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Flying Lizards, Orchha, India travel blog

Flying Lizards

A travel blog entry by meandher

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... laughter). I however choose to ignore it as amoment of 'weakness' rather than 'girly cowardice'. We were to leave Orchha that night, our driving tour of India had finally ended, and we had to say 'goodbye' to Happy our companion and driver for the last ...

Sick in Orchha, Orchha, India travel blog

Sick in Orchha

A travel blog entry by jambo

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... and rice twice a day every day.  Now, the more we eat, the more we like it.  The restaurants here in Orchha cater to the various homesick tourists by offering Italian, Chinese, American, Israeli and, of course, Korean menu ...

Orchha - a hidden gem, Orchha, India travel blog

Orchha - a hidden gem

A travel blog entry by jambo

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... heads hit the pillow.  When we wake up we are ready for lunch and head out to explore our surroundings. The name Orchha means 'hidden' in Hindi and that is just what the small village was until it was discovered by the Lonely Planet brigade about ...

Hindu Holy Sites Tour, Orchha, Khajurajo and Varanasi, India travel blog

Hindu Holy Sites Tour

A travel blog entry by allisonandjeff

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... and spent quite awhile roaming around the village looking for a hotel. Our theory about lots of package tourists visiting Orchha was strengthened upon discovering the greatly inflated rates guesthouses were charging. Our search paid off, though, and we ...

More Forts and Palaces and Stuff..., Orchha, India travel blog

More Forts and Palaces and Stuff...

A travel blog entry by jeffsadventures

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... .   Finally, after getting stuck in a no-where-ville called Bharatpur, we bailed out and headed down to Orchha.   The one good thing that came out of all this is sitting around and waiting in train stations is the photography ...

Sagar, and Army Life. ., Sagar., India travel blog

Sagar, and Army Life. .

A travel blog entry by bloomer

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... bad road. I was glad to be solo, at that point, as the extra weight would have been dangerous on that road. North-South Highway India, from that point, to Sagar? 9 on a scale of 1-10. . . The Karnataka stretch was about 8.5. . Through small villages, ...

Orchha, Orchha, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessnel

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... 13th, 2005 in Varanasi Freebies Orchha was an old capital of the Bundelas who ruled the central part of India in the 16th Century. To get to Pushkar from Orchha we had to hop through a couple of cities: Pushkar, Ajmer, Agra, Jhansi, and finally ...

Jo ORCHHA, Orchha, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by makkac


... palacich se neplati a turisticky kancelare nemaj z toho profit... vsichni ti turisti prijdou vo to nejlepsi, co tady ta Orchha nabizi...nadherny zriceniiny, prepychovy jiny palace a hlavne: super lidi!!!! Trh je vopravdu trh. Sedej a prodavaj. Zadny ...

Monumental Burnout, Orchha, India travel blog

Monumental Burnout

A travel blog entry by cathonaventure


The pace of our sightseeing caught up to us in Orchha. Dan still couldn't eat, and the heat reaching into the high 30s compounded our weakness and fatigue. Our thoughts were more with our air-con room with a full window view of Chaturbhuj temple and ...

Train Tales and Beautiful Orchha, Orchha, India travel blog

Train Tales and Beautiful Orchha

A travel blog entry by glenn_christie


... new friends in the French couple, Jose and Trinidad, and managed to plan out the next two days of our trip together. Driving into Orchha was amazing - open spaces, clean air, farm land, rivers and gorgeous sunshine (in Trinidad's words: ooh la la! what an ...

Temples etc, Orchha, India travel blog

Temples etc

A travel blog entry by lnb203

... stairs to the temple, a young chap introduced himself to me and asked the standard opening lines (Where are you from, how do you like India, how long in India, what are your opinions on Indian women). I was immediately suspicious, as almost everyone who ...

Is there a camel outside?, Orchha, India travel blog

Is there a camel outside?

A travel blog entry by trig


... work so that's now back on the menu! One problem is showers. I haven't had a warm or even luke warm shower since entering India. Sounds snobby but we have been staying in hotels in a country with one of the biggest economies in the world who have a space ...

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India travel blog

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

A travel blog entry by yushim

A 4 hour standing ticket to Jhansi and a short tempo ride to ...

Orchha, Orchha, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by sy_and_em


Orchha was the capital of India in the 16th century but its now just ruins. To get there we took the train. Our guide said the train was from 8.35 - 10.45, 1hour 45mins! Me and Sy noticed, I don't know if anyone else noticed. All our luggage was taken for ...

Moving forward, Orchha, India travel blog

Moving forward

A travel blog entry by schwate


... man im naechsten Ort den Bus wechseln... Kurz vor Jhansi sind die Traveller dann ausgestiegen, da sie nach Orchha wollten. In Orchha war Markttag , eigentlich eine kleine Stadt. Ich habe mein Gepaeck abgestellt und den Palast besichtigt. ...

