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India - Nagpur, Nagpur, India travel blog

India - Nagpur

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream

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... to the hotel, checked-out and made my way to the train station ready to catch my train to Hyderabad, my next location in India. Since leaving Nagpur, i discovered the monument i took a photo of wasn't the Zero Mile Stone. It's a bit annoying as this was ...

A day of relaxation in Deogarh, Deogarh, India travel blog

A day of relaxation in Deogarh

A travel blog entry by madman96

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... our entirely Hindi counterparts describe the situation and relations.  Today, the division is 80% Hindi and 15% Muslim in India (5% Jain, Christian, and other), although a majority of the Muslim population is situated in the North closer to ...

Deogarh with a side of peace and quiet, Deogarh, India travel blog

Deogarh with a side of peace and quiet

A travel blog entry by madman96

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... his house.  Both stops were great as we got a good feel as to how actual lives are led and not just that everyone in India knows how to try and scheme on tourists.  His sister's family is a military one.  The father of the house comes home ...

Last stop, Trivandum, India travel blog

Last stop

A travel blog entry by roseyben

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... walking back. We visited the zoo which is well worth a trip, had a day at Happy Land Water Park, wondered round the streets alot and finally booked our flights. Our time in India has been amazing and we will return soon. To be continued. . . . ...

Porcelainamana, Ooty, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by tracystravels

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So the first day of my tour, I became well acquainted with a new India God called Porcelainamana...or the Indian Porcelain God!  Thank goodness we were staying in a really nice, A/C hotel in Ernakulum, India!  I can assure you that Indian food ...

Another Land-speed record, Nagpur, India travel blog

Another Land-speed record

A travel blog entry by bloomer

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... by the time I had my puri masala and a couple of coffees, I felt much better. 300 km later and more of the same, I approached Nagpur finally around 5:30, and of course it took an hour or better to find a lodge, no-one knew where they were, and at last ...

come swim in the sea of humanity, Kolkata, India travel blog

come swim in the sea of humanity

A travel blog entry by rebn

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... when I say hello or simply nod their head. All this stress and weight I felt after traveling in S.E. Asia (and worrying about India) is melting. I feel that passionate enthusiasm to explore my environment, and learn. I guess I hardened my heart a bit, and ...

On to the Indian Subcontinent, Dehli, India travel blog

On to the Indian Subcontinent

A travel blog entry by meg82skylark

... people had died. We were very very lucky that the monsoon arrived the same day we did. On this day, we saw the India Gate, Humayun's Tomb, and the Qutb Minar. Delhi is also working furiously to complete the metro system, and signs of contruction were ...

Germans - Dancing, Ziro, India travel blog

Germans - Dancing

A travel blog entry by kwt1981

  THE GERMANS ARE COMING The last place I saw a white person was in the Delhi domestic airport. Today I saw 12. Unfortunately we will continue to see them all the way through the Hornbill Festival. We call them "the  ...

Test match circket, Nagpur, India travel blog

Test match circket

A travel blog entry by julie_sam42


... it was the perfect opportunity to see our first cricket match. This did require a pretty big detour as the match was in Nagpur, bang in the centre of India, but with travel being so cheap this wasn’t much of an issue. To get there, we first got a ...

Arriving in Southern India, Tenkasi, India travel blog

Arriving in Southern India

A travel blog entry by annaobeirne


... to go and see a film this afternoon, after having been assured it was the right film a dozen times it wasn't! - very typical of India, you ask for one thing and get the complete opposite!! None of us fancied sitting through the film that was on so we made ...

khatu shyam, khatu, India travel blog

khatu shyam

A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma

In Hinduism, Khatushyamji is a name and manifestation of Barbarika, son of Ghatotkacha. This manifestation is especially popular in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The original Sanskrit name Barbarīka is often replaced in Rajasthan by the Hindi version, ...

Let me touch you with my Poo Poo Hand, Kolkata, India travel blog

Let me touch you with my Poo Poo Hand

A travel blog entry by aaronnbeth


... Sudder Street, which is like the Kolkatan equivalent of Benidorm and woke up the sleeping guy at Hotel Maria. What a lovely introduction to India. There was a room with two single beds (sheet metal on legs with a damp mattress) with dirty sheets and a ...

Nirantara Micro Finance Program, Bidar, India travel blog

Nirantara Micro Finance Program

A travel blog entry by martysb


... are not responsible to repay other members who defaults loans. (They used to be responsible for each others loans).  The India replications are more like Grameen I - the Grameen Bangladesh's program until 2002 then like Grameen II - which is Grameen ...

Arrival in Inja, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India travel blog

Arrival in Inja

A travel blog entry by kieronmckeigue


After all the stories of harassment and general madness at Mumbai Airport, it was actually a breeze. In fact, the organisation of passport control and customs put Heathrow to shame. Apart from a short stop for the taxi driver to urinate on the pavement, ...

