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lost on the moon?, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

lost on the moon?

A travel blog entry by rawhideone

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... WAY out of the way for...and then we aim the  Yaris in the direction of the highest farm in all of Iceland, Mothrudalur...the rather stone-hearted woman at the tourist info desk in Egilsstdtir, who used far more profanity than I thought appropriate ...

Vopnafjordur to Fellabaer, Fellabaer, Iceland travel blog

Vopnafjordur to Fellabaer

A travel blog entry by guruzers


. ...

Irgendwo im Nirgendwo, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Irgendwo im Nirgendwo

A travel blog entry by mandrela


Heute haben wir eine lange Autofahrt vor uns. Wir verlassen Höfn gegen 11 Uhr. Wir steigen immer mal wieder aus und machen Fotos von der unglaublichen Landschaft, welche so wechselbar ist.  Island ist ein Tramperland; quasi alle Stunde sieht man ...

Day Four: All About the Ice, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Day Four: All About the Ice

A travel blog entry by rachels694


... days anywhere...and for those who know me and my adventures.....that says a lot!!!!! If I ever get back to Iceland again....I will likely concentrate mainly on the southern coast.....because of time constraints in driving the entire country....we were ...

Shooting sheep and a minor miracle, Neskaupstadur, Iceland travel blog

Shooting sheep and a minor miracle

A travel blog entry by dosqueen


... was at the hotel and I dined on vegetable cutlets in a peanut sauce and some tomato soup. It's the healthiest food I've had in Iceland. It was pretty good, but not altogether memorable. The rest of the evening, it was just me & Captain Corelli - a fine ...

Day 9: July 15, 2007 Reykjahliš to Egilstašir, Egilstašir, Iceland travel blog

Day 9: July 15, 2007 Reykjahliš to Egilstašir

A travel blog entry by magellanic


Day 9: July 15, 2007 Reykjahliš to Egilstašir                           I swear that one of the reasons I come to Iceland is to get a good sleep!  I did not awaken in the night for the first time in years.  I got up at 7:00, ...

A Soggy Day and a Snog-worthy Bobby Ewing?, Eidar and Neskaupstadur, Iceland travel blog

A Soggy Day and a Snog-worthy Bobby Ewing?

A travel blog entry by dosqueen


... as the Lawnmower Man had said when I awoke this morning. And it never improved - it rained all bloody day! Sure, Iceland is still amazingly beautiful smothered in rain and fog but my pictures can't capture that. I'm becoming increasingly disappointed with ...

Puffin Love!, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Puffin Love!

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


... were stuck placing it strategically between some rocks. Trying not to start a wildfire in such an environmentally friendly country as Iceland, we finally got the coals going after about 30 minutes. I couldn't partake in the meat, but the grilled ...

Life is a highway..., Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Life is a highway...

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


... close to shore that was a nice prop for photos, and after admiring the uniqueness of our surroundings one last time we left for Egilsstadir in the east. I imagine many road trips have at least one day of mostly driving, and this was that day for us. ...

Kopasker to Vopnafjordur, Vopnafjordur, Iceland travel blog

Kopasker to Vopnafjordur

A travel blog entry by guruzers


. ...

Two great but dusty drives, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Two great but dusty drives

A travel blog entry by ahartry


... a different (equally dusty) route back up the river valley. This one took us past a hydroelectric plant – it makes sense that Iceland would have many of these, but we’ve seen so many geothermal, and so many of the rivers are all untamed, that ...

30 Kilometers of Bad Road, Egilsstašir, Iceland travel blog

30 Kilometers of Bad Road

A travel blog entry by margreet98


... east road which was washboarded, bumpy and dusty...but we got there.  This waterfall is on the second largest river in Iceland and flows from the Vatnajökull icecap (third largest in the world after the north and south poles...) and flows into the ...

Picking up the pace through the Eastfjords, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Picking up the pace through the Eastfjords

A travel blog entry by casey_matt


Picking up the pace through the Eastfjords We left Skaftafell on a gloomy drizzley day, biking under the figurative shadow of the massive icecap. Our guidebook described this stretch of road as "views of the glittering glaciers and brooding mountains ...

Egilstadir, Heršubreiš, Dettifoss, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Egilstadir, Heršubreiš, Dettifoss

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Skaftafell, Hofn, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by luv2rockclimb


... , and it worked. Then on the bus to Skaftafell I got to sit by Diana from Munig Germany. Her and a friend were biking around Iceland and they needed to take the bus across this one part because of the rivers. She was very nice and I ended up bumping into ...

