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Racing across the subcontinent, Indore,Bhopal and Raipur, India travel blog

Racing across the subcontinent

A travel blog entry by mimmik

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So off I set on an epic journey to see my Budapest-ian friend Csaba, who's been working his arse off in India for the past several months, most recently here in Raipur, interestingly the capital city of a new state called Chhattisghar (say or spell that ...

What did we expect from an Indian museum, Bhopal, India travel blog

What did we expect from an Indian museum

A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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... to put your backpack, tiny bunk and lots of snoring all made for very little and uncomfortable sleep! about 3hrs I think. Rolled into Bhopal just after twelve today, another most definitely Indian city, found a room, grabbed some food and went off the the ...

Corporate Guerilla Warfare, Bhopal, India travel blog

Corporate Guerilla Warfare

A travel blog entry by nickstracco

... Vietnam vets.  A few other places that Dow has screwed over include Midland, Michigan; Plaquemine, LA; Chloorkop, South Africa; Bhopal, India; Vietnam; Homebush Bay, Australia; Guaruja, Brazil; and Seadrift, Texas just to name a few.   In ...

Heading back, Bhopal, India travel blog

Heading back

A travel blog entry by prbrown


... , not so busy and all lit up. There was a very attractive spice market but I don't think that Bhopal will be on my itinerary for future trips to India. Our train to Delhi was late and we were standing on the platform for quite some time which inevitably ...

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India travel blog

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

A travel blog entry by yushim

After a 4 hour train delay waiting around in the middle of the night at the station. Overnight sleeper train was 8 hours ...

Trains, Rickshaws, and Bhang, Bhopal, India travel blog

Trains, Rickshaws, and Bhang

A travel blog entry by nickstracco


... " has been playing bananagrams (Nick is slowly reaching my level), reading, and doing easy crosswords. So Nick and I decided to go to Bhopal and visit our friends, Alizarin and Dede. Making train plans the day of did not seem like a problem to us at ...

Goa, Mumbai und Buddha in der Höhle, Bhopal, India travel blog

Goa, Mumbai und Buddha in der Höhle

A travel blog entry by pmarnitz


Allein die Tatsache, dass ich überhaupt noch physisch in der Lage bin, diesen Blogeintrag zu verfassen, ja, dass ich überhaupt noch am Leben bin, grenzt an ein Wunder. Liehen wir uns doch unmittelbar nach Jahresbeginn nicht nur für einen, sondern ...

The Union Carbide Disaster, Bhopal, India travel blog

The Union Carbide Disaster

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson


... exhausted from the relentlessness of it. We found somewhere to stay and got out exploring. We took a rickshaw to a nice place in Bhopal called Newmarket where we got something to eat.We then had a leisurely walk to Upper Lake, which I thought look pretty ...

It wasn't a disaster!, Bhopal, India travel blog

It wasn't a disaster!

A travel blog entry by ladytonholiday


... surprised by the sheer size of the exhibits and the well displayed art work on offer. I could have happily spent a bit longer in Bhopal and almost did when I got lost shopping in the Chowk. It’s a laid back city with little hassle. I did however, ...

Philip. I'm fine. England, Bhopal, India travel blog

Philip. I'm fine. England

A travel blog entry by phileden


... you won't snore". He said sorry, rolled over, continued to snore and we still got hardly any sleep. Anyway, we arrived in Bhopal - "the site of the world's worst industrial disaster". Some people will know about this, some won't. Jimmy was pretty clued ...

Closed on Mondays, Bhopal, India travel blog

Closed on Mondays

A travel blog entry by mrjoe


... , no one was prosecuted for the accident at the time with the US based company and local government blaming each other. Bhopal court is now seeking the extradition of the Union Carbide CEO from the US on charges of corporate manslaughter. We were here ...

Escaping to Zen and tribal tranquility, Bhopal and Sanchi, India travel blog

Escaping to Zen and tribal tranquility

A travel blog entry by dynamite_dinah


... announcements were made, everyone just lolled around sitting in family groups on the platform for hours! Finally making it back to Bhopal, I went to the computerised reservation centre to try and get a ticket for later in the week. Everything was ...

Anyone seen the mosque?, Bhopal and Sanchi, India travel blog

Anyone seen the mosque?

A travel blog entry by dynamite_dinah

... and everything written in Hindi, which bus to take down to the main mosque, the Taj-ul-Masjid and a Muslim family - Bhopal has a large muslim population - squeezed around me giggling under their black veils, pushing their baby girl at me and prodding me ...

sundervan -on the way to manali, Sundervan, India travel blog

sundervan -on the way to manali

A travel blog entry by mayli


after lot of headaches of last minute booking thru mahindra holidays we were on our way to manali, after we landed at chandigarh ,we hired a private bolero jeep ..after sunset, we had to stay overnite at sundervan as it was not safe to drive all nite ...

