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Hungary for stitchlessness., Fertod, Hungary travel blog

Hungary for stitchlessness.

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


... a mansion. All in the courtyard they had statues of men and children stabbing some kind or sea creature. We didn’t realize that Hungary had anything to do with the ocean, being so far in the middle of a giant continent. Later in a truck-stop park, ...

My breakaway, Fertod, Hungary travel blog

My breakaway

A travel blog entry by thailon


Trocha som sa utrhol a tak ostatných čakám asi 35 minút v dedinke Fertod. Spolu pokračujeme do Pamhagenu, kde plánujeme obed. My little breakaway means I wait for the others for 35 minutes. Then we continue together to Pamhagen. There is ...

A lunch break, Pamhagen, Hungary travel blog

A lunch break

A travel blog entry by thailon


Najvyšší čas na Gordon blue s i pivkom (ako inak Radler). Ľuďom sa už moc nechce pokračovať a tak sa dohadujeme, že tým čo sa nechce pokračujú najkratšou cestou cez Illmitz do Podersdorf am ...

Hongarije!, Fertod, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by 10a

Esterházy Kastely in ...

Day 4, Fertőd, Hungary travel blog

Day 4

A travel blog entry by urykov


Закончили презентацию. Местные ...

Hungarian Suprises, Fertőd, Hungary travel blog

Hungarian Suprises

A travel blog entry by millarmotortour


Smaller cities and town of Hungary are very relaxed. The families are busy with work and kids. The Hungarian economy has not joined the European Union yet. Most families have a dog - more for security - although crime is very low. Discos start around ...

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