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The Ministry of Silly Walks, Attari, India travel blog

The Ministry of Silly Walks

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

This is a top pick!

... with spirit music and clapping.  One of the songs was really catchy, even though the only word I could understand was "India!", and our MC got everybody clapping and brought out two Indian flags that two lucky men got to brandish fiercely while ...

The Indian-Pakistani Border, Attari, in far western Punjab, India travel blog

The Indian-Pakistani Border

A travel blog entry by chezcody


... locomotive like a magazine to glance over while doing one's business. It was surreal. Again, there is NO privacy in India; certainly not for their underprivileged classes. But these pictures: surely the best Changing of the Guard in the world, the ...

Attari/Wagar, Attari, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by dzasta


The border between India and Pakistan. Attari is the Indian side Wagar is the Pakistan side. Everynight they have a closing ceremony, on both sides, to officially close the border for the night. The ceremony is soo big they have built grandstands for the ...

hindustan... zindabad, Attari, India travel blog

hindustan... zindabad

A travel blog entry by schettino72


... da fronteira. eh claro q nao passa de uma apresentacao teatral. comeca com algumas pessoas desfilando com a bandeira da india. toca umas musicas com torcida organizada gritando "sempre india", entre outros. depois tem uns magrao jogando as pernas pro ...

Jul 18, 2010, Attari, India travel blog

Jul 18, 2010

A travel blog entry by miguele


Funny Indian/Pakistani border bravado, Attari, India travel blog

Funny Indian/Pakistani border bravado

A travel blog entry by michelle_austyn


An afternoon/evening trip to the Indian - Pakistani border to watch the daily ceremony during which soldiers from each side try and shout the loudest and longest, goose step the highest and generally carry on like they're in a comedy sketch.  The ...

To the border we go!, Attari, India travel blog

To the border we go!

A travel blog entry by benabo

Here is the border of Pakistan and India. Everyday (time depending on sunset), there is a big ceremony. The border is closed for the day between both countries in a special way. The BSF (Border Security Force) is all dressed up in special uniforms and ...

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