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A Bitter Battle, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

A Bitter Battle

A travel blog entry by eundel

This is a top pick!

... a dollar more. The main ticket got you into the chapel, which was elaborately decorated in same colorful style I had seen throughout Hungary, for example in  Matthais Church in Buda. In the 11th century crypt, a modern artist was creating a large ...

Monastaries, hotel madness, Hungarian relatives, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Monastaries, hotel madness, Hungarian relatives

A travel blog entry by carleenrenee


... years old, but have been restored nicely, so they look fantastic. From Suceava, we had a grueling two days of travelling to reach Pecs, Hungary. The first day of travel we spent ten and a half hours on the most disgusting train I have ever laid eyes on. ...

Daytrip to Pecs, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Daytrip to Pecs

A travel blog entry by fiseb


Pecs - European Culture Capital for 2010...was a little dead considering its upcoming celebration. There were definitely many pretty buildings and squares to wander through, but the absence of people really made it feel a little ...

Following the Blue Danube..., Pécs, Hungary travel blog

Following the Blue Danube...

A travel blog entry by aliandcam


... on track though, and stopped off at a couple of nice little towns on the way - we saw the biggest church in Hungary in Esztergom, (and 3 different brides and their entourages, must be a popular place) before reaching wonderful Budapest - which has to ...

Arrival in Pécs (Paich), Pécs, Hungary travel blog

Arrival in Pécs (Paich)

A travel blog entry by benkeats


... gave Sam a breath-test just to be sure that we were OK to ride (yeah right!!!)...the legal limit in both Croatia and Hungary is 0.00 strictly enforced...Sam`s reading 0.22...the Policeman laughed said no problem my friend and sent us on our wobbly way. ...

Unbelievable Luck, Pécs, Hungary travel blog

Unbelievable Luck

A travel blog entry by benkeats


Unbelievably, after our time spent on the internet yesterday, Sam was heading to a payphone in an attempt to track down Akos through his parents...when the two of them run into each other in the street, 5 metres from the phone. A couple of seconds later ...

Pécs, Pécs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuelgrant9


... I am sure that there is still plenty to come.. Have had a great couple of days here catching up with Akos, a mate of mine from Hungary. He and I went to college together and we bumped into each other in the main street in Pécs. we had not seen each ...

The miracle of church in Pecs, Pécs, Hungary travel blog

The miracle of church in Pecs

A travel blog entry by randyandchrissy


... for lunch the next day when we picked up our drying laundry. So nice! Pecs has definately been the highlight of our Hungary stint. Pecs is where my family lived for a semester when I was 9 years old (this is Chrissy writing now if ...

clean, Pecs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by bsuarez


I am now in Pécs. I don´t know if I would have gone to the city if I didn´t know anyone here, but I am glad I came. The city is what Budapest might look like if it had clean exteriors and wasn´t as big. The people here feel more upbeat too, and more ...

Pécs: Churches, Mosques and Synagogues, Pécs, Hungary travel blog

Pécs: Churches, Mosques and Synagogues

A travel blog entry by wilsondm5


... filled with art, museums, decorative tile and Roman Ruins. Pécs has one of the two largest Universities in Hungary, rivalling Budapest. With 30,000 students, Pecs has a youthful feel. Our 3 hr train ride to Pécs was quite pleasant. We arrived ...

Pecs, Pecs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by lrh002


... over here, plus I haven't been anywhere all that interesting to write about.  But, this has changed with my weekend trip to Pecs, Hungary.  The trip was organized with the school so all the McDaniel study abroad students joined me on the trip.  Pecs is ...

Pecs, Harkany & Villany (D), Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Pecs, Harkany & Villany (D)

A travel blog entry by brionyanddan


... turn south again in our quest towards Istanbul. Following recommendations from Laci who studied there for 4 years we headed to Pecs in south Hungary, a pretty university town. Our campsite was the smallest yet, probably with room for about 20 families and ...

The Lonely Planet is not my friend, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

The Lonely Planet is not my friend

A travel blog entry by klh1


... book, we decided to spend a day in Pecs as we made our way to Croatia. According to the Lonely Planet, Pecs is a perfect stop on the way from Hungary to Croatia and all the 'must-see' sights are open on Sunday and closed on Monday...WRONG. Our day may ...

Day 313 - Back to School, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Day 313 - Back to School

A travel blog entry by everett.butler


... remind me of all the good times and friends left behind.  All it took was a few days in Pecs, a booming college town in the south of Hungary.  When summer is over and the new semester starts, the population almost doubles and it’s like ...

Are you Termal or Thermal?, Gyor, Sopron, Kesthely, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Are you Termal or Thermal?

