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Mangalore, Mangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by mhaebich

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... for optimum acoustics...didn't help Mark's cause... Woke up with an urge to leave the cheap dosas and thalis of mangalore for greener pastures... a couple of nightmarish buses and a fair bit of confusion later, we had arrived in the Kerelan village of ...

A day at the BEACH RESORT???  Huh?, Mangalore, India travel blog

A day at the BEACH RESORT??? Huh?

A travel blog entry by bgleixner

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Well it was sort of a beach resort ... but they didn't have any beer!  (I think beer is a general theme in these vacation entries ... uhuhmm)  Thats fine.  The water was nice, but we were the only ones on the beach and a dozen little kids ...

The Train from Chennai to Goa, Mangalore, India travel blog

The Train from Chennai to Goa

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... paper you're going to be in for some rickshaw riding until you find the White Swan.” “Don't worry. Train food in India is of the finest quality.”  Elenka was looking out the train window with her palm glued to the under-side of her ...

west coast, Mangalore, India travel blog

west coast

A travel blog entry by jay29

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... lie down in my own row.  Very nice.  Especially when it was only 126 rupees...about $4. Just outside Mangalore was an interesting lookout, built during the 1600s but pretty much abandoned now.  Considering it has been abandoned it ...

Mellowed out in Mangalore, Mangalore, India travel blog

Mellowed out in Mangalore

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... pool which was probably what the entrance fee was for! Oops – would have been nice, but never mind.  Entering Mangalore required full concentration.  It was a big place and even the Saturday traffic was enough to keep us on our ...

Right opposite a Palace? NO, KFC!!!, Mangalore, India travel blog

Right opposite a Palace? NO, KFC!!!

A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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... tree, bump, sky, bump, tree, nice to see. More forested here as opposed to Keralan, tropical scenery and eventually reached Mangalore, another 175 km west of Hassan. Mangalore seems a bigger city than Mysore, shopping malls everywhere which is odd and the ...

on the train again today, Mangalore, India travel blog

on the train again today

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


... , we hope the trains are. Last night we got in an auto rickshaw and went up a hill to a nice restaurant, great view over Mangalore if it wasn't so misty (probably smoke and pollution) looking forward to getting back on the beach in Karwar , and then onto ...

And so it begins..., Mangalore, India travel blog

And so it begins...

A travel blog entry by thecaptain

... to use at the moment here in India! Nevertheless we've bound ourselves from the start line in Cochin to just South of Mangalore! That's not too bad considering the morning we arrived at Delhi Airport to head to Cochin each and every place was delayed or ...

Mank galore!, Mangalore, India travel blog

Mank galore!

A travel blog entry by mosesthewench


Photos! ...

back on the coast again, Mangalore, India travel blog

back on the coast again

A travel blog entry by gonroamin

... was closed, but the driver chatted up the police on the barrier and they let us through, it was really dusty. Anyway we made it to Mangalore and we are in a great hotel in the middle of town. Off to get our train to Karwar tomorrow, which is right on the ...

mangalore *, Mangalore, India travel blog

mangalore *

A travel blog entry by loelai



Mangalore, not Bangalore, Mangalore, India travel blog

Mangalore, not Bangalore

A travel blog entry by newsbob


... lucky for me since I love cashews. Our excursion took us to the Achal cashew processing plant in an industrial area of Mangalore, dotted with pharmaceutical and cement facilities. I had no idea how complicated it is to turn raw cashews into the delicious ...

Day 3: End of God’s Own Country, Suratakal, India travel blog

Day 3: End of God’s Own Country

A travel blog entry by pawanrajk


... all over the room. After an easy morning and heavy breakfast, we left the hotel at about 10 am. Once again I started the day. Mangalore, the first town in Karnataka, was the next destination. We had to find a beach ASAP. So we went towards Kappad beach, ...

Filler!, Mangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by j.sebastian

map ...

The Coastal Haul, Mangalore, India travel blog

The Coastal Haul

A travel blog entry by goontack


... local bus stop where we had to catch the bus to the main bus depot and then catch our bus up the coast. We were headed to Mangalore so we were in for another day of busses and trains.On the bus from Manathavady I sat next to a little boy, maybe 7-8 years ...

Mangalore, Mangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandcally

... had originally planned to head north to the town of Hampi from Halebid, but difficulties with the bus connections meant us changing our direction and heading to the beach. A night in Mangalore broke up our journey onto our destination of Om Beach, ...