On the farm in Jaipur - but not for long!, Bhopal, India travel blog

On the farm in Jaipur - but not for long!

A travel blog entry by helenaperry


... overnight on a government rattletrap bus doesn't do much for your sense of humour, believe me.  However, I stayed in Bhopal for 2 weeks working as a volunteer in the library of the Sambhavna Trust Clinic helping to index the ongoing court cases for ...

Bhopal, Bhopal, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by calvin.latha


... , but we did manage to end up with seats on the Sanchi bus (that's probably where every tourist goes from Bhopal).  The roads in this part of India are not that great, so traveling the 50km took a very long time.  But the stupas, their amazingly ...

Land of the lakes, Bhopal, India travel blog

Land of the lakes

A travel blog entry by chris_and_laura


Neither of us had heard of Bhopal, before the railway network of India thrust the city of lakes into our path as a major hub on the network. It was our key to move north into Delhi and beyond and Lonely Planet was encouraging about what it has to offer. ...

Catching the Vision!, Bhopal, India travel blog

Catching the Vision!

A travel blog entry by ecsflemings


Greetings one last time from Bhopal, the city where you may remember, in 1983 there was a gas leak that affected 25,000 people of which 3000 died. It came from a battery making plant which was subsequently cleared away completely. Some of those who were ...

hello, Bhopal, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by pchandani144

hello!world I am from I.T. field is there anything new for me please inform ...

My Blog, Bhopal, India travel blog

My Blog

A travel blog entry by andrrew321


Welcome to my Blog. ...

Bhopal and the Beast, Bhopal, India travel blog

Bhopal and the Beast

A travel blog entry by david_chung


... over half a million.  I was staying at Vaneet's place in Bangalore during the 25th anniversary (several weeks subsequent to visiting Bhopal with Sundeep -- I'm writing this over 2 months late) so I was seeing a lot of coverage in the news, most of ...

Family time with the Saxenas in Bhopal, Bhopal, India travel blog

Family time with the Saxenas in Bhopal

A travel blog entry by pika9


... villages, including the conical hut of local buffalo-herding people.  We didn't have much time, since I had just arrived in Bhopal on a night train from Jabalpur that morning, and I was a bit tired.  But since we arrived at Manav Sangharalaya ...

Put de Offering in de Coconut and Drink em both Up, Bhopal, India travel blog

Put de Offering in de Coconut and Drink em both Up

A travel blog entry by david_chung


... that I'm not the only tech geek out there. Eminence between the Big 3 varied across different regions of India, so I was glad to find out that Bhopal and its vicinity tended to focus on Shiva.  Aside from having the coolest role, he had a really ...

48 Hours of Madness, Bhopal, India travel blog

48 Hours of Madness

A travel blog entry by edwardcoombe

... minutes a small cry from Maud awakened our slumber and we found to a little amusment (which then faded with the smell) that the India woman below us had just vomited all over the floor. thankfuly we gave her a newspapaer  we had bought and she ...

Honey, I’m home..., Bhopal, India travel blog

Honey, I’m home...

A travel blog entry by taprox


... the groove, but I had to leave for the airport by 4am. I headed off to the Delhi airport, and eventually got on a plane to Bhopal (after paying for the extra baggage fee). Before I knew it, we had landed. I met the most wonderful man, who "yelled" at me ...

Bhopal, Bhopal, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by schettino72


To pegando muita chuva. antes de sair de hyderabad ja cancelei a minha passagem pq tava chovendo muito. mas tudo ...

Art starts..., Bhopal, India travel blog

Art starts...

A travel blog entry by taprox


... for highschool) and may be the smartest historian for his age. WOW. Now, I should tell you I’m kind of famous in Bhopal. Well, the idea of a foreigner is very popular to most Bhopali’s. We learned that if people show other people that they ...

Bhopal it shtinks., Bhopal, India travel blog

Bhopal it shtinks.

A travel blog entry by beckyandboggy


So we decided to leave Mumbai and head to Madhya Pradesh and the capital of Bhopal. Which is a complete shit hole. Make note there will probably be many bad words in this post. We arrive at the station and on approach hong the exit are completely engulfed ...

When I reeived negative responce..., Bhopal, India travel blog

When I reeived negative responce...

A travel blog entry by anilsharma2702

When i was doing every thing good, i was happy with my own, I was doing good, leaving into a kind of heaven. Professionally i had started making my own dream. Suddenly on 15.01.2010, a lady whom i do hate the most around the world did hell my hell. She ...

Sorrryyyyy!, Bhopal, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by taprox


... (which did happen eventually) for Christmas eve – and they would deliver it. We found a pizza hut, in DB Mall in New Bhopal but the number was out of service. Thorsten (and Sandra and Luisma) found this place called Manohar Dairy…not too far ...

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