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Record distance for a day (78 miles), Roha, India travel blog

Record distance for a day (78 miles)

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

This is a top pick!

... shop, we did however manage to establish a time to meet the next day, and that 3 out of four Gicks were now safely in India! Mikey and I opted to have sandwiches and chips in our room and the room service guy cracked us up by just barging into the room ...

the island adventure that wasn't, Alibaug, India travel blog

the island adventure that wasn't

A travel blog entry by moonrise


... was very helpful in filling me in a little bit on where I was and what we should do. We were indeed now on a bus to Alibaug, and he laughed when I asked him to tell me a bit about the place, saying we had really just got on the boat not knowing anything ...

Day 4 - Emperor's New Clothes, Dahanu, India travel blog

Day 4 - Emperor's New Clothes

A travel blog entry by anamcara


Headed into town to get myself a new set of clothes (a) to feel as if i fit in more with the general population and (b) more important to keep the mozzies off me. Not that i'm paranoid or anything but i don't feel like getting a dose of malaria right ...

Day 5 - Coconuts and Chiko's, Dahanu, India travel blog

Day 5 - Coconuts and Chiko's

A travel blog entry by anamcara


Today's mission on the farm was to cut more grass. Just before our lunch-break the youngest member of the group of tribe workers was casing out the farm next door and in particular alone coconut tree. After a coupleof minutes and some discussion with ...

Pass the caviare please, Alibaug, India travel blog

Pass the caviare please

A travel blog entry by bradskey69


... last half hour of the day, we managed to accidentally turn off the main road and end up in the coastal town of Alibaug. Which just so happened to house the Raddison resort and spa. Upon enquiring about the available rooms we noticed 5 other team ...

Kashid Beach, Kashid Beach, India travel blog

Kashid Beach

A travel blog entry by simonjessica


The next morning we woke up and started our hunt for the bus stand. We had stayed the night in a place called Alibag and they were not set up at all for western tourists. Almost every sign was in Hindi and most people didn't speak English. Luckily we ...

Headed to Calcutta via Mumbai, Mumbi, India travel blog

Headed to Calcutta via Mumbai

A travel blog entry by musicionary

Through Mumbai...Headed to Calcutta for a ...

Return journey, Mandve, India travel blog

Return journey

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan


At the Mandwa jetty, we saw a lot of fish jumping in and out of water. It was like someone had put some substance in the water, which was driving the fish crazy and they would jump out. A group was catching these fish and putting them in boxes to be ...

the highlights!!, Himachal Pradesh, India travel blog

the highlights!!

A travel blog entry by drsam32


Hi!I'd have written a more detailed entry about my trip...but i dint have a net access so i had to limit myself to the highlights of the rest of my trip or rather this one particular day than the rest cos it meant a lot to me... We reached Manali from ...

Jai Shivaji_Alibaug_Serenity Personified, Alibaug, India travel blog

Jai Shivaji_Alibaug_Serenity Personified

A travel blog entry by rup10


... decided for a day outing at Alibaug, leaving on Sunday with no plans of staying back. Frankly, being a Mumbaikar I quite underestimated Alibaug to be another usual place with dirty beaches and not-so-different from Mumbai. This was the prime reason for ...

Revdanda, Revdanda, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by yashashritelkar


revdanda...........some friends, some acquittance and loads of funs..........ferry from gateway of india to mandwa...then bus ride........and halt at wada...huge wada.. beautiful place... awesome food..ghar ka khana...chicken, rice, bbhakri ...

PWLS: Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, Phansad , India travel blog

PWLS: Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan


... . However, the frequency of these buses isnt really good-some 3-4 buses in a day.   We took the longer route from Alibaug.  The frequency for buses from Alibaug to Murud is very good. The buses from Mumbai and Thane also take this route.  ...

Return journey, Alibaug, India travel blog

Return journey

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan

At Alibaug, we went to the Ajanta office, and booked tickets for our return journey.  Alibaug to Mumbai bus+ferry ticket: Rs.220.00 ...

En route, Mandve, India travel blog

En route

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan


Reached Mandwa at around 12 noon. Took the Ajanta connecting bus to Alibaug. They always have 2 buses that leave, so there's no real need to rush to the bus from the ferry. Just have to make sure you d get into the bus before it leaves.  While on the ...

Lunch on day1, Alibaug, India travel blog

Lunch on day1

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan

As suggested, we ate at a place called Fulora. Its just behind the Alibaug bus stand. One word for the food there would be SPICY !!! Also, they have a very different concept of fish fry. Its more like nuggets, fish flesh coated in a batter and deep fried. ...

Beach hopping-Kashid, Kashid, India travel blog

Beach hopping-Kashid

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan


We reached Kashid at around 5PM. Here too, the beach was quite clean and the sand white. There was a lot of water sport activity happening on the beach. We walked for a while on the beach and sat on the sand for a while. The weather at all ...

Jan 26, 2008, Alibag, India travel blog

Jan 26, 2008

A travel blog entry by platonow


Alibaug Beach, Alibaug, India travel blog

Alibaug Beach

A travel blog entry by rachellouise27


... than special, we saw Dolphins! The ferry boat lasted 45 mins then a bus for an hour, cost for both £1.35p each! Alibaug is a small seaside town with not much to recommend it except a breather from the city. We spent several hours on the beach but ...

Beach hopping- Nagaon, Nagaon, India travel blog

Beach hopping- Nagaon

A travel blog entry by sandeepachetan


... dahi wadas for breakfast. We had those, freshened up and headed back to Alibaug. Stay at guest house: Rs.500.00 Dinner+Breakfast+Tea+coffee:Rs. 257.00 Refreshments at Nagaon beach: Rs. 20.00 Bus from Nagaon to Alibaug:        ...

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