Super - Supermarket, Mangalore, India travel blog

Super - Supermarket

A travel blog entry by traveller23

We took a normal all seated AC bus from Palolem to Mangalore as we headed to Kerala. Unfortunately the bus was late and we arrived in Mangalore at 1am and had no hotel. The staff at the bus stop pointed us in the direction of a hotel, we found it woke up ...

Mangalore, Mangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by bonniebelle


... price of cashews again. Of course, I doubt very much that the workers were paid much at all. On the way back to Mangalore, Mukul pointed out different trees, jack fruit, cashews, fish tail palms. He is very knowledgeable. Dinner on board tonight was ...

Get your kicks on route 66, Mangalore, India travel blog

Get your kicks on route 66

A travel blog entry by simonchegwyn


... ) yet despite this didn't feel like riding. After breakfast and another lie down I thought I would attempt to push on and make it to Mangalore.  The good news is I made it but the bad news is I'm still feeling a bit sick . The Hotel Maya was a ...

Self medication?, Mangalore, India travel blog

Self medication?

A travel blog entry by simonchegwyn


Ok, I've searched the Internet, read the health section in Richard's lonely planet and visited a chemist for roadside advice. The choice of ailments I potentialy have - from a wide available selection - include, amongst others, malaria and dengue ...

getting started, Mangalore, India travel blog

getting started

A travel blog entry by blue-bex

hello, I'm in Mangalore - and leaving for Goa tomorrow. this is a bit dull just now as I'm just getting started. once I get up and going i promise it will be as entertaining as it is ...

Lost for words...nearly, Mangalore, India travel blog

Lost for words...nearly

A travel blog entry by franglitter

... comedy exchange between me and the driver's sidekick, which went something along the lines of... Me: "are we going to Mangalore or Bangalore?" Sidekick: "Bangalore?" "Yes, Mangalore or Bangalore?" "No, Bangalore." "So we're going to BANGALORE? ...

Managlore, Mangalore, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by benbarnes


... be amazed if any of them actually saw anything out of the confindes of Camp Prainha. Rubbish. We took a train journey from Margao to Mangalore simply to break the journey up. We had wanted to go direct to Cochin but at 15hrs and an overnight journey we ...

the battery recharge, Mangalore, India travel blog

the battery recharge

A travel blog entry by laurazentner


... früh für alle läden (die öffnen erst so um 10 uhr..) also streunte ich durch die gegend und machte lustige entdeckungen. mangalore ist eine für indische verhältnisse recht saubere stadt und ich hab mich wohl gefühlt. vielleicht lag das aber auch an ...

Sai Vishram Review, Mangalore, India travel blog

Sai Vishram Review

A travel blog entry by travelbugbecca


... this is the story of how Greg and I ended up at a non-alcoholic, full vegetarian resort 2.5 hours from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. This was a place I thought would be really cool for Ayurvedic massages, relaxing, and over all regaining our strength for ...

Beautiful Goa - at Palolem Beach, Palolem, India travel blog

Beautiful Goa - at Palolem Beach

A travel blog entry by bluecircle

Hey all, We're in Goa, having a fabulous time on the beaches! Nicky has some *fit* tan lines... We may even have time and opportunity to upload some photographs soon, so keep our eyes peeled.... Hugs ...

Southern Hospitality, Mangalore, India travel blog

Southern Hospitality

A travel blog entry by gisela

... to your face, especially while eating, and never shake anyone's hand with your left or hand over anything. When I first arrived in India, it was a challenge not to use my left hand. I had to consciously keep it behind my back to avoid mistakenly using ...

Quick stop for Masala Fry!, Mangaluru, India travel blog

Quick stop for Masala Fry!

A travel blog entry by jemk


... the most beautiful sunset from the train and the views as we hurtled through the country are magical, it really is a special place. Mangalore was nothing to write about really, we weren't there long enough to do it justice. We got there late, walked ...

mangeled well and truely, Mangalore, India travel blog

mangeled well and truely

A travel blog entry by phiddy


OK so citys ARE not so hot in my books. Mangalore was to be frank "A hole". But it wasnt tooo bad. Think Hot, smelly, busey, polluted . But It did have good safe food unlike delhi (which I will explain later. It did have an amazing selection of pots and ...

Farewell to India, Mangalore, India travel blog

Farewell to India

A travel blog entry by tom_pallett


... sleep when he woke me to ask if I was waitlist and I had to pay then. The train was two hours late arriving in Mangalore, which was a good thing as it meant I arrived just as day broke instead of having time to kill time in the small hours ...

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