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Mr Thomas and friends, Rote, West Timor, Indonesia travel blog

Mr Thomas and friends

A travel blog entry by laurenandkris

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... "Apa Kabar touris?, Mau ke mana?" (How are you, tourist? Where are you going?) two questions that you will be asked throughout Indonesia, although usually in English and it just doesn't sound nice that way! Not all were as glad to see us though, one ...

Booming bemos and Bintangs on board, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Booming bemos and Bintangs on board

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... of Wednesday, which was probably fortunate as we were all enormously tired from the all-nighter logged to navigate through the Kupang Strait. Got to dodge those unlit fishing boats and lobster pots. Town officials were conscious that we weren't spending ...

JONNY!!, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chibisimo


Back to Kupang and very excited!! Day one and day two...waiting for the time to pass! Day three: Put up birthday decorations in the room. At 9pm Jonny arrived ^^ Day four: Happy Birthday Jonny! It took me ages, but I managed to organize a trip to Monkey ...

Großes Treffen aller Volontäre in Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Großes Treffen aller Volontäre in Kupang

A travel blog entry by doro


[Montag 23.02. 19:15 - Welcome to Kupang] Versuch gerade verzweifelt seit 5 Minuten mir meine rechte Kontaktlinse aus dem Auge zu pulen - ohne Erfolg. Das Auge ist rot und tut weh und irgendwie ist das voll Scheiße. Also hab ich beschlossen kurz Pause ...

Kupang - Indonesia, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Kupang - Indonesia

A travel blog entry by tactical


... to another bus which took us back to Kupang where another argument ensued with Don. This we all thought was the start of Indonesia, so we didn't have a pleasant experience dealing with this character. We reported him to the staff of Ted's Bar as Don ...

Komodo Dragon, Komodo Island, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Dragon

A travel blog entry by ardhan


... dragon is an endangered species (appx. there are 6000) and is found on the IUCN Red List. Komodo National Park in Indonesia includes three larger islands Komodo, Rinca and Padar. The islands are of volcanic origin. Within its area there are living ...

Flying Day., Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Flying Day.

A travel blog entry by cimek


... Kupang, except flights via Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong, is to fly via Dili. Other connections within Indonesia were difficult and unclear so I bought the one flight only, in blind, and will try to find something when got ...

Timor Leste Consulate in Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Timor Leste Consulate in Kupang

A travel blog entry by cimek


Early morning I rode to Timor Leste consulate. I had my application filled out and was prepared to talk to some one, who understand my problem and help me to obtain necessary letter quickly, so I can go to the border same day. I talk to them over phone ...

Clandestino, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by planetvale


... . Io non posso fare niente, ma quando arrivi al confine probabilmente ti chiederanno venti dollari per ogni giorno trascorso illegalmente in Indonesia, anche se non c'e' niente di ufficiale e dipende da chi ti trovi di fronte". Sono gia' un tantino piu' ...

Our travelling security detail, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Our travelling security detail

A travel blog entry by itsagas


Ferry trip mark two began at seven with our now well known path to the ferry terminal. Things were looking a whole lot better than yesterday. The rather large crowd was a give away that something was on, also the large ferry sailing into view also ...

huge prawns..., Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

huge prawns...

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish


Pelni boat from hell, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Pelni boat from hell

A travel blog entry by yoni


... where people were gathering. Still there's no ferry in sight. We had no idea what the program was and being our first day in Indonesia we only knew a couple words of the language. We remember someone telling us to get to the front of the crowd to get a ...

Waiting for ship with bike., Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Waiting for ship with bike.

A travel blog entry by cimek


Luckily airport was not far from my hotel, just a few hundred metres. I walked this distance at the morning - it's good to have no traffic to get there and no stress to be late. Entering airport is like entering somebody's garden, I almost stepped on ...

Practically in Oz: Welcome to West Timor, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Practically in Oz: Welcome to West Timor

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad


... at home! Hannah managed to buy a place ticket after a bit of a haggle and actually insisting to see the real price on the screen rather than their made up price! So the 3 of us are off to West Timor! Kupang and our first step onto a new Indonesian ...

Timor Leste, attempt to enter., Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Timor Leste, attempt to enter.

A travel blog entry by cimek


... ła ich kasa i nie było szans na załatwienie sprawy na granicy. Zadzwoniłem więc do konsulatu Timor Leste w Kupang, pytając, co mam zrobić, żeby dostać ten durny list od ręki. Odpowiedzieli mi, że ...

Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by petra_karlaut


... schoenes) und mieten uns im Hotel Maliana ein (75.000,- DZ mit Ventilator u. Bad, inkl. Nachmittagskaffee und Fruehstueck). Kupang ist eine mittelgrosse Hafenstadt mit entspannter Atmosphaere. Karl und ich fuehlen uns auf Anhieb wohl, wir machen am ...

Living an episode of 'Lost'..., Rote Ndao, Indonesia travel blog

Living an episode of 'Lost'...

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad


... rather than later. Our visa is running out and the Danish couple staying here with us had a flight to Bali at 5pm today from Kupang! Eventually, our Homestay hosts said 'yes there was a ferry' and then in the same breath said 'but no there wasn't' - ...

Timor to Lombok, East Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog

Timor to Lombok

A travel blog entry by prooke


... trying to find a map so that you can see the wonderful islands we visited - well worth a trip before the crowds find them... Indonesia has really been fantastic, the people here have the best sense of humour, if Thailand is the land of smiles then this is ...

The island of the pigs, Rote Ndao, Indonesia travel blog

The island of the pigs

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad


This island is an island of pigs they are running around everywhere in the streets and on the beach. I mention this first only because in a predominantly Muslim nation this doesn't really happen much. Rote is not a Muslim island and for the first time ...

Indo!, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jtrail


... greener. These only became more apparent as we screamed along the hilly, windy and narrow road for the next 5 hours into Kupang. Bustling with motor-scooters, mini-van taxis and people, yet Kupang has nothing of special tourist interest, apart from my ...

Hrana v Indoneziji, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Hrana v Indoneziji

A travel blog entry by gypsylifeagain


Ker naju vsi sprasujete kako je tu s hrano, vam jo na kratko opiseva. Res je, da nama, vsaj v zacetku, prebavne tezave niso bile tuje. In res je tudi, da mocno pogresava domaco kuhinjo, gogoburger, cadrski sir... :) Kljub vsemu je tu hrana dobra, ...

Goodbye Dili, hello Kupang, Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia travel blog

Goodbye Dili, hello Kupang

A travel blog entry by yoni


... men had been hacked to death with machetes and their homes burned down. Jan. 23, 2007 Tuesday, Maya Beach Hotel, Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia [GPS 10 09.408S 123 35.121E] From Dili we took a Paradise Tours bus across the Indonesian border to ...

Roti, West-Timor, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by beachbum78


Roti ist die suedlichste Insel Indonesiens, bin somit schon fast wieder in Australien unten angekommen. Es ist noch frueh in der Saison und erst ein paar Leute haben den Weg nach Nembrala in Angriff genommen. Dementsprechend wenige Surfer tummeln sich ...

Kepa to Nikiniki racetrack, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Kepa to Nikiniki racetrack

A travel blog entry by mickoobyrne


... let him get away to tell his mate how he bested the foreigner on a bigger bike. Loads of fun all round. Pretty soon I was in Kupang for lunch and as you get closer to the bigger cities the near miss rate goes up, it is always wise to pay constant ...

Thanks and good bye Indonesia, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Thanks and good bye Indonesia

A travel blog entry by henniterness


... sick of it all, that writing about all our experiences would leave a horribly bad taste. So let me finish by saying that Indonesia is a country of stunning natural beauty. I might feel different about it had I not strained from the tourist track. And I ...

We're on our way again, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

We're on our way again

A travel blog entry by eskimo


... more time to clear. Finally we were ready and on our way only 50 mins later than flight-planned. We set course for Kupang, Indonesia – a 3.5 hr journey if all went well.  Just after half way we had to pick our way around the increasing cloud ...

Reaching Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Reaching Kupang

A travel blog entry by eskimo


... only a little help from the Government. He had plans to plant a forest on his home island of Lembata Island, Indonesia with 6million trees (he has more support from the Government for this particular project). He is also instrumental in raising donations ...

Holding Pattern, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Holding Pattern

A travel blog entry by mikeandsheila


... our journey along the Indonesian Archipelago. A long cigar-shaped island, it is divided in two, the western half belonging to Indonesia, the east a separate, independent country, Timor Leste (East Timor). The word Timor  (Timur) itself is Malay for ...

Everybody Needs Some Time Alone, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Everybody Needs Some Time Alone

A travel blog entry by kalischild


... concrete buildings rose from the darkness, empty widows staring out into the night; structures more suited to Lebanon than Indonesia. As I came around a corner, a pair of hobo fires burning in empty oil barrels marked the entrance to Night's Kitchen. ...

Indo Hustle, A Critique, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Indo Hustle, A Critique

A travel blog entry by kalischild


There's something I want to get off my chest here, because my quest for even-temperedness and balance denies me an outlet in the real world. So allow me to bend your ears, my delicious little narwhals, for I have something to say to some of the people ...

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