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A travel blog entry by rawhideone

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... Stina, who is standing on the opposite end of the spectrum of thought, states that without globalization, the people of Iceland would probably still be living in their grass-roofed huts and stone buildings built into the mountainside, a largely ...

Coffie in Djupivogur, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Coffie in Djupivogur

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Off the ship to Djupivogur, Iceland, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Off the ship to Djupivogur, Iceland

A travel blog entry by guruzers


. ...

Off to Hofn, Hofn, Iceland travel blog

Off to Hofn

A travel blog entry by dosqueen


Is it so wrong of me to be sick of writing in this journal? Yeah, yeah, I know later that I'll cherish it as memories fade, but it's still a friggin' pain at the mo'. Done whinging. I woke up to see the sunrise and I could tell already that the ...

Terug naar IJsland Oost., Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Terug naar IJsland Oost.

A travel blog entry by 2_travellers


... konden zetten voor een bakkie thee. Omdat het nog niet zo laat was zijn we nog een eind langs de kust gereden richting Djupivogur en we kwamen onderweg mooie rotspartijen tegen zoals Mt. Eystrahorn (729 m). We zijn tot Hvalnes gekomen en hebben de camper ...

Niiiiceland Day 3, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Niiiiceland Day 3

A travel blog entry by cadkinsca


... but it gets 25,000 visitors a year at about $6.00 a pop, so who am I to disparage them. I spent the night in Djupivogur, which has a population of only around 400, but has much better tourist amenities than one would think because it is it the terminus ...

Day at Sea: Tórshavn to Grundarfjörður, Iceland, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Day at Sea: Tórshavn to Grundarfjörður, Iceland

A travel blog entry by maddogtj

... 's library is also doing a brisk business with everyone checking out DVDs and books. We are looking forward to arriving in Iceland tomorrow at 1:00pm. Unfortunately, I signed us up for a boat tour there...all because it seemed like our best chance of ...

Glaciers and Horses, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Glaciers and Horses

A travel blog entry by paula.lupkin


Just a quick entry to introduce some pictures of our day in Djupivogur, Hofn and the Hoffellssjokul Glacier.  After a brief stop in Djupi (as I think of it) to see a little church, eat some delicious pastry, and buy a souvenir from some local kids, ...

Fjords de l'est, Djúpivogur, Islande travel blog

Fjords de l'est

A travel blog entry by nathdeslauriers


Volcans éteints et rivières glaciales sont au menu aujourd'hui. Falaises vertigineuses au bord de la mer et colonies de macareux et autres oiseaux de mer sur l'île de Papey. Croisière et mal de mer. Ouais. Et, ah oui, y ...

Ice and Fire / Water and Rocks, Starmýri, Iceland travel blog

Ice and Fire / Water and Rocks

A travel blog entry by lolly


... and I were both dizzy, then we popped out on the other side of May 9th, everything seemed normal but were married and in Iceland! (Not so dreamlike of a dream actually) I also had a dream last night about standing at the edge of a mountain with a great ...

Middle Earth and Beyond, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Middle Earth and Beyond

A travel blog entry by nesstrav


... the harbor, and back out toward our final destination for the evening. On our way to the tunnel that would eventually bring us to Djupivogur for the evening, we stopped in to see the Viking Village.  The road turned out to be closed so we were unable ...

Giorno 2, Djúpivogur, Islanda travel blog

Giorno 2

A travel blog entry by giulin


Verso il ghiacciaio!! Chicca su Nadia signora romana che ha viaggiato con bagaglio a mano... stupita del freddo ieri ha comperato maglione e guanti. Oggi, visto che c'è l'escursione, qualcuno le presta gli scarponcini... E dire che è una che ...

La pointe sud de l'Islande, Berunes, Iceland travel blog

La pointe sud de l'Islande

A travel blog entry by danmath


Aujourd'hui, il fait frette!!! Nous découvrons la pointe la plus au sud de l'Islande avant d'entrer dans l'est. C'est un peu moins agréable que les jours précédents. La température y est pour beaucoup mais aussi le paysage qui est différent... En ...

På vei ned østkysten, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

På vei ned østkysten

A travel blog entry by atas

. ...

We saw ice!, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

We saw ice!

A travel blog entry by bre.willman


... awesome as it started to rain and the wind from the glacier made it incredibly cold. We made it down and started our way to Djupivogur and far east on the island. We made a wrong turn and found Hofn and dinner :) our first real meal was warm and filling ...

East coast Iceland, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

East coast Iceland

A travel blog entry by andreatravels


... Iceland resembles a very large small town where everyone knows everyone else. After the pass we came to the little fishing village of Djupivogur, where we would do a walk along the seashore.  After the walk we stopped at the hotel in town for a ...

Off to the East, East, Iceland travel blog

Off to the East

A travel blog entry by kingy2


... down the road there is a car park next to a very impressive site. Turns out this is the most Geo Thermally active area in Iceland. Hard to describe (again, I'll put some pictures up when I get a decent connection) but it's like the landscape on a foreign ...

6th CRUISE STOP:  DJUPIVOGUR, ICELAND, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lorenzo1


... regarding the rate which lichen and moss and other plants are established on this non-fertile lava rock landform. Back to (remember) Djupivogur.  The ship was too big for the port’s fishing vessel-size pier so we took the tenders to ...

Djupivogur -- We missed it!, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Djupivogur -- We missed it!

A travel blog entry by rambling_roamer

... we were supposed to go on would have been very good in the rain and fog. I do feel bad for the people of Djupivogur, especially those who depend on tourist spending for their livelihood. The entertainment staff on the ship was quick to fill the day with ...

Scenic Drive, Djúpivogur, Iceland travel blog

Scenic Drive

A travel blog entry by kplante53


We drove from Djupivogur through the eastern fjords which were supposed to be beautiful.  The fog cover was so thick you could see only about fifty yards in front of you.  A lot of fun driving on winding roads with steep cliffs that fall off to ...

It's pretty cool, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

It's pretty cool

A travel blog entry by mariatche


Ik heb een uitzonderlijke lange nachtrust gehad van 9,30 pm tot 5.30 am, alleen Dirk heb ik horen binnenkomen met een tevreden gevoel, de muziek was goed. Vannacht werd de klok weer een uur terug gedraaid. We zeilen in full speed naar Djúpivogur, ...

Glaciers and Icebergs, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Glaciers and Icebergs

A travel blog entry by jivebarber

... , to tall mountains and fjords at the Eastern end of our journey. Our hotel (Framtid) was in the little village of Djupivogur, a fishing village. The hotel bedrooms were built of pine and the corridor had a high vaulted ceiling and a stained glass window! ...

East Iceland, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

East Iceland

A travel blog entry by justinmichelle


Djupivogur Breidalsvik Stodvarfjordur Reydarfjordur Neskaupstadur Eskifjordur Hengifoss Egilsstadir Detifoss Reykjahlio ...

Wettest day ever, Djupivogur, Iceland travel blog

Wettest day ever

A travel blog entry by bondytourers


... buy something nice for lunch and ate it in the car out at the end of the harbour. The drive to the fishing village of Djupivogur is one of the most scenic. Close to the coast, winding around peninsulas and fiords with high steep cliffs of scree that often ...

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