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Java, Jogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by prooke


... rice terraces dotted with cone hatted workers bent-over in knee-deep water as they tended their crops. Java like many of the islands across Indonesia is strung with volcanoes which accounts for the fertile soil which makes everything grow so well. ...

Templedayzz in Jogya, Jogyakarta Java, Indonesia travel blog

Templedayzz in Jogya

A travel blog entry by donpaschqual


batik world, Jogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

batik world

A travel blog entry by restless

ah today is your lucky day, there is a governmebt exhibition of batiks..bla bla bla... will explain ...

Temples, Temples Again, Jogyakarta on Java, Indonesia travel blog

Temples, Temples Again

A travel blog entry by dogeleven


... area. Hotel Monica proved to be just fine. My plan was to base myself in Jogya (which is how everyone refers to Jogyakarta) and see several locations in the surrounding area. The city itself has two palaces listed as "must see sights". Out side are a ...

joking.. hee hee hee, Jogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

joking.. hee hee hee

A travel blog entry by davinadventurer


... for this sort of thing, he knows a lot of stuff, that is probably because he has been doing this tour of indonesia for 7 years! next month is his first month of starting in Bangkok and doing the whole trip! the temple is hugely impressive, and ...

Meeting old friends and new faces, Jogyakarta Java, Indonesia travel blog

Meeting old friends and new faces

A travel blog entry by ennyv


Shalom after 7 days without internet I am finally for a few hours in an area with normal communications. This blog has been written on the roads and I am not repairing any typos as I want to mail it today. Around 12 I am on my way again to wireless ...

so I'm in Jogyakarta, Jogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

so I'm in Jogyakarta

A travel blog entry by astrophelle


Salamat Malam from Jogja....What a couple of days its been! I took a flight out of Bali on Friday morning and was absolutely breath taken as I flew over the Ring of Fire....spread out below me in terrifying splendour were atleast 8 volcanoes.....two ...

French Cinema Bakery, Jogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

French Cinema Bakery

A travel blog entry by terryandlauren


... which is thought to have been built as a marker for finding the way to Borobudur. It also was the first temple in Indonesia to be restored and has some great reliefs and an upright sitting Buddha which is quite unusual. After the temples we snooze and ...

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