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Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by loudan1979

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Calcut ...

Back to the beach (in style), Calicut, India travel blog

Back to the beach (in style)

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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The hotel we stayed in last night was so good we wanted to prolong the experience, so we ordered breakfast to the room. Dosa with coconut and curry sauce is a good way to start the day!  I went down to unlock the bikes only to find ANOTHER puncture. ...

Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by rowlandson

Calicut ...

fotoooooooooo's, Calicut, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by marie-jo

... Opnieuw een vreselijke nacht achter de rug. Volledig kapot terug toegekomen in Goa om dan 's avonds de trein te nemen naar Calicut. Beter geslapen dan op de bus, maar echt volledig geradbraakt toegekomen. Sindsdien wat aan het relaxen bij Sikanth. Was wel ...

Plantations, mountains and rainforests, Kozhikode / Calicut, India travel blog

Plantations, mountains and rainforests

A travel blog entry by prairiedropseed


... it, despite the heat.  It's a beautiful country and the people have been so welcoming and friendly.  Tomorrow we will leave Calicut early in the morning for a 5 hour express train ride to Alleppey where our coach bus will meet us and take us to ...

Start und Ankunft, Calicut, India travel blog

Start und Ankunft

A travel blog entry by jnstravel


Da sind wir nun- Incredable India. Nach einer Reihe aus Verabschiedungen von Freunden und Familie kam der Tag der Abreise. Ich hatte zum Ende das Gefühl, erstaunlich wenig Vorbereitet zu haben, obwohl ich die letzten Wochen eigentlich ständig ...

Blog 40: 2 Cups of Indian -a Jones -ing Tea, Calicut, India travel blog

Blog 40: 2 Cups of Indian -a Jones -ing Tea

A travel blog entry by shoberg


... in those twenty minutes!             Feeling energized, we continued toward Calicut and Wayanad—that whispered place where locals secretly yearned for…. at least that was what we ...

Adopted on the train, Calicut, India travel blog

Adopted on the train

A travel blog entry by hobnob

... journey that we almost missed our stop at Calicut. But we got off the train just in the nick of time. We didn't do anything in Calicut. We went to the hotel, had dinner there, went to sleep, had breakfast and went to the bus station to get a bus to ...

Calicutting Edge, Calicut, India travel blog

Calicutting Edge

A travel blog entry by travelpeainapod


Log 4: Calicut, Ancient India March 1422 By now I was feeling like a true seafarer, the sight of land and smoke still filled me with elation though. It was no different for Calicut, a famous port with heavy Chinese and Islamic impact upon it.  Being ...

Mathematically Challenged, Calicut, India travel blog

Mathematically Challenged

A travel blog entry by linhnhoang


... . Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam were able to spread and coexist with one another. There was a bit of a mathematical advancement in Calicut too. Traders here realized that if they started counting on their fingers and toes instead of relying on the Chinese ...

Bland, Calicut, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by pdog56242


... we got tired of the bland chicken we picked up in Cambay. We need some spices, so we went to the central trading city of spices, Calicut. It took us about a month to get there, and we looted 2 other dhows on the way. Word never spread about the S.S. ...

Reflections off the Arabian Sea, Calicut, India travel blog

Reflections off the Arabian Sea

A travel blog entry by sangria1269

... outside on the beach boulevard to see if it has ended. The next morning I get room service (masala dosa, damn good!) and label Calicut as a culinary city. While you may not see much here, you most definitely eat well here. I catch the bus to go to S. ...

First Time in India, Calicut, India travel blog

First Time in India

A travel blog entry by huyh27


... see how cosmopolitan it was, containing foreigners with their own places. However, the city mainly followed Hindus structures, since Calicut was Hindus city of the Vijayanagar Empire. The most interesting Hindus building that I came across was the Tamil ...

Trauma in Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog

Trauma in Calicut

A travel blog entry by benabo


Originally, I was just going to get a tour of the ED and finalize plans for my EMT-B students to intern here in the Emergency Department. Now, I'll also be putting on an ITLS (Int'l Trauma Life Support - Advanced) here. So, at least now I won't be making ...

Boring Bland Beef, Calicut, India travel blog

Boring Bland Beef

A travel blog entry by northwindguard


... 1606;الدز because we killed them all and burned their ship after looting what we needed. We arrived at Calicut, and were surprised at how it bustled and hummed with activity. Both of the pirates we looted possessed silks, and since ...

Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by justbeyoself


... was probably why no pirates knew about us, as we left no survivors. Anyway, with our newly-obtained pirate loot, we entered Calicut, which was surprisingly busy. We traded the useless silks we got from the pirates for spices, and, with our spirits high, ...

sunrise over Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog

sunrise over Calicut

A travel blog entry by adrianagracia


Journal #5: May 30th, 1413 Calicut, Kerala After sailing rough waters down the Malabar Coast, the ship finally arrived at Calicut. I have already seen and experienced so much and I am only half way done with this journey! This world is a beautiful place ...

I'm Coming Home, Calicut, India travel blog

I'm Coming Home

A travel blog entry by linhnhoang


I’m sitting here reflecting on the past few weeks of my travels, and I’m really glad to have had the chance to visit all those cities. Though they were very foreign and unfamiliar to me, it was still a great experience and one that I would do ...

Unique Way of Life, Calicut, India travel blog

Unique Way of Life

A travel blog entry by paulambrose


    When I arrived off of the southwestern coast of India on Calicut on August 4, 1400, I didn't know what to make  functioned by using influences from multiple states along the Indian Ocean Trade Route. Calicut used ...

dinesante lokam, Calicut, India travel blog

dinesante lokam

A travel blog entry by dineshan

utan ...

Wayanad and the Theyyam experience, Calicut, India travel blog

Wayanad and the Theyyam experience

A travel blog entry by gabysabi


... their hands gestures for the classical indian dance.They already look graceful without trying too hard. I finally make it to Calicut which is a big stronghold for the gulf-Dubai connection as thousands of keralese or indian workers rush there as it's ...

Number Six, Calicut, India travel blog

Number Six

A travel blog entry by onellkadunsford


... , it might be almost a year that i haven’t seen my own bed. Anyways, so i went out to explore today and saw that Calicut also had a hand in trade and they were big on trading cotton textiles, grains and spices. I didn’t have a need to trade ...

6 | Calicut | 7.28.1392, Calicut, India travel blog

6 | Calicut | 7.28.1392

A travel blog entry by antalique


... others lined the streets and freshened up the smells of the atmosphere. Calico, a hand woven cloth from which the name Calicut stemmed from, was continuously on demand from foreign merchants. Carpets and cotton, silk, even gold cloths could be found in ...

City of Spices, Calicut, India travel blog

City of Spices

A travel blog entry by brianaspainhour


... need for interpreting when we only stop every once in a great while. Instead, once I reached the city of Calicut on the western coastline of India, I obtained a spot upon a Muslim merchant’s dhow. It wasn’t very difficult given the fact that I ...

The Calicut Pepper Trade, Calicut, India travel blog

The Calicut Pepper Trade

A travel blog entry by gabrielgamez


... intoxicating after a long amount of time. For the rest of the day, filled with curiosity, we viewed the cultures that inhabited Calicut. The majority of the people were Muslim, so many of their faiths were reflected in the city. We felt like Minorities ...

Entry 5: Calicut, India 1281, Calicut, India travel blog

Entry 5: Calicut, India 1281

A travel blog entry by elvie0


... This port city is also very famous. At the port, I was very surprised how different the traders are here in Calicut. A major cultural difference from my town Siraf, was that the traders made excellent calculations by solely counting their fingers and ...

8. Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog

8. Calicut

A travel blog entry by sam.floy


Still feeling a little ropey, I secured a spot on the local bus from Manathavady to Calicut next to the window, and settled in for the 4 hour journey. The route involved coming down from the high regions of Wayanad to the lower lands of coastal Kerala. ...

The Long Haul, Calicut, India travel blog

The Long Haul

A travel blog entry by chemjesus


    It took many moons but we have arrived in the great city of Calicut. I came expecting kind response so I prepared my own. I immediately went to speak to the people, but they rudely pushed me off. they were gathered in a large crowd ...

Cali meets Calicut, Calicut, India travel blog

Cali meets Calicut

A travel blog entry by jadyc


Moving on from a cosmopolitan trading center, we arrive at a rich trading port. Calicut is on the coast of Malabar. A little less humid than the other places, which I admire. I could use a break from the scorching sun. Judging from the men in commerce, ...

Calicut: May 6, 1352, Calicut, India travel blog

Calicut: May 6, 1352

A travel blog entry by maxwelltiehen


I’ve just arrived at what my guide tells me is named Calicut, near the tip of India. The travel here was quite extraordinary. Because the monsoonal winds are just beginning to change, the direction of our wind was frequently changing in and out of ...

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