Orchha - Abseits der Touristenroute, Orchha, India travel blog

Orchha - Abseits der Touristenroute

A travel blog entry by our-trip


... vergitterten Fenster und der riesigen Ventilatoren kamen wir uns etwas vor wie in einem Gefängniszug (siehe Bild). Orchha ist eine inzwischen aufgegebene mittelalterliche Stadt und voller Ruinen ehemaliger Paläste, Kenatophe (wer ...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..., Orchha, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by pablito


... it was a pretty little town with no touts. It's a pretty little town with relatively few touts. People don't really say much about Orchha and really there is very little else you could say about it. If you ever get the the chance to come here, I probably ...

Fattybumbum smashes a bed, Orchha, India travel blog

Fattybumbum smashes a bed

A travel blog entry by lnb203

... the road. After getting off at Jhansi with few problems, I found a rickshaw and was soon motoring through the country towards Orchha, a small town with old temples and forts galore. Arriving through the ancient gates, I got off at the Fort View Hotel, ...

Betwadays, Ghana Kalan, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by getcracken


I sprung out of bed at a reasonable hour and marched straight down to the pool at the find that I had to wait quietly while they finished cleaning it. At 7:30am the sun was already baking down on me but this was the only time the water ...

Voor het eerst een berichtje van Dick, Orchha, India travel blog

Voor het eerst een berichtje van Dick

A travel blog entry by sannehildedick


... de wekker om 5 uur, zodat we om 6 uur bij de ingang konden staan. T was het allemaal waard!!! Nu zitten we in Orchha, een bijzonder gezellig plaatsje volgebouwd met tempels ruines en een enorm fort. Het lijkt wel Frankrijk! Al deze gebouwen zijn ca. 700 ...

Orchha, Orchha, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by mikela


... 's à la station de bus, nous nous sommes renseigné et soit disant il n'y avait pas de bus qui s'arrêtait au centre d'Orchha. Evidemment c'était encore un mensonge !Nous avons donc partagé le tuc tuc a cinq pour économiser et là les rabatteurs se ...

A wee place in the middle of India, Orchha, India travel blog

A wee place in the middle of India

A travel blog entry by chezcody


... only stayed a couple of days, but some people stay a lot longer, just to chill out. I've got a new German friend here who has started his own tour company--and he takes people to Orchha in between Varanasi and Agra; Orchha is his favorite place in ...

A Whole Lot of Nothing, Orchha, India travel blog

A Whole Lot of Nothing

A travel blog entry by erics


... government price was actually 10 rupees each. That was 5 (or is it 6?) days ago, and we've been blissfully enveloped by Orchha's relative peace and quiet ever since.  A small town that was formerly the seat of a small empire several hundred years ...

Livet på første klasse, Orchha, India travel blog

Livet på første klasse

A travel blog entry by hjalmar


... korrenspodanse plasserte jeg meg sammen med baggen i baksetet på en rickshaw og kom meg til Agra stasjon hvor India Railways skulle frakte meg videre til Jhansi og Orchha. På stasjonen fant jeg ut at toget var hele to timer forsinket, og det var ...

Lees song, Orchha, India travel blog

Lees song

A travel blog entry by getcracken


... and structures stooped in history, it is the people and their culture and day to day life that are enriching me the most in India. Especially the Hindu way of life, it is peaceful and beautiful. Around 80% of India is Hindu and most people can speak ...

1st proper entry, Orchha, India travel blog

1st proper entry

A travel blog entry by samandchantal


... us away- photos to come.  It is the most exquisit mausoleum imaginable.  Our next stop was Chanteri, a tiny townin rural India where the locals have only seen 'foreigners' a few times in their lives.  It was crazy but we really did feel ...

Getting away from it all, Orchha, India travel blog

Getting away from it all

A travel blog entry by prbrown


... as I was just recovering from so this looked like a good place to hang out for a few days whilst she recovered. Orchha is just a quiet little village with loads of temples and forts and various other buildings dotted about the landscape seemingly ...

Orchha, Raisen, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by geuensgorissen


... we de Taj Mahal achter ons en trokken we, na een roadside ontbijt van verse Chai tea, koekjes en chips richting Orchha. Onderweg bezochten we een Sikh-tempel, enkele hindu-tempels en een verlaten fort. 'S middag een (super-gezonde) verrassingspicknick ...

How's The Serenity..., Orchha, India travel blog

How's The Serenity...

A travel blog entry by stephspeirs


... shops and cars with a whole array of these cheap trinkets. Unlike the bustle of Varanasi and the tiny but touristy Khajuraho, Orchha was a sleepy little hamlet as yet untouched by the cynical hard sell of the big city. Tourists were largely ignored, with ...

Mughal arcitecture, Orchha, India travel blog

Mughal arcitecture

A travel blog entry by alibongo


... .  They were mostly built by the Mughal's who were the Islamic invaders that wiped out the Chandela Dynasty in the North of IndiaOrchha is not big on the tourist map so we had the place to ourselves to relax, explore the ruins and enjoy the ...

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