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Learning to Ride a Bike, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Learning to Ride a Bike

A travel blog entry by 2totango

This is a top pick!

Could someone please  help me?  I don’t seem to know how.  I thought I’d learned to ride a 2-wheeler when I was 5...  I thought I’d gotten better at it these last few months… Today, that all seemed to ...

Stop à Stoupa, Stoúpa, Greece travel blog

Stop à Stoupa

A travel blog entry by voyage-bellayer


... pieds dans l'eau, fières et imposantes. Après une petite pause à Kardamili, joli petit village, nous poussons jusqu'à Stoupa. Nous nous faisons une petite plage en fin d'après-midi ! Mercredi Randonnée en famille. Nous partons d'un petit ...

To Steki - Review��, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

To Steki - Review��

A travel blog entry by indianlantern


... ! This is my first review in my new section, so I hope you enjoy! So, this is a review of To Steki, a small bar on Stoupa beachfront. I've been to Stoupa 5 times and every time, we've never been disappointed by To Steki�� The small bar area ...

40 degrees C is hot!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

40 degrees C is hot!

A travel blog entry by ammetravels

gOur daily routine includes watching World Cup games in a taverna grasping either an iced coffee or a glass of local wine, breaking down and deciding to order food there instead of cooking back at the house, swimming every day in the spectacular waters ...

Trip to the Mani Peninsula, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Trip to the Mani Peninsula

A travel blog entry by arwie


... There is a jazz festival in progress and we are tempted to stay the night for a concert but in the end we continue south to Stoupa. We know there are two campsites there and the one we want is listed by the Rough Guide as one of the top ten in ...

Greece, Gythio, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by mnbeal


After leaving Kardamyli, we traveled into the area called the Mani. If you look at a map of Greece, it is one of the two southern most pennisulas. The people who lived here were fiece because life was hard. They had the sea but generally the towns were ...

Walking where the gods walked, Mycenea, Greece travel blog

Walking where the gods walked

A travel blog entry by jenlee

Many stories from the Greek mythology done very well by our tour guide, but I don't understand how people could actually believe them let alone worship them. All I can say is that God has put a worship nature in us and it has to come out somehow. I ...

Million Dollar Sunset, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Million Dollar Sunset

A travel blog entry by ammetravels

...  1941-1944, who knows why? An interesting sidenote:  Jim says that the Italians were supposed to take care of Greece but their attempted conquest was vigorously rebuffed by the Greeks so Hitler had to send German troops to do the ...

rhythms in the village, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

rhythms in the village

A travel blog entry by ammetravels

Across the square there's lots of activity this morning in the church.  Widows in black, men dressed a little better than everyday, vans with wreaths of white flowers on tall stands and candle holders and such, perhaps there is a funeral ...

DAY9⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Last night, at Perasma (the restaurant on the hill), I had Spaghetti with Pesto of the Oven!☺ It was very nice!�� Today, I went snorkelling and honestly saw the scariest thing ever... An eel. Our friend Julie said she'd seen one ...

DAY��!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern


Last night, we went to Perasma and had a takeaway! Two chicken souvlaki portion, with Tzatziki, chips and lemon�� Today, I went snorkelling again and saw a gobi-type fish�� It had a green and black pattern all over it's body, ...

DAY1⃣1⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Last night, the food was great! We had a big bowl of Tzatziki and a pitta gyros each�� Bellisimo�� Well today has been very eventful! This morning when we opened the balcony door, there were dark clouds over the ...

DAY1⃣2⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern


Last night, after the storm had passed, we went to the Steki for tea, and as normal, it was great�� I had a tomato, onion, olive and Tzatziki toastie, which was really nice�� I got a photo of the sky after the storm and it ...

DAY1⃣3⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Last night, we had a lovely village pizza for tea�� It had olives, feta, onion and tomato on top and a Gouda cheese topping�� Today was the last day on the beach�� I sunbathed until I could sunbathe no ...

Stoupa part2, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Stoupa part2

A travel blog entry by rileyanderson


Hello again from Stoupa. So far we have done many things and here are just a few of them. First we went to the town Kardamyli where we went on hikes, went swimming, and I cut my foot open. After that we went to mystras which is very close to what used to ...

