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Off the bikes and between two icecaps!, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Off the bikes and between two icecaps!

A travel blog entry by casey_matt


We rode without event, except for lunch at an elegant waterfall, to Skogar where we set up camp at the base of a mighty one. This would be our starting point for a backpack to Thorsmork the next day. The first order of business though was finding food. ...

The Journey towards Vik, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

The Journey towards Vik

A travel blog entry by joparky


... so there's the excuse for buying some new gear! We then hit the road – Circular 1 and started out on our Iceland adventure.  Navigation was quite easy once we became accustomed to the scale.  The first port of call was Pingvellir National ...

Fosses, Skogar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ajvermont


The Foss, or waterfall, is ubiquitous in Iceland.  As previously mentioned, the fall line between highlands and coastal plain is sharp and all that water has to go somewhere in a hurry.  There are several large, magnificent fosses, like Gulfoss, of ...

Turf Buildings, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Turf Buildings

A travel blog entry by ajvermont


Historical Architecture Although Iceland has been occupied by settlers since the 9th century, remarkably little remains of early architecture.  Some of this is due to the passage of the centuries and the rudimentary materials used for building.  ...

Auf den Spuren des Eyjafjallajökull, Suðurland, Island travel blog

Auf den Spuren des Eyjafjallajökull

A travel blog entry by landy75


Heute war endlich so weit Landy durfte ins Gelände , es ging auf der F249 durch reissende Flüsse und unwegsames Gelände zum Fusse des Eyjafjallajökull Gletschers. Einfach imposant unter so einem Gletscher zu stehen. Nacher gings ...

Sigga, Jewel of the South, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Sigga, Jewel of the South

A travel blog entry by vontiki2000


... it, regardless. On the road and surrounded by lava fields and mountains again, we next aimed for Gullfoss, Iceland's most famous waterfall. More broad than tall, the waterfall seemed to appear out of nowhere as it stretched across the ...

HUNTING PUFFINS, Dýrholaey, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus


... certain insane profoundness to them. My recent wanderings took me to Dýrholaey (animal-hole island), the rainiest place in Iceland. I´d never hitchhiked in the rain before, but the overcast Reykjavik sky ensured I wasn´t heading to a dry ...

Exploring the south shore of Iceland, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Exploring the south shore of Iceland

A travel blog entry by ragazzo1977


... the sunniest of days but we still saw some amazing sites.  First stop was Skógafoss.  Another one of Iceland's billion beautiful waterfalls.  If there were a contest which country has the most waterfalls per square meter, Iceland would ...

Road Trip Numero Dos, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Road Trip Numero Dos

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... , we though that we'd make a go at a second one... So this time we ventured off along the sounthern coast of Iceland...following the coast and making our way to a variety of destinations... After about two hours of driving (and thankfully no wrong ...

Ţórsmörk Day Trip, Ţórsmörk, Iceland travel blog

Ţórsmörk Day Trip

A travel blog entry by kathypender


Up at 6:15 today and I got myself ready then had some cheese toast for breakfast. Guddis took me to the bus station at 7:15 and when we arrived the decision was between Ţórsmörk and Landmannalaugar, as there were no tours to Snaefellsjökull National ...

Skogar video, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Skogar video

A travel blog entry by nickandnicole


Le sud, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Le sud

A travel blog entry by catherinehp


... ont faits rebrousses chemins. Donc pas de marche sur la lave encore chaude! Mais des paysages grandioses! On est maintenant a SKogar, lieu du magnifique chute, ou on va passer la nuit pour repartir assez tôt demain pour une journée bien remplie, ...

Laugavegur Hike: Day Two, Hrafntinnusker, Iceland travel blog

Laugavegur Hike: Day Two

A travel blog entry by sam.floy


We woke up in a snow cloud. Such was the bitter cold that we forwent breakfast of porridge (pronounced "poz") and tried as quickly as possible to pack up the tents. I returned the roll mat that I'd borrowed the night before, and the 6 of us started ...

Laugavegur Hike: Day Three, Alftavatn, Iceland travel blog

Laugavegur Hike: Day Three

A travel blog entry by sam.floy


We took our time waking up and dried off the last of our clothes next to the heaters in the hut. Just outside, I chatted with an American lady who studied at Northumbria University, and was able to pick out that we attended university in the North East ...

Postscript, Eyvindarhólar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by honeybees


... 27 March 2010 The Eyjafjallajokull Volcano  erupts (pronounced AY-uh-full-ay-ho-kul), first time in 190 years; located in southern Iceland not far from where we did the Golden Circle Tour.  This came as no surprise to us the island was just ...