Hinghanghat, Hinghanghat, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by jcbeep


... to drive, fortunately, and I somehow managed to doze in the back of Dolly as she took us south along NH7. We got to Nagpur and I perked up a bit, and was kept amused by roadside signs such as "Control you nerves on curves", "No dreaming while driving", ...

A Hobbit's Tale by Wilbo Vaggins, Jaipur - Agra - Amritsar, India travel blog

A Hobbit's Tale by Wilbo Vaggins

A travel blog entry by willisinindia

... ass. We stumbled across a man charming his python in a basket with his discordant horn--a much anticipated sight for the India trek as a whole. I wandered around, as in many tourist spots, catching glimpses of the tour guides ramble--attempting to ...

Thirupathi, Tirupathi,Andhra pradesh, India, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by balakumartp

Thirpathi is famous for perumal temple. it is on seven hills. Govindha ...

Magic with locals in Khejdla, Khejarla, India travel blog

Magic with locals in Khejdla

A travel blog entry by ruairioc


We left Pushkar after breakfast and travelled to Fort Khejarla. Khejarla is a tiny village that has very very few tourists so we generated huge interest and attention. In the afternoon we walked through the village. I performed magic in the street and we ...

India, India, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by watts08


... great time! Please enjoy the images. There are so many to chose from, but I really wanted to emphasis the beauty of the culture within India and the women that are so oppressed. If you'd like to hear more, I have so much to say about what we observed and ...

Weddings, hospitals, elephants and lots of food!, Puliangudi, India travel blog

Weddings, hospitals, elephants and lots of food!

A travel blog entry by annaobeirne


... India, can't believe I'm nearly half way through my placement! I made it to the wedding last Sunday (stomach finally likes India! = big relief!!) which was amazing!! The colours and music were incredible. After a ceremony in a temple we went to the ...

Surat to Bohranpur (MP), Bohanpur, India travel blog

Surat to Bohranpur (MP)

A travel blog entry by manish79


From Surat Station we got train to Bohran pur. The train was already 2 hrs late and we were just fed up with that station... After 2 hrs. 10a.m. we got the train and we reached Bohranpur at 6 pm in the evening. Bohranpur is a small town situated in ...

Niranjan - The Personal & Family Side, Bidar, India travel blog

Niranjan - The Personal & Family Side

A travel blog entry by martysb


... met Niranjan at Grameen Dialogue last November and I wound up being personally connected to he and Dr. Kulkarni - also of India.  Niranjan's wife is in Bangalore with her parents and expecting their second child momentarily - Niranjan ...

OOPS, I did find internet, Pasighat, Aranachul Pradesh, India travel blog

OOPS, I did find internet

A travel blog entry by kwt1981


  ELEPHANTS! This morning we got up at 5:30, were delivered hot tea in our room and were on our way by 6am. We were stopped briefly at the entrance to the park reserve, as we began driving I heard the monkeys going ape, I turned ...

KewlShare - Host Share and Earn money with your F, banglore, India travel blog

KewlShare - Host Share and Earn money with your F

A travel blog entry by lakefresh01

Make money hosting files in KewlShare. The KewlShare is a Online file-sharing site, where you to upload files, share it with your friends around the world, and Make money with it. In addition to earning money to share, you can also earn money showing ...



A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma

... THE LEGACY OF LORD BUDDHA    During the remaining 45 years of his life he travelled through much of northern India, spreading his teaching of the way to Enlightenment. The teaching is known in the East as the Buddha-dharma - 'the ...

Cochin Continued (Again and Again!!), Cochin, India travel blog

Cochin Continued (Again and Again!!)

A travel blog entry by frodo


... introduced by traders from the court of Kublai Khan.We also saw St Francis church said to be the oldest european church in India and built by portugese franciscan friars.Vasco Da Garma was buried here until they dug him up and sent him back to ...

Another day, another breakdown..., Seoni, India travel blog

Another day, another breakdown...

A travel blog entry by jcbeep


We set off from Maihar fairly early, keen to make some progress after losing some driving time yesterday. There has been plenty roadkill so far, but today we saw a really big snake - somewhat grateful not to see it alive... We also passed a ...

Historier från ett tåg., Nagpur, India travel blog

Historier från ett tåg.

A travel blog entry by michaelstadell


... en annan kille, inte precis vad jag blev lovad av agenten. Man blir dock inte direkt förvånad: Anything is possible in India! heter det ju. Att det fanns massa cockroaches i sleeperclass visste jag dock om, det är ändå inte ...

KUMBALGARH, Kumbalgarh, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamangie

KUMBALGARH............ KUMBALGARH..............  is there a cooler name in the world for a fort than this one? no. the location is awesome, the fort is or was impenetrable, never got taken, only once and it took the armies of three ...

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