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Kodiakanal, Kodiakanal, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by roseyben

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... while. We check into a hotel opposite the bus stop as we can't be bothered to argue with taxi drivers. This is the only place in India where you will not see a single rikshaw and its heaven. We go for a wonder, have dinner and are ready for bed. Its hard ...

Little England, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Little England

A travel blog entry by coopertrooper

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... decide to catch an overnight bus up to the Western Ghats, the mountainous region in the centre of India. Our destination was the hill station, Kodaikanal. Hill stations were the famous escape locations for the British, with their heavy rain and cold ...

Back to School, Thandikudi, India travel blog

Back to School

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... .  It snaked around the mountain allowing for very little respite.  The rain got heavier the higher we got and for the first time in India we felt the cold.  On the way up I spotted the most enormous spider I have ever seen.  The yellow diamond on its ...

Great day at Goodwill Home, Thandikudi, India travel blog

Great day at Goodwill Home

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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Amazing to lie in until 8 and then be brought and served by the most enormous and delicious breakfast by Sandrun.  He  had brought us a huge spread of boiled eggs, dosa, two curry sauces, sweet toast and local honey all washed down with more Goodwill ...

All downhill from Goodwlll Home, Palani, India travel blog

All downhill from Goodwlll Home

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... way we are leaving it another 9 years before going again, Thandigudi is such a special place and a fantastic and rewarding way to see India. As we cycled off it began to pour with rain, and we only got round the first corner before we had to stop and ...

Delhi Belly!, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Delhi Belly!

A travel blog entry by benabroad

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... the amusement of the other tourists, until the bus left on the picturesque journey  to the popular Indian tourist retreat of Kodaikanal.              Arriving in town, we found a room in what ...

Das's Daughters Wedding, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Das's Daughters Wedding

A travel blog entry by susiewoo


... to collapse. At the post office we met George, a black American, who seemed to be a sort of self styled guru. He had come to Kodaikanal for one whole year and was encouraging us to stay long term as well. He said that Andy had an artists aura and I had a ...

Happy mornings, goodbye goat & a taste of home..., Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Happy mornings, goodbye goat & a taste of home...

A travel blog entry by mariasadventure


... sitting on the corner of my banana leaf!). All part of the experience I suppose! On Thursday we took a 6 hour bus journey to Kodaikanal up in the mountains. Kodaikanal sits at an elevation of 2100m and is a small, misty and somewhat ...

Problems with Drunks, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Problems with Drunks

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

... young man before and knew that he had two children by an Italian wife. He no longer lived with her though she was still in Kodaikanal, for Indian law would not allow her to take the children out of the country. This vulgar bitter man now followed us into ...

Kodaikanal - the beautiful hillstation, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Kodaikanal - the beautiful hillstation

A travel blog entry by bluecircle

The last few days have definitely shown us the extremes of the Indian weather system! We went up to Kodai,in the hills which was a beautiful place, but absolutely freezing and arriving in the dark in a blackout made it a little intimidating. We ...

Sit There And Just Look Pretty, Sweetheart, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Sit There And Just Look Pretty, Sweetheart

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


... of cloud and I wouldn't have a clue, but I snapped a bunch of photos anyway before heading back home. Also, a visit to Kodaikanal isn't complete without an early morning stroll around the lake with a brief stop at a dhaba for a chai and a bread omelette ...

Monkeys and Nausea, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Monkeys and Nausea

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

Lying in bed in the morning I was shocked to see the leader of the monkeys, who was quite a brute with scars on his face, standing on my doorstep and peering into the room. I called out to Andy who chased him off. It was a nice day. A couple of dogs and ...

teeta ja kynttiloita, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

teeta ja kynttiloita

A travel blog entry by anssku

Kohta pitaisi paattaa haluanko jatkaa reissaamista viela helmikuun jalkeen. Lennot kallistuu koko ajan jos ei ajoissa tilaa. Kalle on vahvasti sita mielta, ettei halua paltata Suomeen viela helmikuun lopussa. Onhan se kieltamatta viela aika talvista ...

Rainy Stroll in Kodaikanal, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Rainy Stroll in Kodaikanal

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

Despite my weakness I let Andy persuade me to come out walkies in the clouds and rain. We walked down through the town, and then a long way further downhill to a temple. I sat outside as Andy went in. The pujari was a mere boy and was so shy of us that ...

Baby Monkeys, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Baby Monkeys

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

... tiny babies. Andy did another yoga session. He'd had a four day headache with swollen glands. At his insistence we went out to eat, to our regular vegetarian place on a balcony. We got to see football on the telly there, Cameroon versus India. ...