Watervallen in overvloed, Suðurland, IJsland travel blog

Watervallen in overvloed

A travel blog entry by raafjes


... een contrast...Ik had op zijn minst wel een doucher verwacht. Na inpakken en ontbijt, gaan we om 10.25 uur op pad, naar Skogar, hostel. Ik heb weer een iets andere route gekozen, zodat we nog wat extra watervallen zien, (maar die vallen een beetje tegen), ...

Fünf Tage Süd-Island, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Fünf Tage Süd-Island

A travel blog entry by daniel.buecken


Das war sie also, die langersehnte, fünftägige Exkursion durch Süd-Island! Und Mensch, haben wir viel erlebt! Wir, das waren rund 50 Studenten der Geologie sowie 3 Betreuer und der Busfahrer. Allesamt unglaublich nett, eine klasse Truppe. Der Chef ...

Day 3 At the foot of  eyjafjallajokull, South, Iceland travel blog

Day 3 At the foot of eyjafjallajokull

A travel blog entry by suewarmington


... by this incredible icy mound of water which is melting and receding metres every year. Three incredible sights of nature in one day, Iceland is certainly a place that reminds you that we are but specs of dust on this incredible planet, only here for ...

Landamannalaugar, Skógar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jiripek


V noci trošku foukalo, takže nevím, zda ty stany co byly kolem nás odletěly nebo odjely dřív. Ráno byla fakt zima, takže jsem hned po snídani zase skočil do pramenů. Ke všemu jsem tam byl asi deset minut sám. ...

Alftavatn, Skógar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jiripek


Ráno se udělalo pěkně, a tak jsme pokračovali o kus dál k chatě Alftavatn u stejnojmeného jezera. Tady jsme se občerstvili a užívali si trocha sluníčka. Poté jsme se vydali přes několik ...

Day 2 travelling south, South, Iceland travel blog

Day 2 travelling south

A travel blog entry by suewarmington


We had a very leisurely get up, chatting to the Germans and our viking host whilst the girls went for a dip in the hot spa pool. Then we said our good byes and headed south to explore some more. We took a bit of a detour to Hekla volcano, last erupted ...

Trek on a Glacier, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Trek on a Glacier

A travel blog entry by modernnomad67


After lunch we traveled east on the Ring Road for about twenty minutes before turning inland on a rough dirt road into a valley to a parking area below the lip of the Myrdalsjokull Glacier. It was a substantial walk through rocks and gravel from the ...

Day 4 -  Skógar,  Skógar, Iceland travel blog

Day 4 - Skógar

A travel blog entry by hfamily


... that had sayings such as 'Eyjafjallajökull - Is so easy to pronounce "Ay-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl-uh”’ and ‘Iceland..Where Active Volcanoes Kick Ash!’ It was easy to find the horse riding farm with the simple map the Malaysian couple ...

Day Four - Waterfalls and Whirlwinds!, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Day Four - Waterfalls and Whirlwinds!

A travel blog entry by daviswelchtrip


... think the weather is crazy where you are (like we do in Oklahoma!) I promise you that where you live has nothing on Iceland!!  They call the meteorologists  fortune tellers!!  The weather changes a dozen+ times a day. Even tonight we had ...

Sleepy falls, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Sleepy falls

A travel blog entry by dmatten

... up at 10:40, after a long uncomfortable night. We gathered our things together and headed toward Vik. We had a scheduled stop at the Skogar Museum but I was still feeling a little queasy. We couldn't check in until 4 pm so we decided to stick to the plan. ...

Laugavegur Hike: Day Four, Thorsmork, Iceland travel blog

Laugavegur Hike: Day Four

A travel blog entry by sam.floy


When we woke up, the clouds were beginning to get angrier. We acted swiftly to get everything packed up so that we could get on the road. Weaving through some of the rocks, we once more battled with rain and shared snacks. At a particularly wet point in ...

Myrdalsjökull, Skogar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by soccernerd


Myrdalsjökull is a glacier we went to. We couldn't go on it for safety reasons but it was still ...

Skógafoss, Skogar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by soccernerd


Today we went to Skógafoss. It was so ...

Skogafoss, Skogar, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by garytan


... the coast over hundreds of kilometres, creating together with some mountains a clear border between the coastal lowlands and the Highlands of Iceland. Skógafoss waterfall The Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 25 ...

Day 5 Vikings, Windswept Beaches, & a Blue Lagoon!, Skogar, Iceland travel blog

Day 5 Vikings, Windswept Beaches, & a Blue Lagoon!

A travel blog entry by daviswelchtrip


... many trolls and fairies live.  About 50% of all Icelanders believe there are invisible elves, trolls, and fairies living in Iceland.  Especially the older people who have been in Iceland their entire lives.  Our driver, Siggy is an older, ...

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