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Bacon Festivities, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Bacon Festivities

A travel blog entry by edddadams


... . Dad had eyed out a cinema showing the history of Iceland. So we went and checked it out, watching a feature length documentary about Iceland's past.  As it's Mum, Dads and Alice's last day in Iceland we went out to a very nice restaurant down by ...

Iceland here we go, South, Iceland travel blog

Iceland here we go

A travel blog entry by tristanellett


Landed by 10am and collected our car to start exploring. First stop was the incredible blue Lagoon where we stayed for a few hours and covered ourselves in mud and enjoyed the very warm blue waters. We quickly dropped into Reykjavik for an incredible ...

Ice, Ice Baby, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Ice, Ice Baby

A travel blog entry by dosqueen


... . Alas, I still had 2 hours or so left to drive and the weather was getting a bit cloudy anyway. By the time I reached Laugarvatn at about 6, my right knee was swearing at me in at least 5 different ancient tongues as if it were possessed by the ...

Feeling Icelandic, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Feeling Icelandic

A travel blog entry by edddadams


... ;Ölfusá a very powerful river that splits the town in two. After lunch we drove up to our new house in Laugarvatn in convoy. Nestled between shrubs and deciduous trees, another cosy scandinavian hut complete with its own jacuzzi. Relaxed in the jacuzzi ...

White Water Rafting, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

White Water Rafting

A travel blog entry by edddadams


... spectacle. We were able to get so close that we were drenched by the spray. Drenched and worn out we heading back to Laugarvatn to go to the spa house situated on the edge of the lake. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing there, trying out ...

Ihr werdet es nicht glauben..., Laugarvatn, Island travel blog

Ihr werdet es nicht glauben...

A travel blog entry by dreamcatching

... wir also dort durch und auf wundersame Weise schafften wir es, trotz der tausenden Schneestürme, heil bis nach Laugarvatn zu kommen. Die Wettervorhersage meinte, dass heute noch ein paar Nordlichter zu sehen sein sollten und so beschlossen Simi und ...

Pingvellir, F338 & F335 naar gletsjermeer Haga, Suðurland, IJsland travel blog

Pingvellir, F338 & F335 naar gletsjermeer Haga

A travel blog entry by raafjes


... naar bed gaan. Na een prima ontbijt, het brood is hier trouwens erg lekker. Gaan we op pad, eerst naar de winkel in Laugarvatn (vatn betekent trouwens meer) om benzine ehhhh Diesel te tanken, WiFi date te halen, en brood te kopen. Dan rijden we richting ...

Day 2: The

Day 2: The "Golden Circle" plus icy SCUBA

A travel blog entry by jthomas2b


... Kerid crater, we stopped at any extremely poorly marked tomato plantation called Frideheimar. In a country with the dark winters of Iceland, you can tell that greenhouses are very special things. Rumors of pizza proved false, but we were able to scarf ...

Morning Walk and Beginning of Tour, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Morning Walk and Beginning of Tour

A travel blog entry by torirobinson


... easily accessible place where you can see the giant rifts in the earth where the plates are pulling apart. Before I started researching Iceland, I had no idea such places existed. When we arrived at the top spot at Thingvellir, it was raining pretty ...

Golden Circle, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Golden Circle

A travel blog entry by hoppsuisse


Encore une belle journée de vécue, même si le temps était moins clément... On commence la journée par une chute toute en finesse, à côté de rapide monstrueusement impressionnants. Puis on attaque la piste Cette route 550 (Piste de Kaldidalur) ...

Le cercle d'or, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Le cercle d'or

A travel blog entry by otherguru


... dog (la spécialité du pays !), d’un burger ou d’une pizza. Je décide donc de m’arrêter à Laugarvatn (« le lac des sources chaudes ») chez Lindin,  soi-disant le meilleur restaurant de la région d’après ...

Day 1 in Iceland, Skálholt, Iceland travel blog

Day 1 in Iceland

A travel blog entry by palkojul


Ello all! ^^ I made it safely to Iceland this morning, we arrived at the airport around 7:15-ish. I was rather happy to get up and stretch my legs out after the 5 hour flight and 8 hour wait at Boston's Logan airport. Though I did have more leg room than ...

West Iceland, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

West Iceland

A travel blog entry by greenenvy35


... headed south to the point where I could see Reykjavík in the distance and thus had almost completed the entire circle around Iceland.  Instead on continuing south I turned east towards the interior of the island towards my next hotel.  I stayed ...

Slowing Down, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Slowing Down

A travel blog entry by jmatczak


I arrived in Laugarvatn yesterday afternoon. It's an adorable little lake town (vatn means water) near Gullfoss and Geysir.  I went to the Fontana geothermal baths, which felt great in the wind.  I couldn't believe how windy it was yesterday. It ...

Caves and mud, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Caves and mud

A travel blog entry by cthetravellady


Today was a damp day! We started off by exploring basalt caves along the black sand beach in Vik, where G was able to take shelter from the rain.  We drove to this really cool lava tube to do some spelunking. Lava tubes form when lava flows through ...

