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Tinos... by accident, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Tinos... by accident

A travel blog entry by tavini

This is a top pick!

Coming ...

Andros, Greece, Ándros, Greece travel blog

Andros, Greece

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


Aegean Cruise, Aegean Sea, Greece travel blog

Aegean Cruise

A travel blog entry by shannon


This week we went on a cruise around the Aegean Sea. It was amazing, and we got to see some really cool places. Our ship's name was the Aegean One. It wasn't very big, but it was the only cruise ship I've ever been on, so I thought it was cool. We ...

Batsi Beach, Andros Greece , Batsi, Andros Island, Greece, Greece travel blog

Batsi Beach, Andros Greece

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


Three islands in one day...., Tinos, Greece travel blog

Three islands in one day....

A travel blog entry by llk


This morning we woke up in Tinos.... best know for a church the is the Greek equivalent of Lourdes. People crawl on their knees to an icon of the Virgin Mary.... it was a very sacred and interesting place.... lots of spritiual energy. We had a whole hour ...



A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


This is the 2nd trip this month....this time visiting one of the 4 islands of Sporades - the Island of SKIATHOS I have booked two tickets, for me and my husband 4 months earlier flying with the Aegean. The reason for this trip is that on Saturday the ...

Tinos, Tinos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by amanda_odwin


... After the war of Greece Independence the icon was excavated - unscathed. This icon was of the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel. Know in Greece as the Megalóchari (pronounced meg-a-lo-har-ree) which in English means the Great Joy, which is found to have ...

our very first cruise,  Mediterranean Sea, Greece travel blog

our very first cruise

A travel blog entry by karana


Taxi to Piraeus quay where we were greeted by the Holland America staff and after waiting a short time in a huge marquee we were very efficiently processed by their affable team and soon boarded the MS Rotterdam. How exciting! Once on board we were ...

Greece 1991 + 2000, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Greece 1991 + 2000

A travel blog entry by georgia910

I came to Tinos once when I was very young with my parents, and again with a friend of mine from london (sarah grocutt). we had an amazing time and got extremely ...

Gargarou by evening, Peloponnese, Greece travel blog

Gargarou by evening

A travel blog entry by arwie


A good sleep then up early, excited to be on our way. In daylight Patras port is very smart with shady grassed areas with benches and a new cafe with extremely smart loos. Travelling makes one appreciate a good loo! Toasted sandwich and big coffee at ...

Off to Tinos, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Off to Tinos

A travel blog entry by sarniasiren


... ;trip over to Tinos. ...

Pigros and Panoramas, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Pigros and Panoramas

A travel blog entry by sarniasiren


Our ...

Athens-Tinos, Tinos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by nsadventures

Today our tour officially starts. We gather at 9 and head to the Acropolis for a guided tour. The place is mobbed and the day is warm. We see the hear about the history of the acropolis and see the hillsides where Athenians met to make decisions- ...

Sleeping amongst the Pistashios, Syros, Greece travel blog

Sleeping amongst the Pistashios

A travel blog entry by raniroo

When we finally arrived by ferry in Syros we were looking forward to actually starting our holiday. I was not off the ferry for 5 minutes and we were walking down the street, I slipped in the gutter and landed turtle style (pack on back, daypack on ...

Tinos in the spring, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Tinos in the spring

A travel blog entry by sikbru


... 2 weeks of summer weather and the Greek Easter was cold  with lots of rain. Great weather for everything green in Tinos that's obvious for there were even more flowers as usual, it's incredible how the Tinos landscape can vary through the seaons. ...

All alone on the Island of Snakes..., Tínos, Greece travel blog

All alone on the Island of Snakes...

A travel blog entry by lkayeurope10


... that the ancient name "Offiussa" actually means "Island of Snakes"...awesome.  It also has the most famous church in Greece, where people go on pilgrimage every year, so you can only imagine the overwhelming amount of religious souvenirs they ...

Off To Santorini, Greek Islands, Greece travel blog

Off To Santorini

A travel blog entry by shauncameron

Im is Santorini now. Beautiful Island. Meeting up with some mates so should be ...

Day 1 of Cruise: Mykonos, Mykonsos, Greece travel blog

Day 1 of Cruise: Mykonos

A travel blog entry by ahill923


We embarked on the cruise today!! For the next 4 days, I will be on a Mediterranean Cruise to Mykonos, Turkey, Patmos, Rhodes, Knossos, and Santarini. We left the Artemis at 7:00am and headed to the port. We made it through security and got onto the boat ...

Annette, Tinos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by alessandrodegiu

... c'č vento (o forse che č troppo). Mi rendo conto che non sarŕ la vacanza che ho immaginato. Attracchiamo al porto di Tinos verso le 4 e con Grace e Annette salgo al santuario che sovrasta il paese. Pare che siamo arrivati in un posto molto caro alla ...

Vounaria -  Akti Taverna, Peloponnese, Greece travel blog

Vounaria - Akti Taverna

A travel blog entry by arwie


Try the taverna in Vounaria on the hill above Peroulia. Good views but the taverna is not up to ...

Last day, Peloponnese, Greece travel blog

Last day

A travel blog entry by arwie


Up early for swim and dog walk on Gargarou beach. We have met Paris on several occasions during our early morning swim. He lives just up the lane and only swims in the height of the summer. He cannot believe that we did not freeze to death swimming ...

Walk to Kombi, Peloponnese, Greece travel blog

Walk to Kombi

A travel blog entry by arwie

Lovely evening so we walk the dogs to Kombi, our nearest small village and try the little taverna that always looks shut. It is open and we are ushered through the house on to the most marvellous balcony with views of the coast from Peroulia to Koroni. ...

Relaxing trip to Agios Andreas, Agios Andreas, Greece travel blog

Relaxing trip to Agios Andreas

A travel blog entry by wanderer98


... oven; the wonderful stifado; aubergines and courgettes cooked as a vegetable accompaniment to the best pork we have ever eaten in Greece. It just melted in your mouth.  What made our our stay extra good was the kindness of the family ...

Idyllic Greek island life, Tinos , Greece travel blog

Idyllic Greek island life

A travel blog entry by kiwi.campers


... island are all the mandatory white with blue shutters.  Our first two days were spent in a beach town near Lavrios south of Athens. Eva's parents retreat here often to escape the heat of Athens. Most of Greece returns to work/school ...

The Greek Islands - Tinos, Tinos, Greece travel blog

The Greek Islands - Tinos

A travel blog entry by maccanat29


... the doors to the ferry port station opened and were able to get into the cool away from the sun.    We arrived at Tinos quite by chance – we were meant to be going to Mykanos but during the booking, we made a mistake as there are two ...

Tinos, Tínos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by nicolewang



One ferry for twenty-six hours, Tinos, Greece travel blog

One ferry for twenty-six hours

A travel blog entry by mskinner96


... once we caved and got a cabin. Sort of like an inexpensive cruise because we got to see several "ports of call" (Skiathos, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos). Only on this cruise, there was nothing to do except read, often no food was available, and you ...

Tinos, Tinos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by goldenbrown21


Tinos After another early start to get a ferry to Tinos, I was lucky to manage to obtain accommadation within 2 minutes of entering the the town of Hora. After  few hours of much needed sleep, I ventured to the Evangelist church to light ...

Job swap, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Job swap

A travel blog entry by roxie.carpenter

... Consistent and stronger winds means fantastic sailing and tons more experience. The islands are famous for being the most stunning in Greece with well known images of beautiful white houses topped with bright blue roofs.First though, a long journey to get ...

Seafood like Hawaii, Tinos, Greece travel blog

Seafood like Hawaii

A travel blog entry by glendamie


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