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Motorbike touring the back roads of Bajawa., Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Motorbike touring the back roads of Bajawa.

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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Highlights. Ojek tour around Bajawa. We paid for 2 guys to give us a tour of the surrounding area of Bajawa using their bikes. This was a much cheaper way of doing it rather than a private car plus it was a lot more fun. The guy who explained everything ...

Overnight in Bajawa, Bajawa,  Indonesia travel blog

Overnight in Bajawa

A travel blog entry by faff

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... Komodo dragons in the wild), with our boat journey back to Lombok. Unfortunately, there were no options other than local bus to Bajawa. We didn't exactly relish the idea but we could not afford to spend another day in LB given our new time constraints. ...

Bajawa, Indonesia: See ya Later Dutchies, East Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Bajawa, Indonesia: See ya Later Dutchies

A travel blog entry by samber

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... lived when we were told that was where the first bus terminated and we would have to wait 2 HOURS for the onward bus to Bajawa. So much for a direct bus. The number of things that pop up in the fine print once on the road is amazing - unscheduled fees, ...

Christmas in Flores (Bajawa and Moni), Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Christmas in Flores (Bajawa and Moni)

A travel blog entry by worldofbintang

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... treated to 3 circuits of the town before leaving to make sure we picked up every last passenger possible. The 10hour ride to Bajawa was along a winding road through scenic green mountains for most of the way.. which meant lots of plastic bags were needed ...

"Oh my!" OR A bus full of shallots

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

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... the bus continued.  Then the Indonesians started vomiting.  In China we met a couple who had started in Indonesia and they mentioned that Indonesians are not the greatest bus travellers and plastic bags are always provided on ...

First Holy Communion, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

First Holy Communion

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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... the seat. Nice one brother! The Island is volcanic so you can imagine the drive. Not a straight road in sight. We got into Bajawa around 5pm and were immediately greeted by a guide. He took us to a hostel and then invited us to his young nephew's first ...

Party Island, Gilli Trawagan, Indonesia travel blog

Party Island

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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We left for the port before 6am and had to wait a while for the ferry. In this time we spoke to a man about doing a 4 day 4 night tour to Komodo Island on a boat. We'd been looking into it and the only other company doing it charged a fortune. We booked ...

Housewarming, Flores-Style, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Housewarming, Flores-Style

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


... , “Meet here at eight and I’ll take care of the rest.” In the morning, we went to two villages near Bajawa, and Alfons gave us the cultural run-down. The villages are nestled on the flanks of Gunung Inerie, the largest volcano in Flores. ...

Why is Flores so bloody expensive?, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Why is Flores so bloody expensive?

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... and after 4 days i’ve already decided i don’t like the place. Had planned on spending a couple of days in Bajawa but changed my mind and decided to head straight to Riung up on the north coast where hopefully there will be cheap accommodation ...

Which Way to Bajawa? (Indonesia), Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Which Way to Bajawa? (Indonesia)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... him to take me to. I get off the bus (careful of the chickens underfoot) and retrieve my bag. Now what? Bajawa is a little town in Flores, Indonesia. It seems to be the halfway point when traveling from Moni to Labaunbajo. I will spend a few days here ...

The Tribes of Bajawa (Indonesia), Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

The Tribes of Bajawa (Indonesia)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... the goods, but the guide says I can buy anything from any of the women if I want something. They take their goods into Bajawa, which is the official trading post for the tribes, to sell what they make. There are tombstones in the center of the village, ...

Kelimutu Lakes,Moni, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Kelimutu Lakes,Moni

A travel blog entry by scrapiron


Had a wonder around Moni,it was literally one road winding through the mountain side with about 100 locals making up the town and 4 places to stay in corragated shacks on the side of the road,really deserted and quiet surrounded by rice fields.The owner ...

Yllatys Labuan Bajossa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Yllatys Labuan Bajossa

A travel blog entry by mikajfb

... Monella tavalla itsestani tuntuu, etta olemme nyt kahdella matkalla. Toisaalta olemme viela paattymattomalla Borneo/Indonesia -reisulla. Toisaalta olemme aloittaneet yhteisen matkan tulevan lapsemme kanssa. Olisipa sekin yhta upea seikkailu ...

Flores: sanatorija ausim - Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Flores: sanatorija ausim - Bajawa

A travel blog entry by ausrine


... pabandom? Kiti dėl to į šią salą važiuoja...". Ir nė velnio nepasiteisino! O buvo taip... Bajawa nepaprastai gražioje vietoje įsikūręs mažas miestukas. Jį supa galybė ugnikalnių, ...

A lost day in Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

A lost day in Bajawa

A travel blog entry by thoooo

Beim letzten Beitrag habe ich geschrieben, dass ich auf den Bus warte... Kurz danach ist das Drama passiert: Ploetzlich war die Kamera weg... Kaum 1 Minute im Bus habe ichs bemerkt, den Buschauffeur zum Umkehren bewogen und die Suche gestartet. ...

