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Another Day Trip, Komarom, Hungary travel blog

Another Day Trip

A travel blog entry by dancer_alison


... lack of pictures (my camera takes photos that aren't in jpeg, his does). Back in the car.  This time to Komarom, northwest of Tata.  There is located a vast underground bunker system and fortress, first built by the Austrians, but later ...

Donauradweg: Gyor to Komarom, 57km, Komárom, Hungary travel blog

Donauradweg: Gyor to Komarom, 57km

A travel blog entry by michellendave


May 25, 2013 Györ to Komárom Hungary, 57 km (1106 km total) 10-17C cloudy/ little sun Forrás Hotel & Spa, Including Breakfast, Single - HUF 10500 ($46.78) Double - HUF 14500 ($64.61)        Didn't See the River All Day Once we ...

Viking Skadi cabin, Komarom, Hungary travel blog

Viking Skadi cabin

A travel blog entry by rooksie


Thought you might like to see photos of our cabin.. It's pretty compact with a foot between our beds but the beds and bedding are comfy and the cabin has everything you need.  Sorry this should have come after the next post but due to technical ...

Determined to get this blog caught up!, Komarom, Hungary travel blog

Determined to get this blog caught up!

A travel blog entry by rooksie


I've been having a terrible time getting the blog caught up.. Eyes blurry, countless head snaps as I doze off mid sentence. Diann and I stayed up far too late last night watching tv (Diann) and me writing my blog so that 6:15 am came far too soon! Soooo ...

Rising Damp!, Domos, Hungary travel blog

Rising Damp!

A travel blog entry by startrailers


It rained most of the way to Hungary.  We managed to navigate our way through Vienna and on to the right motorway   The Austrian motorway started to deteriorate as we got nearer the border.  We got our vignette for the Hungarian ...

Another lesson in Hungarian history, Komárom, Hungary travel blog

Another lesson in Hungarian history

A travel blog entry by in_cherkauers


... the site. The drive into Slovakia is much easier than it was even a decade ago, though much of the animosity between Hungary and Slovakia still remains.  The statues of famous Hungarians have reappeared in that time, as have dual language street ...

Acs, Komarom, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by lukeandsarah

... huge potholes, sometimes road just disappears into pebbles (like riding on brighton beach) or just a sand path with ruts everywhere. Hungary is crazy beautiful, rolling fields of colourful crops. SUPER HOT. High thirties and no shade ALL day. Bad day to ...

Cycling the Vast Flat Hot Hungarian Plain: Part 3, Komárom, Hungary travel blog

Cycling the Vast Flat Hot Hungarian Plain: Part 3

A travel blog entry by jenniferklm


... a significant amount of mileage, but still no signage. We dithered around and finally saw another local cyclist to ask. Yup, Komarom straight ahead. Hurray!     Now feeling very optimistic that the end was close, we pedalled off and discovered ...

King claims plagiarism, Domos, Hungary travel blog

King claims plagiarism

A travel blog entry by plimmerton


"Vom  yah drungage," Queen G said at their signing ceremony at Visegoth, (now Hungary) back in 1344 , "Das volks Ymprezd kon Ye tha valuus das ute vok hart furh vat Ye swant ibi lyphe, das uter worord tis uter spoon unt ...

The Reason I Called This Meeting, Komarom, Hungary travel blog

The Reason I Called This Meeting

A travel blog entry by bagman


... of pork and potato to see Rod Serling standing off to the side. "Consider the case of Mr. Bagman - an American sent to Hungary to teach Japanese business practices..." Actually, Rod fits in well here. The Hungarian dress code hints at a 50's sort of ...

The Pilis and Visegrad Hills Part 2, Domos, Hungary travel blog

The Pilis and Visegrad Hills Part 2

A travel blog entry by heatherandjohn


... popular walking spot and I have to say that we saw more people out today then we have the whole time we have been in Hungary. Dobogoko is at 699 meters above sea level and the development is down to the Hungarian Association of Walkers set up in 1891. ...

Go By Train To Komarom, Komarom, Hungary travel blog

Go By Train To Komarom

A travel blog entry by bagman


... to Komarom. She indicates that she will be getting off at Tata, just outside Tatabanya. It looks like the next major stop is Komarom. "Tesco," she emphasizes, pointing to Komarom, "Tesco." I think Tesco is a store. I remember seeing an ad for it in a ...

visiting auntie Ludmila, Komarom, Slovakia travel blog

visiting auntie Ludmila

A travel blog entry by bogna

We stayed at aunties for a few dyas before we had gone to Hungary. Beautiful place  - mountains, nature and ...

Dunakiliti - Komárom, Komárom, Hungary travel blog

Dunakiliti - Komárom

A travel blog entry by achim


11.05.2011 17. Etappe Start: Dunakiliti Startzeit: 7:40 Uhr km: 101 Gesamt km: 1593 Ziel: Komárom Morgens Pilgerstempel im Rathaus von Dunakiliti. Vorher Kaffe und trockenes Brötchen beim Bäcker. Selbstredend kommt der Wind aus Ost. Vor 8 ...

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