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Peacocks and Vultures, Mandawa, India travel blog

Peacocks and Vultures

A travel blog entry by meandher

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... heavily decorated lorries dating from the 1960's, camel / ox carts, motorbikes and the odd 'modern' car. The whole resembles the India we expected to find on our travels...Fantastic! We stop for lunch at a little roadside cafe around 1pm and on leaving ...

Rajasthani Roadtrip, Mandawa, India travel blog

Rajasthani Roadtrip

A travel blog entry by el_condor

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... bases, and endless miles of arid beautiful desert. Home to proud desert tribes, it is one of the least populated states in India, but one where you can still find maharajahs living in their palaces and fairytale castles such as the Lake Palace in ...

A Indian bus journey to the North, Nawalgarh, India travel blog

A Indian bus journey to the North

A travel blog entry by suenson_taylors

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... and the number of storeys it had. This meant plenty of wall space to house the elaborate murals that the wealthy Shekhawati merchants were fond of commissioning. In the Podar Haveli, the murals included the usual religious scenes and some depicting cars ...

Havelis in the Shekawati region, Shekhawati, India travel blog

Havelis in the Shekawati region

A travel blog entry by kalsi_kaur


... year-old town is a maze of little narrow streets with shops catering more to the locals than tourists. This is the Shekhawati region and it is known for its Havelis (traditional ornately decorated residences). There are many havelis that are still being ...

Jujubee... I mean Jhunjunu!, Jhunjunu, India travel blog

Jujubee... I mean Jhunjunu!

A travel blog entry by ksivertson


We got up early in Bikaner and headed straight for Jhunjunu (or Jujubee as we call it). The drive was about another 4 hours. Everybody felt okay so we took a quick tour of the Jhunjunu havelis (fancy old buildings where rich people used to live), and ...

We are on the road again, Mandawa, India travel blog

We are on the road again

A travel blog entry by jbourne

... by the traffic jam in the narrow streets of the bazaar where women in black burquas made me feel like I was in Morocco, not India. We were entertained by a local policeman who was having a heated discussion with a driver stuck in a one way street. One ...

Tiny Town with Gorgeous Havelis, Mandawa, India travel blog

Tiny Town with Gorgeous Havelis

A travel blog entry by benbackpacker


... ears after a few days) with the opposing car (or camel driver or colorful truck or cow). After the six hour ride to the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan with our driver Lalid we checked into a nice hotel located in a restored "haveli". Mandawa used to be a ...

Enchanting city of Manewa, Manewa, India travel blog

Enchanting city of Manewa

A travel blog entry by jonnytheroth

... , groups of huge concrete towers stretch to the sky. I later found that these towers are the brick making industry of India. As we drove further into the county the land became arid and desolate, the lush trees slowly becoming thorny, britsle ...

Début du promène couillons : Mandawa, Mandawa, India travel blog

Début du promène couillons : Mandawa

A travel blog entry by z00b


... Taj Mahal) en 10 jours. Ca promet un rythme effréné !   Notre première étape est la région de Shekhawati. Cette région semi désertique était autrefois occupée par de riches marchands. Ceux-ci firent construire des havelis (genre de ... are cute, Dharamasala, India travel blog are cute

A travel blog entry by popgoestheworld

... the head made from vermillion powder). We took a cycle rickshaw past the huge vegetable market and dirty streets you find everywhere in India. Madhu decided to come with me to dehli and after a little bribery and sometime in the scary second class sleeper ...

Shake Your Wattie, Shekhawati, India travel blog

Shake Your Wattie

A travel blog entry by tallbird_lankey


... Enough of this waffle and back to the story.... We left the rather hectic and draining surrounds of Jaipur for the Shekhawati region.. a much quieter semi-arid region between Jaipur and Delhi.  The region is dotted with villages (mostly devoid ...

Manic Mandawa, Mandawa, India travel blog

Manic Mandawa

A travel blog entry by robanjali


Rob and Anjali must now travel across Rajasthan with a car and driver, with their end destination point being the elephant festival in Jaipur. The middle age/mediocre race continues... We decided we wanted to see as much of Rajasthan as possible in ...

Rajasthan is waiting for us, Mandawa India, India travel blog

Rajasthan is waiting for us

A travel blog entry by daniebackpacker


Von Delhi aus gings ueber wirklich ueble strassen meistens mit tempo 30 durch sehr arme landstriche. Autofahren ist echt ein erlebnis hier. Keiner blinkt, alle ueberholen mit hupe und gebremst wird fuer jedes tier auf der fahrbahn egal ob fuer ...

Haveli-land, Mandawa, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by thechans


... turn right or left or head in any direction and those behind you are obliged to avoid hitting you. As our guide says, to drive in India you need 3 things: good horn, good brakes, and good luck. So far, so good, as we haven't been in any accidents so ...

