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The best #52., Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

The best #52.

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


One of the great joys of traveling is meeting other travelers who give me tips on where to go and what to see/do. While on the liveaboard in Thailand, a few dive masters told me that I should not miss diving in Tulamben in Bali. After doing some ...

First ever unofficial Bali Olympics, Kabupaten Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

First ever unofficial Bali Olympics

A travel blog entry by jodi.flavell


... . I am sad to say my team AJ's Bali babes did not win. We represented the countries of US, Indonesia, Switzerland and Wales (members A, J, S, L, A, D) The winners by many points were the dream team representing US, Wales, England, Switzerland and ...

Gilly T, Gilly T, Indonesia travel blog

Gilly T

A travel blog entry by beckye


khdkbnvdfkbvie ...

I've been spoiled..., Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

I've been spoiled...

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


I came to a small village called Amed on Bali to do a bit more diving before leaving Indonesia. Having just returned from Komodo, the last 6 dives I did here were just SO disappointing!!! Ugh. I know I shouldn't compare dive sites but I was WOW'ed ...

Virgin Beach, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Virgin Beach

A travel blog entry by alleyjames25


Sorry everyone for taking so long to get these up! So I guess it was 3 days ago we went to the beach. This is not just any beach, we took a 2 hour drive to get to this beach. We drove all the way to east Bali to visit Virgin Beach and the road to ...

Viel Meer, wenig (-er) Touristen, Karangasem, Indonesien travel blog

Viel Meer, wenig (-er) Touristen

A travel blog entry by sibyllejuerg


Der heutige Tag ist schnell erzählt. Es heisst Abschied nehmen von Ubud. Wir fahren mit einem Taxi ganz in den Osten von Bali, nach Amed resp. um präzis zu sein nach Jemaluk, einem kleinen Fischerbadetauchörtchen. Die Fahrt ist ...

Karangasem, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by amirseun


... yang datang dari arah Selat Lombok. Setelah puas menikmati pemandangan kami meneruska perjalanan ke Amlapura, ibukota Kabupaten Karangasem untuk membeli sarapan sebelum pulang ke Denpasar. Sampai Denpasar, Made mengantar saya sampai Bandara Ngurah Rai ...

See you soon my beautiful Bali, Kabupaten Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

See you soon my beautiful Bali

A travel blog entry by jodi.flavell


This morning I left my beautiful Bali. I will always now associate the smell of incense from the small offerings that were given through the day with your beautiful island. I will remember floating through the ocean, trying yo body surf but realizing I ...

Sengiggi - Lombok, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Sengiggi - Lombok

A travel blog entry by beckye

After the early start leaving Gilly T we arrived main land Lombok and stayed at Sonjas Guest House a family run place that was amazing. Sonja was so sweet and welcoming and the accomadation was spot on to chill out at apart from the Mosquito's but you ...

Le Centre, Tirta Ganga, Indonesia travel blog

Le Centre

A travel blog entry by 2011entong


On pense toujours a Bali pour ses plages de sable blanc, son surf et sa plongee… et bien on peut aussi passer une semaine a Bali sans tremper les pieds dans l’eau de mer ! Balades dans la campagne environnante et dans les rizieres, visite des ...

Dag 3 Bali - Sidemen, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Dag 3 Bali - Sidemen

A travel blog entry by bertnmarij


Na wat gesjacher en gepingel links en rechts hebben we deze ochtend een privé-busje naar Sidemen gevonden. Sidemen ligt meer in het binnenland tussen de bergen en is een stuk minder toeristisch. We hebben via Ayu, de uitbater van ons hotel daar, via ...

That food tastes YUK!, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

That food tastes YUK!

A travel blog entry by jentravels


Villa Flow is a 'relaxing' retreat on the east coast of Bali, a two hour drive from Kuta. We headed up there for three days for what we thought was going to be a quiet, relaxing couple of days with excellent food. Villa Flow is indeed in an excellent ...

Tulamben - Diving Again, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Tulamben - Diving Again

A travel blog entry by hasemeyer


Tulamben! The morning after arriving we started the Advanced Open Water Certification course. The course allows us to dive up to 30 meters (instead of 18), and also learn some more skills (night diving, perfect buoyancy, navigation, etc). Thankfully ...

D103 - Bali rain, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

D103 - Bali rain

A travel blog entry by kimrichings

We breakfast sparingly again and wait for our bus.............and wait. Then a mopedist! turns up and says don't worry the driver is on the way. A small seven seater then turns up and we get in and go pick up others, Ian asks how many more and where are ...

Day 317 Sidemen, Kabupaten Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Day 317 Sidemen

A travel blog entry by granniesontour


Wayan picked us up with our luggage and off we went to visit the Goa Lawah Temple. It is the only mother temple in the country and where a month after you die and your ashes have been scattered into the sea, the family come here with offerings and ...

