates and we're drenched in sweat threatening to bail. Flores was also tough travelling but beautiful interior, at it's western end is a fishing town called Labuan Bajo which we visited ...

I Don't Do Churches, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

I Don't Do Churches

A travel blog entry by thegordo


... ; "Ah, no... One of my friend last night he die." And with that I feel like the biggest cock in the whole of Indonesia. Charles' friend had been unwell for quite some time and last night he finally succumbed to his illness. Learning the news of his ...

Denpasar to Labuanbajo, Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Denpasar to Labuanbajo

A travel blog entry by sarcopolo

Bit of a dive (the the above sea level kind) on the western tip of the, they say beautiful island of Flores.  We thought about travel across the island but could face the the overland travel options so instead chose to use it as the base for boat ...

Flores island Indonesia, Flores Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog

Flores island Indonesia

A travel blog entry by floresexotic


... soaring volcanoes, colored crater lakes, forests, beautiful sea gardens with white sands beaches, and prehistoric Giant animals too. Flores is a big, rugged remarkably beautiful island .Dominated by a string of volcanes, the long impenetrable terrain has ...

30 Stunden on the Road, Labuan Bajo / Flores, Indonesia travel blog

30 Stunden on the Road

A travel blog entry by hansiundcaro


... unserer Abfahrt in Kuta in Labuan Bajo, einem kleinen, fast schon kitschig idyllischem Fischerdorf am westlichen Ende von Flores ankamen. Wir suchten uns ein guenstiges Zimmer, assen noch schnell etwas, wobei uns ein recht netter Englaender Gesellschaft ...

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