How to NOT be a  douche.,  Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

How to NOT be a douche.

A travel blog entry by ms_toots


... the traffic signs, how to ask where the bathroom is, learn the numbers, just basic, everyday, essential things. Everyone in Iceland speaks English.  That does not mean, however, that I expect everyone to speak English automatically. I learned to ...

East Fjordland, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

East Fjordland

A travel blog entry by joparky


Today we headed off from the hotel to journey through the East Fjordlands, with a quick stop in Hofn on the way to look at the glacier exhibition. The whole area reminded us of Scotland if a little windier.  The car swayed from side to side as we ...

We are going to support Germany, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

We are going to support Germany

A travel blog entry by snd_1617


Onwards and onwards!, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Onwards and onwards!

A travel blog entry by eskimo


... views of the fjords and coastal mountains. We turned to follow  Seydisfjordur over the high ground into the valley and Egilsstadir. A perfect landing, it seemed much windier on the ground than the 9kts given. The customs officer came out to the ...

Kjellurnar, Egilsstašir, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by reisufarar

Jęja krakkar mķnir, viš ķ Laugavallacrewinu erum aš fara til SA-Asķu. Žaš veršur gaman. Žaš veršur lķka gaman hér aš lesa bloggin okkar. Ok SEEYA ...

Egilsstadir, Egilsstaðir, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jollyskiem

_ ...

Die Ostfjorde, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Die Ostfjorde

A travel blog entry by sixsixsixteen


... müssen wir feststellen, dass das Schwarzbrot mit Salz und Zucker hergestellt wurde und dementsprechend lustig schmeckt. Über Egilsstadir hängt eine dicke Wolkendecke und wir müssen uns warm einpacken. Wir kaufen noch einen ...

Sight-seeing to Egilsstadir, Iceland, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Sight-seeing to Egilsstadir, Iceland

A travel blog entry by eskimo


... sand beach; the attendant wide valley is the delta area for two major rivers, one of which led us to our destination, Egilsstadir. The flight had taken just under 2.5hrs and although the sun was shining through clear skies above, the 10kt northerly wind ...

Dag 6: van höfn naar egilsstadir, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Dag 6: van höfn naar egilsstadir

A travel blog entry by sara_en_joris


... als in het frans. Er is ook een klein kerkhofje met franse zeelieden die vergingen voor de ijslandse kust. Voor we naar egilsstadir reden hadden we nog 1 stop gepland. In de gids die we via ijslandreizen hadden gekregen hadden we iets gelezen over een ...

Scariest drive of my life, Eastffjords - Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

Scariest drive of my life

A travel blog entry by debfryers


... the middle of Iceland - the very North the bit I am most excited about - some whale watching and maybe if I can pluck up more courage (after today's drive) I love the idea of seeing Iceland from above to get perspective of where I have been driving ...

Egilsstadir, Egilsstaðir, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisnicolehall


... in these parts of Iceland. Interesting facts: We have learned many interesting facts about Iceland. For example, we have discovered that Iceland is the second windiest country of the world. Can you guess the country which holds first place? Send us your ...

Fljótsdalshérad, Egilsstašir, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jiripek


... ; fakt potřebuješ něco stopnout, tak jsou dva levely. Nejdřķv si zkus obléc Tįrikovo tirko s nįpisem Lost in Iceland a trošku se uprav. Když to nepomůže, tak si hoď baťoh na hrb a kousek jdi. Funguje ...

Vagar to Egilsstadir Iceland., Egilsstadir. iceland, Iceland travel blog

Vagar to Egilsstadir Iceland.

A travel blog entry by kr2worldtour

Day 13, 4th July 2014. Vagar to Egilsstadir Iceland.                       312 miles  3:32hrs ...

Bręšslan!, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauraexplora


... city in east Iceland. It was amazing to fly across the country because I got to see part of Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Iceland. It was immense. You could see patterns of ash and little blue green lakes on the surface of the glacier. I tried to ...

The Sun Came Out Today!, Egilsstadir, Iceland travel blog

The Sun Came Out Today!

A travel blog entry by abalzer


... had a need to go somewhere they needed to approximate how many pairs of shoes they would need to pack.  Interesting, remember Iceland was isolated from the world so they had to make do with what they had and every last thing was used in multiple ...

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