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Chez des amis à ma tante Jatu !!!, Labé, Guinea travel blog

Chez des amis à ma tante Jatu !!!

A travel blog entry by cmuller


Entree du Fouta Djalon, Labe, Guinea travel blog

Entree du Fouta Djalon

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


On remarque tout de suite la transition avec la guinee bissau. Pas de route mais des pistes rouges qui oblige a nettoyer tout vos habits et vos sacs tous les jours. Et il fait frais pendant les nuits car on est a plus de 1000 m d ...

Red dust and rocky roads.., Labe, Guinea travel blog

Red dust and rocky roads..

A travel blog entry by timshazz


... we’d done but it filled a gap. The proximity to the road meant we had quite a few visits from inquisitive locals, including the police, during the night but at no point did we feel under threat. Guinea certainly was turning out to be ...

A day of reorganising..., Labe, Guinea travel blog

A day of reorganising...

A travel blog entry by beattie99


... heading off tomorrow! Hmm and then we met the Germans. Or the purveyors of doom (the individual's not the population). So, they live in guinea and have for 10 years, worked all over Africa for 20, here's the advice; 1. Don't go to cote divore, go to ...

An African slap!, Labe, Guinea travel blog

An African slap!

A travel blog entry by beattie99


... , my hands were cramping making my fingers look like tendrils (don't want to be dramatic but it's true!) We tries to press onto Labe but our heads dropped when we heard it was still 60km and again we only had an hour of daylight left. We would never make. ...

travelling the hard way, Labé, Guinea travel blog

travelling the hard way

A travel blog entry by asci


is what guineans do...i needed the last 2 days to go from bissau to labe; 450 km all in all. But when ur average vmax equals 20 km/h then this is a large distance. One of the reasons i bought my car was because i could avoid the peugot 405 combi shared ...

Fouta Djalon, Labé, Guinea travel blog

Fouta Djalon

A travel blog entry by jeanchristophes


... kilometres inland from Conakry, you reach the pleasant rolling hills of the Fouta Djalon, altitude 1200 metres. Having travelled through Guinea but not stopping in the countryside I was looking forwards to escaping the hassles of the city. Dalaba our ...

No home, no beer, no fear., Labe, Guinea travel blog

No home, no beer, no fear.

A travel blog entry by trig


... we were heading up into the hills and mountains of northern Guinea. Senegal had been very flat with open mangroves and swamps, Guinea-Bissau much more foresty and, Guinea foresty and mountainy (I don’t think some of those words are actual words!). ...

Guinea part 1, Labé, Guinea travel blog

Guinea part 1

A travel blog entry by kenziertw


... the Gambia River. Cookgroup with Amanda - Marianne was ill. Bushcamped. 20th December Amanda & I did lunch. Got to the Guinea border, where it took 4.5 hours to process 15 passports. We spent the time playing frisbee with the local kids. The last 9 ...

Fouta Djalon, Hassan and overwhelming  kindness, Douki, Guinea travel blog

Fouta Djalon, Hassan and overwhelming kindness

A travel blog entry by robspackman


... flat place so as you travel about it the sight of inclined jungle covers hillocks, escapements, canyons and rocks is arresting. Guinea has lots of these features with pretty Fulla villages nestling beneath impossible rocky slopes. There is little tourist ...

Diaoube – Koundara – Labe, Labe, Guinea travel blog

Diaoube – Koundara – Labe

A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


... Kids um den Truck versammeln und die Lehrer sie wieder einfangen müssen. Gegen Mittag tauschen wir in Kouandara Westafrican Francs in Guinea Francs (1 Euro = 9000 Francs) besorgen uns was zu essen und kaufen auf dem Markt ein. Leider hält unser Glück ...

The next part of my very long journey, Labe, Guinea travel blog

The next part of my very long journey

A travel blog entry by meltin4


... about the number of people you might expect to find with you in a shared car in this part of the world. In Guinea however, I discovered this number increases significantly. On the first little part of my journey from Koumbia, in a normal seven seater ...

Guinea (Not so foul), Labe, Guinea travel blog

Guinea (Not so foul)

A travel blog entry by mushbird25


... crossing into Guinea only took us about 45 mins, we didn't even have to get off of the truck so I'm liking Guinea already. The landscape become more green and tropical looking and the locals seemed even friendlier. Almost every person we ...

Fonta Djalons region, Guinea, Dantari, Guinea travel blog

Fonta Djalons region, Guinea

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


... in French and then we had to leave and the magic moment passed. Wow! The border crossing as swift. By 9.15am we were in Guinea. Happy days! Lunch time was a rather crazy affair. From the moment we stopped, Maria and I darted around the markets with our ...

COS Trip, Douki, Guinea travel blog

COS Trip

A travel blog entry by panchi111

hello ...

touba, Labe, Guinea travel blog


A travel blog entry by amaythijs


... grensovergang. weer in senegal. verder fietsen tot ik bij een groot kruispunt kwam waar ik met een peugeot 504 mee kon naar guinea_conackry.helemaal volgeladen 16 personen. 4 voorin, wat helemaal klote zit kan ik je vertellen en zelfs mensen op het dak. ...

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