Traditional villages , Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Traditional villages

A travel blog entry by lisa_nz


After getting up early for sunrise to see the Kelimutu Lakes near Moni, we continued our journey towards Bajawa, another town in the hills. Bajawa is known for the many traditional villages in the area. This leg of the journey was our longest one – ...

Hot springs eternal, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Hot springs eternal

A travel blog entry by nickpalfreyman


... centre of the Ngada region, and the family took us to a traditional Ngada village in the country, called Bena, 20km from Bajawa past the area's biggest volcano, Gunung Inerie. Bena village was very interesting - it has been a tourist village since ...

Flores, Maumbawa, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by cimek


Of course there was no ferry to Timor from here. Why I wasn't surprised? At the morning completely different person in ticket office said that It's not from here, it's from another island. I asked where is the one, which is being loaded now going to? He ...

Salvation, East Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by itsagas


... . I put this down to divine retribution for me making religious symbolism in a bicycle blog. Tomorrow is a bus ride up to the town of Bajawa not the fair away but by the look of the map the climb from hell. We hope to spend 2 days there a get some washing ...

Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by marco-2010


  Quelques heures de bus et me voilà arrivé à Bajawa. Sur la route j'ai eu droit à un magnifique coucher de soleil sur les montagnes et le superbe volcan Inarie ! Donc le lendemain, premier réflexe un scoot pour changer ! Après ...

Wiedermal eine Busreise, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Wiedermal eine Busreise

A travel blog entry by thoooo

... Stueck. Noch beeindruckender ist, dass es wohl kaum einen geraden Strassenabschnitt ueber 50m Laenge gibt zwischen Labuan Bajo und Bajawa. Extrem kurvig das Ganze. Nach 9 Stunden Busfahrt war ich auf jedenfall recht chnuettu. Flores ist wunderschoen und ...

Stomach Turning Road Trippin', Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Stomach Turning Road Trippin'

A travel blog entry by lisabraz


... back to Bali. I'm writing this in the afternoon of the 30th. Here is a recap of our adventures from Ruteng to Bajawa: After a somewhat sleepless night, at least for me, we woke bright and early, took cold showers then wandered down to another building ...

It's getting cold, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

It's getting cold

A travel blog entry by babsworld


... how Bajawa will be like. During the ride we saw bamboo forests, mountains, coastlines, rice fields, jungle, villages, schools, waving children .... Bajawa welcomed us with something we had not expected. It was damn cold here! At least for us, as we got ...

Getting a blood test in Bajawa, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Getting a blood test in Bajawa

A travel blog entry by garyandjenny


... energy for for the rest of the day. The excitement of the first evening and morning thereafter was given to Gary: On arrival at Bajawa i felt extremely exhausted. All my muscles were aching and i had a headache so i decided to get some rest. When i laid ...

Dans les terres et sous la pluie, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Dans les terres et sous la pluie

A travel blog entry by makistouf


... qu'a Flores, pendant la saison des pluies, il pleut tous les apres midi. On s'arrete donc une petite journee a Bajawa. On loue une motobike, on vadrouille dans les environs, villages traditionnels Ngada, sources d'eau chaude de Nage, volcan Inerie, ...

Bajawa, Flores, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Bajawa, Flores

A travel blog entry by yoni


... by private car and staying at the best hotels, so they are all fresh and insist we join them for dinner and drinks. Rp144,000. Bajawa is a fairly large town. It's a major center for the area, and the market here was worth seeing. We're high up in the ...

Megalithic Village, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Megalithic Village

A travel blog entry by yoni


... ,000 to do the trip and then take us all the way to Labuan Bajo this same day. But we decided to save the money and remain in Bajawa for the night and take the local bus in the morning. Besides we hired Ryan, in part, to help us use the local buses, so ...

Dragons and Flying Fish..., Bajawa, Labuanbajo and Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

Dragons and Flying Fish...

A travel blog entry by jtrail


Breaking the tiresome journey across to Labuanbajo on the Flores west coast, we stopped in the bustling little town of Bajawa. Stretching our legs, we wandered the streets where (apart from the Pom finding a KFC!) the markets were the most entertaining ...

Pretty little village, Bajawa, flores, Indonesia travel blog

Pretty little village

A travel blog entry by adamandgail


Bajawa is a nice enough little town, but the real pull here is the traditional villages in the hills around. We were accosted by a tout on arrival and he spent about 6 hours pursuing us trying to get us to pay him big bucks for a tour of the villages. He ...

The Ngada Villages, Bajawa and around, Indonesia travel blog

The Ngada Villages

A travel blog entry by jon_darby


The Ngada ...

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