A travel blog entry by sands


20/08/04 - 26/08/04 Next stop & country please.......we now headed into Gyor, Hungary - the land of Goulash and other great food... Too much.....ahhh!!! (as Homer Simpson would say with his mouth drooling). Gyor was a beautiful little town with a one ...

What a day! well having a fantastic time in ..., Pecs, Hungary travel blog

What a day! well having a fantastic time in ...

A travel blog entry by grinspinner

What a day! Well having a fantastic time in Hungary, a couple more days before i head north into Slovakia. A very entertaining time, if this diary entry is something to go by.... I headed north early morning, a 5 hour trip up one of the most ...

Hupikek Torpikek ..., Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Hupikek Torpikek ...

A travel blog entry by jb.


... now knew someone there, we figured why not. While there, we made our way to a tiny town some 20kms away which houses Hungary's largest thermal bath complex. The place was teeming & it was an interesting experience. Justin & I must have brought the ...

Pécs, Pécs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by gomila

Pics ...

Are we crazy?, Pecs (Mohacs actually), Hungary travel blog

Are we crazy?

A travel blog entry by smbapc


... delays at the beginning, we have wanted to try to get back on we wanted to squeeze in a quick trip to southern Hungary...specifically a place called Mohacs. In fact, we wanted to do this so much, that we last minute decided to take a late ...

Pecs - Hungary, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Pecs - Hungary

A travel blog entry by roamingmonk


... one roof and crescent moons on another -  we labelled these oddities as a "Chosque".  While mainly Christian in Hungary, you do see some fantastic mosques, many of which originated from Turkish invasions anywhere from 8th-16th centuries, as well ...

Vibika Was a Bad Choice..., Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Vibika Was a Bad Choice...

A travel blog entry by durnadupa

After spending the previous day seeing all the sights we decided to head out to the 15th century Barbakan "Tower" for the annual Pecs Folk & Roll concert.  We climbed up to the Barbakan to watch the concert taking place in the former concert ...

Padlocks of Lovers and Gypsy Dancing, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Padlocks of Lovers and Gypsy Dancing

A travel blog entry by durnadupa


... the victim of discrimination (some of which seems to be deserved).  Though the Roma population of Hungary is deeply stigmatized, it seemed that the Roma of Pecs were deeply respected due to their musical prowess.  It was nice to see that in at ...

I Want to Go to Pecs, Not Paich!, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

I Want to Go to Pecs, Not Paich!

A travel blog entry by durnadupa

... be roaming through.  From this research I discovered how truly out of place and odd the country of Hungary is.  Hungary is a landlocked nation surrounded by Slavic, Romance, and Germanic speaking peoples, but having absolutely no relationship ...

Best ever., Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Best ever.

A travel blog entry by kata1207

This is the first city (other than Budapest) I would not mind doing an internship in. The city is so peaceful, clean and calm. This is the town I loved without doubt.  I especially loved their massive city square, where everything was in ...

Killers, an organ, and a mosque, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Killers, an organ, and a mosque

A travel blog entry by heathalessleofo


... out of them. Though we will return one last time later in the trip when we visit Slovenia.  Today our destination was Hungary, and after some morning playtime in the playground we set off.  Another warm sunny day made for a beautiful drive and ...

Bubble and boil ..., Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Bubble and boil ...

A travel blog entry by eileenj

... 75 degrees Celsius. I know there are hot springs in different parts of the Rockies in Canada but they don't compare to the thermal baths in Hungary. You know how I had said it was almost too hot in Pecs, well I said so to the British woman I went to the ...

Pecs, Pecs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by calvin.latha


... a huge wave, Afghan women...So many pictures that make you stop and think. It was Easter Sunday the next day, and Catholic Hungary is observing the holiday.  We wanted to have cornflakes for breakfast, but didn't get the choice that morning.  ...

Pecs, Pecs, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by bangkokrandy

Also visited several times, including visit to my friend Marta, whom I met in Frankfurt while she was doing an AIESEC traineeship ...

Abandoned Water Parks, Orfű, Hungary travel blog

Abandoned Water Parks

A travel blog entry by bobofgold

... accusation but the last couple of hours on the train were spent in awkward silence... We went pretty much straight on down from Budapest to Pecs in the south from where we got a taxi to a town called Orfű. This is one of the weirdest places I have ...

Pecs and Leonardo, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Pecs and Leonardo

A travel blog entry by gandablog

Wednesday Pecs There is a Leonardo exhibition in Pecs at the moment. There is no actual Leonardo material but mostly models and displays of materials from the codices. They have spectacular models of the flying machine and spring driven automobile. ...

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