Aug 11, 2014, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Aug 11, 2014

A travel blog entry by mup


Day 16 - Vik to Efsti-Dalur Farm, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Day 16 - Vik to Efsti-Dalur Farm

A travel blog entry by iceland2016


We travelled from the Volcano Hotel to a farm guesthouse called Efsti-Dalur, via the Golden Circle, again about 100 kms. As you leave Vik and head west towards Reykjavík the car traffic and tour buses multiply like crazy, including at all the Kodak ...

How long is an Icelandic kilometre?, South, Iceland travel blog

How long is an Icelandic kilometre?

A travel blog entry by fearcuairt


... down. After a three hour delay, we were in yet another car, driving through the wretched rain to Laugarvatn, where we spend our last evening in Iceland soaking in another thermal spa. So is the Icelandic kilometre really longer, or does it just seem ...

Kontakt met de rest van Europa, Suðurland, IJsland travel blog

Kontakt met de rest van Europa

A travel blog entry by raafjes


Ik zit nu even in het restaurant/kantine van ons huisje, om WiFi verbinding te hebben, leuk om alle reacties te lezen bedankt hiervoor!!! Blijf reageren ��. Mail oma is binnen, Han bedankt voor de tip, ga 'm zo aan Edwin doorgeven, gelukkig ...

Euro Idol, Fludir, Iceland travel blog

Euro Idol

A travel blog entry by lolly

We just had our first local lamb and they gave us a super dessert b/c we're on our honeymoon. There were greenhouse grown strawberries in this yummy dessert. The owner of the guesthouse served us and said most of the produce comes from local greenhouses ...

Last Days In Iceland, Skálholt, Iceland travel blog

Last Days In Iceland

A travel blog entry by palkojul


... home, though it took several hours to do. Yay for space savers and nifty packing tips! ^^ Sunday was not only the day we left Iceland but also my 21st birthday. Not the best birthday I've ever had as I had to carry my heavy bags and go through airport ...

Iceland, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by bryce_terri


... we only saw it once. We finished up in true Iceland style with a dip in the natural hot tub at the hostel in Laugarvatn. Sadly our final chance of at seeing the northern lights didn’t materialise, the wrong weather and time of year unfortunately. ...

Aurora Borealis, pravo doživetje, Laugarvatn - Reykjavik, Iceland travel blog

Aurora Borealis, pravo doživetje

A travel blog entry by jana-petan


Dan se počasi poslavlja. Dobili smo avtomobile in tako smo nared za lov na Auroro Borealis. Samo na temo še počakamo. Ob pol desetih se odpeljemo. Kar nekaj časa je potrebno, da se rešimo množice mestnih luči ...

Touristy day, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Touristy day

A travel blog entry by cthetravellady


Today we saw the top tourists sites in all of Iceland; gulfoss and Gysir. We first went to Gulfoss which is a huge multilayer waterfall! It had a huge amount of water flowing down, it is so big with so much water that it is impossible to see the bottom of ...

A cheval 2, le retour, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

A cheval 2, le retour

A travel blog entry by pa.robert


Après une grasse matinée plutôt méritée, vue les péripéties des jours précédents, nous cherchons une fois encore à faire du cheval. Mais cette fois-ci nous misons sur le téléphone plutôt que sur le porte-à-porte. Bien que moins longue, la ...

Le jour d'après, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Le jour d'après

A travel blog entry by pa.robert


Nous nous étions couchés le soir avec l'espoir que la chaleur accumulée avec tant de peine tiendrait autant que possible jusqu’au lendemain. Malheureusement nos souhaits ne furent pas exaucés. Je me réveille, cerné par le froid, malgré mes ...

Hungrige Weihnachten, Laugarvatn, Island travel blog

Hungrige Weihnachten

A travel blog entry by dreamcatching

Mit angespannter Miene sassen wir heute Morgen früh am Küchentisch und starrten die Verkehrskarte von Island an. Die meisten Strassen waren gesperrt! Den zweiten Grund zur Anspannung gaben uns zwei unbeantwortete Anrufe von Hertz, wo wir am ...

On our way to Geysir!, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

On our way to Geysir!

A travel blog entry by fredgmus


... are staying overnight. Dinner: Lindin Bistro Cafe (Lindarbraut 2, Laugarvatn 840, Iceland). Ok (nothing exceptional despite the rave reviews). Expensive compared to other places we visited.  ...

Das Best-of beginnt, Laugarvatn, Iceland travel blog

Das Best-of beginnt

A travel blog entry by dreamcatching


Heute fuhren wir vor der Fahrt nach Laugarvatn nochmals zum Kirkjufell, damit wir auch mal bei Tageslicht ein Foto von diesem Berg machen konnten. Im Anschluss fuhren wir zurück in den Süden und machten dabei noch einen Umweg über den Hraunfossar, ...

Island Tag 2, Skálholt, Iceland travel blog

Island Tag 2

A travel blog entry by madstef55


Melden uns aus Skálholt bei Reykhold. Iceland hat seinen Namen wirklich nicht verdient- - das Wetter ist super. Nach einer Nacht mit schnarchenden und mundschutztragenden Chinesen sind wir den "golden cyrcle" abgefahren. schluchten, wasserfälle, ...

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