Voyage en famille, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Voyage en famille

A travel blog entry by julie-mayer


Dolmens of kodaikanal, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Dolmens of kodaikanal

A travel blog entry by susiewoo


... vulnerable isolated spot I was glad when we were eventually rid of him. We hitched a lift on a truck all the way back to Kodaikanal, and Jai had a nose bleed on the way. Back at the Youth Hostel I chatted with Hare Krishna hair style Frank who was very ...

Best View at Youth Hostel, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Best View at Youth Hostel

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

... the cheaper rooms on a lower level of the hillside was offered to us. Suddenly reluctant to leave such a view, one of the best in India I would say, we decided to stay with the Youth Hostel. Moving into our new room, we set it up to look homely then went ...

Feeling Ill in Kodaikanal, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Feeling Ill in Kodaikanal

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

I was ill all day, with no appetite and completely lacking in energy. Mostly I lay down. Jacky was concerned and gave me a drink of electrolyte body salts, which she takes whenever her own energy is low. Andy went out to buy me some more of those body ...

Lite bilder från Vattakanal!, Kodaikanal, Indien travel blog

Lite bilder från Vattakanal!

A travel blog entry by michaelstadell


Just nu sitter jag på en restaurang och väntar på frukost. Jag vaknade lagom till soluppgången och nu är klockan kvart i åtta och det går fortfarande inte att få tag på frukost. Det är lugnt dock, jag ...

Booshi and the Manna, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Booshi and the Manna

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

Harry and I got pressured into having our photos taken with a load of rowdy Indians, they were students, who later we watched dancing on the hillside. Having walked around the lake on a pleasant Sunday stroll Andy and I stopped for a lunch of soup and ...

Hanging Out at the Youth Hostel, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Hanging Out at the Youth Hostel

A travel blog entry by susiewoo


... Andy was born, so there were yet more connections we were discovering between us and the people we were meeting in Kodaikanal. I braved my first complete wash in the freezing cold mountain water. There was quite a discussion about food in the evening ...

No Red Rice, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

No Red Rice

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

I reflected that my weakness could be due to protein deficiency. Kerala was a more healthy place because there the people ate red rice, but the only rice here was white which had all nutritional value refined out of it. Talking on this matter with Jacky ...

Half way through the project, Chreunmahadevi, Tamil Nadu, India travel blog

Half way through the project

A travel blog entry by lauralouise


This morning started with the bus ride to the gypsy school in Pettai. For some reason i decided to sit in what is called the '3 valium' seat which is next to the driver. Luckally we had a different driver so it wasn't that scarey! I really enjoy our ...

Eggs No More, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Eggs No More

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

I still had a strange passion for eating eggs, and made omelettes in the morning for me and Jai, though soon after Jai got ill again and puked up. I laid down by Jai's side until he recovered. The possibility of getting salmonella from the eggs was ...

2nd Stop -  Palani Town, Palani, India travel blog

2nd Stop - Palani Town

A travel blog entry by venoth


Reached Palani at 8.15pm. The journey was long and tiring. Once reached Palani town, we checked into the hotel and tried to organize for the head tonsuring today itself, but all the barbers have gone back home despite the time being not too ...

Joulukarnevaali ym, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Joulukarnevaali ym

A travel blog entry by anssku

Onhan se hieman vilpoista! Keli on ihanan raikas kuin myohaiskesainen ilta Suomessa. Onneksi saa ei kuitenkaan ole niin kylma kuin pahimmilleen pelkasin. Tanaan saapuessamme tanne vuoristoon iltapaivalla lampotila oli noin 16-17, nyt illalla elohopea ...

mustat nenat ja iloiset koulupojat, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

mustat nenat ja iloiset koulupojat

A travel blog entry by anssku


Olen kylla taas iloinen, etta olen kasvissyoja (ainakin lahes). Taalla Intiassa nakee kylla usein niin julmaa tuotantoelaintenkohtelua, etta pahaa tekee katsoa.Askenkin nain kuinka eras kana oli karannut hyvin ahtaasta hakista, joka oli sullottu tayteen ...

So Here We Are in Kodaikanal, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

So Here We Are in Kodaikanal

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

... same school as Andy. In the local park we came upon Das, an old chai wallah that Andy knew from his last visit to India. Das invited us to his daughters wedding. We collected unusual looking seeds from the park, which Andy had a mind to make jewellery ...

Elephantiasis Talk, Kodaikanal, India travel blog

Elephantiasis Talk

A travel blog entry by susiewoo

Jai and Sorrel were playing again, on our last day in Kodaikanal. On the way to Manna for apple crumbles we met Trog, another old friend of Andys, who he had been in Thailand with. Trog was riding around India on a flash motorbike. He had given up on ...

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