Our start of the Silk Route, Mandāwa, India travel blog

Our start of the Silk Route

A travel blog entry by simon.caryn


... and was looking at me like I'm some sort of MAD woman! We were heading for Mandawa today which is only about a 6-7 hour drive (crazy! But India is a big country) so off we set. Leaving Delhi, we only saw a small part of it, but we do come back here again ...

India delivers another shock- RAT TEMPLE!!!, Mandawa, India travel blog

India delivers another shock- RAT TEMPLE!!!

A travel blog entry by trg7


... just what it was all about.  The guide book alerted us to this truely wierd experience, and we weren't about to leave India without seeing it ourselves.  To enter any temple, one must take off their shoes.  This normally isn't a problem, ...

A really big hill!!, Shekhawati, India travel blog

A really big hill!!

A travel blog entry by aliealexander

Went to Samode, in Shekhawati, today to visit an old palace which has been restored to it's former beauty and is now a really posh hotel.  It was 500rps to get in but we haggled to include food to - good work there, and good tea! the palace was nice ...

Shekhawati:Dodgy cops, Trains, and a lot of laughs, Shekhawati, India travel blog

Shekhawati:Dodgy cops, Trains, and a lot of laughs

A travel blog entry by justinlipinski


Today I decided to catch a train to Mandawa, a town in Shekhawati, Rajathan. I had my first taste of corruption at the station. Another tourist stepped outside the Reservation Offfice for a smoke, and when she came back she was approached by a policemen, ...

A Rajasthani wedding, Shekhawati, India travel blog

A Rajasthani wedding

A travel blog entry by justinlipinski


... to a less travelled area filled with beautiful fresco painted Havelis, 'Mandawa', which is situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, the desert state of India. There I befriended my tour guide, Raj, who considers me his best friend and invited me ...

Mandawa - Amazing outdoor art, Mandawa, India travel blog

Mandawa - Amazing outdoor art

A travel blog entry by dibs


Amazing house art in unexplored ...

Shekhawati: Havelis, more Havelis,and more Havelis, Shekhawati, India travel blog

Shekhawati: Havelis, more Havelis,and more Havelis

A travel blog entry by justinlipinski


... KhJlhtJP2rg&feature=related), which is about men getting pissed off at how materialistic women can be. Very funny. Shekhawati is absolutely beautiful: Winding narrow laneways along which men lead their camels, beautiful fresco-painted Havelis on each ...

The old Haveli's, Mandawa, India travel blog

The old Haveli's

A travel blog entry by edandali


We were picked up by our driver, Sanjay, at 8am, and after stopping at the office to pick up some tickets we set off for Mandawa. We drove through some beautiful countryside, hit a rainstorm (well it is Monsoon season!), and passed through some really ...

Nawalgarh, Nawalgarh, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by tonicastells


Decideixo fugir un parell de dies de la ruta tradicional que fa la majoria de turistes i visitar la regio del Shekhawati a mig cami entre Jaipur i Bikaner. Situada enmig d'una zona que limita amb el desert del Thar, els pobles de la zona es van enriquir ...

Surajgarh, Rajasthan, India, Surajgarh, India travel blog

Surajgarh, Rajasthan, India

A travel blog entry by arunadarolia


We spent 3 days in my dad's birthplace of Surajgarh, and I loved that place. There are so many Drolia's there. Yep, we're actually Drolias, not Darolias. Probably my dad's father changed the spelling as it was translated to English. There's a Drolia ...

Mandawa Nov 14, Mandawa, India travel blog

Mandawa Nov 14

A travel blog entry by cthrasher


Last stop on tour was Mandawa and by this point we had had enough sight seeing and anyway there isn't much to this place. I think the biggest draw of Mandawa is that it is about half a day drive from Delhi. Place is known for the havelis but I wasn't ...

Happy in the Havelis, Nawalgarh, India travel blog

Happy in the Havelis

A travel blog entry by katrinaoliver


... was an early start this morning as we were leaving Delhi to head to Rajasthan. Rajasthan, the Land of the Kings, is India's most colour-charged state.  Half desert, half bony hills, the everyday is shot with searing colour - brilliant fabrics flash ...

Getting the hump!, Khuri, India travel blog

Getting the hump!

A travel blog entry by edandali


... the desert the hotel would at least have a generator to control the electricity as they know it goes off every day at 6am. Electricity in India is very patchy. It goes off and on all the time. One minute everything is fine and the next we are plunged into ...

To add miles, Shekhawati, India travel blog

To add miles

A travel blog entry by c.i.222

Please refer to New Delhi ...

Jaipur-Shekhawati Region-Samode Palace / Bagh, Shekhawati, India travel blog

Jaipur-Shekhawati Region-Samode Palace / Bagh

A travel blog entry by acg_uk

Jaipur-Shekhawati Region-Samode Palace / Bagh by ...

Pitstop in the Sekkawati region, Mandawa, India travel blog

Pitstop in the Sekkawati region

A travel blog entry by tipep



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