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Karnataka - Gokarn, Om beach - 2 nights, Gokarna, India travel blog

Karnataka - Gokarn, Om beach - 2 nights

A travel blog entry by christosp

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... Hindu history. Visited a temple where pilgrims had already started worshipping the gods, playing music and making offerings. As everywhere in India holy cows wander the streets, shops and temples in search of food. In the temple a random cow was chilling ...

The bikes take a rickshaw ride, Gokarna, India travel blog

The bikes take a rickshaw ride

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... of the town. We only managed to have rubbish crisps, and cake snacks, but making good progress reached the junction to Gokarna having done 43miles feeling excited about getting to beautiful Kudle beach by 2. No food available for lunch, but more biscuits ...

...even before the wheel..., Gokarna, India travel blog

...even before the wheel...

A travel blog entry by rebn

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... catalyst for change, or a stabilizer of emotion. All that being said, there is a time and place for certain genres of music. Gokarna, is not too far from Goa, and in Goa, there is a huge Trance scene, with parties happening regularly throughout the ...

Sad.............., Gokarna, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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... ! Everyone seems to be stuck and everyone seems to find ways of keeping themselves busy, just like normal life with all the extras, by far the best place in India so far and probably all of, but we will see what goa has to offer! Moving on to Patnem! ...

We are stuck!, Gokarna, India travel blog

We are stuck!

A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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Day 25 ; Arrived at gokarna by train, which we travelled 2nd AC it was goooood! we actually had our own bunk, it was pitch black and the train station was miles away from where we wanted to be so all piled in a bus and when I say piled I mean I was sat on ...

Life's a Beach, Gokarna, India travel blog

Life's a Beach

A travel blog entry by pablito


... plough constellation looks just like a plough, or a saucepan, or a great bear.... Or whatever) there is a sigh telling you that the Gokarna police forbid you to stand on the rocks or to go down into the water. What kind of messed up place is this? If ...

'The Beach', Gokarna, India travel blog

'The Beach'

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


The longer I stayed here the more I liked it, judging by the people Id met here it seems like what Goa was 20 years ago, some people had been here months, others even longer. There was not really much to do apart from relax and swim, some nice beaches ...

Om, Kudlee & Gokarna beaches, Gokarna, India travel blog

Om, Kudlee & Gokarna beaches

A travel blog entry by shaunmonkey

... the rock face descended down to Kudlee beach; a small bay, inaccessible by car, ever so slightly more developed than the main Gokarna beach, where I was staying, felt perfect. The most perfect I had seen. Just the right amount of people, all tanned, ...

Beach Reflections, Gokarna, India travel blog

Beach Reflections

A travel blog entry by fgimelli

... , declaring that finally, this was a "Western dog", we got out of Goa as quickly as possible! And so we headed to Gokarna, in northern Karnataka, in search of that pristine beach we hear so much about but have difficulty finding. We arrived after an ...

URLAUB, Gokarna, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by larissa-ume


Unser lieber GianMarco aus Worms,der sich Momentan auch in Indien aufhaelt und mit uns den Sueden bereist hat, hat einen schoenen bericht ueber unsern "urlaub" geschrieben. Hier auch fuer euch zum lesen: Ich hatte wundervolle, chillige 10 Tage. In ...

Kudle Beach, Gokarna,  India travel blog

Kudle Beach

A travel blog entry by stortney

... hopped in our new favourite mode of transport, the tuk-tuk, and rumbled of to the train station. It's was a 2 hour train ride to Gokarna and it was here I discovered my new favourite train game. I call it "Kill the Cockroach". It's a fun game for all ...

Cultural faux pas no 1, Gokarna, India travel blog

Cultural faux pas no 1

A travel blog entry by conchwillow


... and they are realy tasty, honestly! Back at our villa Colin reminded me of the strict vegatarianism that prevails in this part of India. Oops. having said that, the food, as I mentioned once already is amazing. All organic, mostly grown locally and of the ...

Wobbly head syndrome, Kochi to Gokarna, India travel blog

Wobbly head syndrome

A travel blog entry by cheza


... are standing outside the bus, which is pulling away, with a large rucksack on your back, shouting "Is this the bus to Gokarna?" Reply - Wobble wobble - Look closely Cheryl maybe you will see a yes or no. More wobbling. "Gokarna? Gokarna?" More wobbling ...

siirtyminen uinuvalle rannalle, Gokarna, India travel blog

siirtyminen uinuvalle rannalle

A travel blog entry by anssku

Lahdettiin tanne Om rannalle metsastamaan yhta kirjaa, mista kuulimme suomalaisilta. Itse asumme nyt Hafmoonilla, jossa ei ole nettia, joten piti nyt tulla samalla taalla netissakin pyorahtan. Halfmooni on osottautunut hyvaksi ratkaisuksi etsiessamme ...

Namaste Campers, Today's activities will include.., Gokarna, India travel blog

Namaste Campers, Today's activities will include..

A travel blog entry by conchwillow


... be quite so close to laughter yoga... We had seen Paul Merton joining a laughter yoga group in Mumbai on his travels through India, so we knew that basically it involved standing around with a group of people and forcing yourself to do different types of ...