USAT Ship Wreck, Kabupaten Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

USAT Ship Wreck

A travel blog entry by niamhkillian


... it back in time for breakfast! We were offered to do another dive that day but we are trying to dive a few different places in Indonesia so didn't want to spend all our money here (although we would have loved to). For the rest of the day we ate, swam, ...

The World's Most Expensive Coffee, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

The World's Most Expensive Coffee

A travel blog entry by floripaman

Kopi Luwak.  The name of a beast?  A beverage? Both?  The Kopi Luwak is a type of mythical coffee that demands anywhere between $50 to $120+ a cup, making it the world's most expensive coffee.  Is the cup made of gold?  Nope, but ...

Padangbai & journeying to Gili, Kabupaten Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Padangbai & journeying to Gili

A travel blog entry by georgiamaddock


Arriving here was not quite as sparkly as we had imagined. The main aspect of the town is the harbour, as a result of this it tries to appeal to the tourists that come through, to me the streets felt polluted and were filled with pushy salesmen. Despite ...

Belle Kuta, Lombok, Kabupaten de Karangasem, Indonésie travel blog

Belle Kuta, Lombok

A travel blog entry by garby


Alors qu'on vous écrivait notre post blagoune, Luciano est passé à côté de nous et nous a offert d'embarquer avec lui: il se rendait a une plage à 15 minutes de là en voiture. On en a profité parce qu'on ne savait ...

Chasing dolphins, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Chasing dolphins

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

We are awoken by a chap shouting wake up call to see the dolphins at 5.50! Damn it Sandra's alarm didn't go off. Luckily we need little just ourselves though I regret no windbreaker. We wait at the beach and a chap dilly dallies. Eventually we are ...

A holy bath, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

A holy bath

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

I forget brekkie is at 8.30 and wake up way too early tossing and finally writing. Eventually we pull ourselves together and make our way to the main house. Yanti serves us veggie fried rice which is near to home fried rice. We even get chill. The kids ...

Liberty, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

I wake up at 7 what a night. We never woke up from our evening nap! I woke at 3am lights on, and no mosquito net up! I take my doxy and slept again! Waking I meet Made my buddy for diving at 7.15 as i had planned food at 7.30 he suggests we go straight ...

Permutaran Milky Way, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Permutaran Milky Way

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

We wake up late and take breakfast at the restaurant. We decide to go and check out fun and fun adventure as they have good wifi unlike Tirta and they also have diving and scuba! We meet a chap and he advises we can do trips to Menjangan island which we ...

Turtles and finding Ketut, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Turtles and finding Ketut

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

Nerves are kicking in as I wake up. I head for breakfast at 7.45 and its abysmal. Sweet pancakes, toast eventually when power returns and boiled egg. I shouldn't fearing always feeling sick on a dive but I take the omelette the pregnant maitre dee ...

Balinese mayhem, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Balinese mayhem

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

We arise late it's 9.40 when I make it down to the main house leaving Sandra still sleeping. The house is quiet and I guess they're all at the temple. Our breakfast is under a basket. Yellow rice and greens. The father a tall, strong for his age proud ...

Flying high, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Flying high

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

... to kill. He makes the first approach and turns out he's a Parisian born Toulousian driving instructor on 3 weeks holiday to mostly Indonesia. He's well travelled and understands none of my French / creole. We chat travels I get an OJ and share my bun. ...

Lipah Beach, i pesci, il calcio e l'ospedale, Lipah, Indonesia travel blog

Lipah Beach, i pesci, il calcio e l'ospedale

A travel blog entry by kumpulan


Girando in scooter per Amed trovo Lipah Beach: una minuscola spiaggetta di sabbia dove dei ragazzi del posto noleggiano ombrelloni e sdraio per circa 4-5 euro. Dopo l'ormai consueto snorkeling ordianiamo ai ragazzi una grigliata di pesce sulla spiaggia. ...

Day 192 diving course Tulamben Wreck, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog

Day 192 diving course Tulamben Wreck

A travel blog entry by elliotgamble


Now all the theory and pool sessions were over it was time for the proper diving to begin. I would be diving at one of the best spots in Bali the ship wreck at Tulamben. It was quite a drive away so after being picked up early we were on the road. In the ...

Tunnussana, Karangasem, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by eetoiseen


Muutama yö vierähti makoillen altaan ääressä Sanurin rannan kupeessa. Alkuperäinen jatkosuunnitelma oli suunnata Gilin saarille (Gili tarkoittaa pientä), matka pienille saarille tyssäsi nopeasti kuin hiihtomiehen ...

Candidasa, Kabupaten Karangasem, Indonesien travel blog


A travel blog entry by karpatschof


Palmetræer fylde begge sider af Balis østkyst vej, med små Puras - balinesisk hinduistiske templer - lejlighedsvis stolene ud midt beskedne huse, naturskønne omgivelser for en sammenstilling af bucolic scener og moderne drejninger. ...

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