Finally arrived!��, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Finally arrived!��

A travel blog entry by indianlantern

We've finally arrived in the lovely resort of Stoupa! As usual, the sun is shining and the sky is blue!�� We were the first stop on the coach for the George's Apartments and we got our key for the room; 303!�� As we got here ...

DAY1⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Today, we went to the beach from 8.40am till 5pm!�� I swam to the buoy and back and rode some massive waves!�� I ended up getting burnt on my shoulders from the sea, however it doesn't hurt too bad�� I've read ...

DAY2⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern


Last night, I had Beef Youvetsi (A big cut of beef on a bed of soft rice-like pasta in a rich tomato sauce) and it was the nicest thing ever!�� The only problem is it's very filling so you can never eat it all�� We stopped off ...

Walk��, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern


I'm just on a walk through the olive groves in Greece�� It's so quiet and beautiful to be walking through�� There is this little side road coming up and it leads me back to the beach so I think I'll be going down ...

DAY3⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern


Last night, when we went into the Steki, I had a Nutella Crep� It was filled to the brim with nutella and has a swirl of chocolate sauce on top�� We had a drink in the Mango bar and then went to the ...

DAY4⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Last night, we went to the pizza place on the sea front for tea, and to be fair, it was rubbish�� We didn't get our order taken for at least 15 minutes, the order got taken down wrong and then they charged us for two garlic breads, which we ...

DAY5⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

... restaurants�� Bye�� P.S I'm going to be starting a new blog which is for reviews on places, such as some of the restaurants here in Stoupa, however I have no internet left so I can't set up one till I get ...

DAY6⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Last night, we had a Village Pizza takeaway from the restaurant on the hill�� It was lovely and then we made a greek salad at the apartment�� Today was Megan, Joel, Julie and Neil's last day�� They came a week ...

DAY7⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern


One week done!✅ Last night, we went to Steki and met up with Joel's family again for one last drink and then went to the Riviera for tea. Today, it's been really busy on the beach as it's the Greeks day off and arrival/departure date for the ...

DAY8⃣!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by indianlantern

Last night, our tea was gorgeous�� Greek Salad, Chicken Souvlaki, Fanta�� Also, the sunset last night was amazing���� (Pictures linked below) Today, me and dad had a water fight with the floats and ...

What an incredible find :), Stoupa, Greece travel blog

What an incredible find :)

A travel blog entry by djamieson


 I am sitting on the patio of our house on a hill side overlooking Stoupa, Greece. The view from the front of the house is the Ionian Sea & the view from the back is the mountains - wow on both fronts!! The Peloponnese is a rugged, ...

DAY1⃣4⃣! (Hometime��), Stoupa, Greece travel blog

DAY1⃣4⃣! (Hometime��)

A travel blog entry by indianlantern

... to come home to crappy england�� We got on the coach, and this little 7 year old called Lewis said "Bye bye Stoupa, back to crappy old England!" I felt so sorry for him, but it does show something if a little boy thinks England's ...

stoupa part1, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

stoupa part1

A travel blog entry by rileyanderson

We drove into Stoupa to see a town with the mountains on one side and the medeterranean sea on the other which is just the sight we see every day when we wake up in our beautiful house where we will be staying for three weeks. Every day we have walked or ...

Celebrating Kelly's 13th birthday in Stoupa, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Celebrating Kelly's 13th birthday in Stoupa

A travel blog entry by terrinfamily


... day, so we went back to Stoupa for some swimming and snorkeling. The road wasn't the windiest we have gone on in Greece and I thought everyone would handle the roads with no issue. Jessi started to complain she wasn't feeling well which I barely paid ...

Manic Exploration!, Stoupa, Greece travel blog

Manic Exploration!

A travel blog entry by bevj


... it with me. Should you ever come this way, below is a list of the places that made the most impression: Stoupa, Mystras, Monemvassia, Ancient Olympia, Ancient Messini, Vathia, the Southern Peninsula, Vathi Beach (a hippy place redolent of the ...

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