Äventyr i hippietown, Gokarna, India travel blog

Äventyr i hippietown

A travel blog entry by jocke


... , kan man säga, med blick utöver hela stranden och solnedgång osv. Det var bra, men jag kände inte för att stanna i Gokarna mer än 2 dagar. Lite bilder från julafton och Gokarna, även bilder på mig faktiskt, tänkte att ni ville se mig. ...

Poo hand Poo Hand!!, Gokarna and Palolem in Goa, India travel blog

Poo hand Poo Hand!!

A travel blog entry by cheza


... table it is quite effective and until we master the art we will continue in code. So here is what has been going on... Gokarna 28th Feb - 4th March I think we left you last in Gokarna. This was a smashing place. We headed for the beach which ...

Yoga, massage and frogs, Gokarna, India travel blog

Yoga, massage and frogs

A travel blog entry by franodriscoll


Probably not enough interesting stuff and activities to entertain you each day so will do a compilation of the first few days here. So here we are all alone in a deserted resorted - we can here you thinking 'the shining'.... Well not really alone as ...

Cooking and the single palm, Gokarna, India travel blog

Cooking and the single palm

A travel blog entry by franodriscoll


... shore on Gokarna beach and then a few hours of leisurely strolling around town, bit of retail therapy, spice market, very busy temple. Gokarna is a great town, lots to see and do with minimal hassle! Our afternoon was spent by the pool and we also had a ...

gokarna *, gokarna, India travel blog

gokarna *

A travel blog entry by loelai



Beautiful Gokarna, Gokarna, India travel blog

Beautiful Gokarna

A travel blog entry by shelleypp

... spent the morning in Mangalore then caught the train to Gokarna.  Overall a pretty painless journey considering the distance covered.  Gokarna is a beach town in the north of Karnataka.  We are staying on Om beach in some basic but nice ...

Wrong time. Wrong place., Gokarna, India travel blog

Wrong time. Wrong place.

A travel blog entry by tatandandy

... , claustrophobic darkness. As we left the station the tuktuk drivers were as brutal as ever. "No, we need bus!" "No bus to Gokarna! Rickshaw!" We were standing next to the bus!  As the bus driver instructed us to climb aboard a wooden shelf in ...

Vaeltelua ja ei-minkaan tekemista, Gokarna, India travel blog

Vaeltelua ja ei-minkaan tekemista

A travel blog entry by anssku

Udupista: Olimme bussiaseman vieressa yota ja vain vahan kavelimme kaupungilla, joten paikasta jai aika pintapuolinen kuva. Aika mitaansanomattomalta kaupungilta vaikutti, mutta oli kiva saada pitkasta aikaa kunnon ruokaa. (Ujirissa Dharmastalan vieressa ...

The Decision To Head South., Gokarna, India travel blog

The Decision To Head South.

A travel blog entry by shaunmonkey


... until now on the trip. I had spoken to loads of folks and had been involved in some inspirational conversations but, until Gokarna, I hadn't really actually travelled anywhere with anyone, all the movements had been by myself. I guess one of those slight ...

It's a shame the Romans didn't reach Karnataka, Gokarna, India travel blog

It's a shame the Romans didn't reach Karnataka

A travel blog entry by conchwillow


... is the runway which is so pitted and potholed that on touch down we nearly bounced right off again and landed in a neighbouring state. Gokarna, In Karnataka is pretty much due South from Goa so I assumed that we would take a nice straight, flat coast road ...

beachlife, Gokarna, Karnataka, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by remberido


... blogje aan't schrijven, je hoort de zee ruisen op de achtergrond, nog geen 20 meter van deze computer.. Zitten ondertussen in Gokarna,  twee daagjes reizen vanuit Goa. Effe tussenstop moeten maken in Margao en Benaulim (om de trein te nemen)... Goa ...

The moon is back, so don't worry, Gokarna, India travel blog

The moon is back, so don't worry

A travel blog entry by 50odd

30th December 2008 Kamat Lodge, Gokarna, Karnataka, India Just right Karwar - Gokarna (57kms)   Yesterday we arrived in Gokarna and on the basis of a couple of conversations with people decided to stay in Gokarna town itself ...

the om-beach-peace-and-jungle-days, Gokarna, India travel blog

the om-beach-peace-and-jungle-days

A travel blog entry by laurazentner


... verspaetung traf ich dann dort ein und fand gleich andere ladies, die nach om beach(eines der beliebteren travellerziele in gokarna) unterwegs waren. So machten wir uns gemeinsam auf die suche und das finden eines guesthouses. dieses war dann direkt am ...

Always drinking rum and cola!, Gokarna, India travel blog

Always drinking rum and cola!

A travel blog entry by jundan


Our trip from Goa to Gokarna was a lot longer than expected (in true India style!). We had buses from Anjuna to Mapusa, Mapusa to Panjim, Panjim to Margao and Margao to Gokarna. It took 7 hot sweaty hours! On arrival to Gokarna we walkd through the town ...

itsensa raakkaysta, Gokarna, India travel blog

itsensa raakkaysta

A travel blog entry by anssku

Kirjoittelen nyt muutaman rivin, kun huomenna siirrymme Halv moon rannalle, jossa ei ole nettia eika edes sahkoja. Vaelsimme tanaan aamupaivasta Om rannaltamme Paradiselle asti. Polku oli paljon helpompaa kuin vaikkapa Tiomanin pahimmat viidakkopolut, ...

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