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All the way to the top, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

All the way to the top

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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  We have decided to stick around Nafplio today. We started out with a very hearty breakfast at the one restaurant that we were able to find open. It was called Popeye's. They had a very hearty breakfast with coffee. We were the only ones in the ...

Bikes on a Bus, Náfplio, Greece travel blog

Bikes on a Bus

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... of it winter.  I had hoped to jump up the coast aways and get somewhere to explore for our last remaining days in Greece rather than cycle in pain! But even without boats, there are still busses so all was not lost.  Boarding the bus required ...

the best town in Greece, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

the best town in Greece

A travel blog entry by bogna

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... we lost any hopes, we stopped an Albanian guy with his parents in the car and... they took us straight to Sparta. Congratulations the foreign tourists, Greece! Without them we would have been without any chances by far. ...

Half Kilo boy!!!!, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

Half Kilo boy!!!!

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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After we got back to Nafplio we did a little walking around that led us down to a Gelato shop. Inside was the most beautiful selection of Gelato that I have ever seen. Cory was in heaven. The woman that owns the shop was very friendly and told us all ...

999 Steps up the Wall, Náfplio, Greece travel blog

999 Steps up the Wall

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... 8217;:  families with children, couples, etc.   Nafplio is supposed to be one of the most romantic harbors in Greece with it’s bayed in beach flanked on either side by enormous castles high up among the rocks.  High ...

Peloponnese: land of the gods, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

Peloponnese: land of the gods

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... great times on the Greek Isles I felt it was best to head back to the mainland and pursue some of the major historical sites that Greece has to offer. With around a week to get back to Turkey I'm starting to run out of time. Leaving Paros on a monster ...

Carnival!!!!!!, Nafplio, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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... did we have to stop to watch we had to try some. Whether it is a fair in Southeast Missouri or a carnival in Nafplion Greece there is nothing better than the fried foods. The donuts were no exception.  We found a place to watch the parade ...

Missing Apple Cider in the Orange Grove of Tyrins, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

Missing Apple Cider in the Orange Grove of Tyrins

A travel blog entry by tiara316

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It was only a short drive this morning from Nauplion to the ancient ruins of Tyrins. We had more silver light today thanks to the overcast skies, and it was downright chilly. Grizz waxed eloquent on how the taste of the air in the morning reminded her ...

Nauplion: Return to the City of Convalescence, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

Nauplion: Return to the City of Convalescence

A travel blog entry by tiara316

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When I came to Nauplion on excursion with the students last month, I was still down with the Fatal Egyptian Bronchitis. Nauplion is one of the most beautiful towns on the Greek mainland, and I missed it entirely after I collapsed into my hotel bed at ...

Nafplio, Nafplio, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by shannon


... was added on to and improved. By 1822, both the Venetians and the Ottomans had been kicked out, and the modern country of Greece declared the place its first capital. In 1834, the capital was moved to Athens, but Nafplio still got its place in ...

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!, Nafplion, Greece travel blog

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

A travel blog entry by dragonrider


Leaving Athens we headed to the Corinth Canal. This canal was built in the late 19th century, commencing in 1981 and taking 11 years to complete, and connects the Aegean Sea and the Ionia sea. It is quite a feat of engineering and pretty impressive to ...

Favourite little island so far, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

Favourite little island so far

A travel blog entry by kateanddrew


Today we visited nafplion on another island in Greece. This one was a little different to the ones we have visited so far as it doesn't seen to have been struck as much by the influx of tourists. Our boat couldn't go ashore as the port is tiny and we ...

Mycenae to Navplion, Navplion, Greece travel blog

Mycenae to Navplion

A travel blog entry by royelinda


Travelled to the port town of Navplion, for a night at the Amalia ...

999 steps or taxi?, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

999 steps or taxi?

A travel blog entry by v-nessa


Today the ship was anchored all day in Nauplion, a nice town in the Peloponnes. Instead of climbing the 999 steps up to the fortress, we decided to take a taxi up there. After all, we are on vacation. From the fortress you have a great view on the city ...

Nemean Games!, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

Nemean Games!

A travel blog entry by melissagquest


... .  I see Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Albania, Cameroon, Japan, Netherlands, Georgia, Russia and Greece, of course.  A large number of 13-year-old girls have come from France; we wonder what organization they are part ...

Greece's first capital, Nafplion, Greece travel blog

Greece's first capital

A travel blog entry by johnandrich


... . On a more positive note, however, is the wonderful Friday afternoon tradition of "Family Lunch" that is observed throughout Greece. Basically, most families get together for a big lunch (often in restaurants or cafes) on Friday afternoons when most ...

Nov 05, 2009, Nafplion, Greece travel blog

Nov 05, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Our First Peloponnesian Destination, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

Our First Peloponnesian Destination

A travel blog entry by mdaa


... Naplion, Nafplion, etc- it's spelled many different ways) is a cute town in the Peloponnese. It was the original capital of Greece, before it became Athens. It’s a port town on the water, with its top sights being the three fortresses within the ...

Travelling Mainland Greece - To Nafplio, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

Travelling Mainland Greece - To Nafplio

A travel blog entry by tandc2007


... We take the back roads through to the site of Ancient Mycenae. The Myceaneans were one of the first recognisable cultures in Greece and date back 3,500 years. Their culture was heavily influenced by the Minoan culture that arose in Crete. The Myceaneans ...

Fortress Climb Part I, Nafplion, Greece travel blog

Fortress Climb Part I

A travel blog entry by dave-baker


Sept 13th - An early start and up at 7am for breakfast before catching a bus to the bus station where we picked up the public bus for the 2 1/2 hour journey to Nafplio, our home for the next 2 nights. I sat next to Ania on the bus journey and we chatted ...

Nafplion and Epidaurus, Nafplion, Greece travel blog

Nafplion and Epidaurus

A travel blog entry by anp2


... bus. Nafplio Around noon, we got back on the bus and headed to Epidarus, which is one of the main theaters they used in ancient Greece. Its the one that everyone says if you stand in the center and drop a coin, you can hear it at the very top (or in ...

Chicken train to Naphlio, Naphlio, Greece travel blog

Chicken train to Naphlio

A travel blog entry by kristinj

... to eat and rest before a 999 step climb to the hilltop fortress.  Can't wait :)  Had ouzo, the national drink of Greece which is licorice flavored and you just add water to dilute.  They drink it with every dinner before they eat, to get ...

Oooops, We're In . . . Kiato, Náfplio, Greece travel blog

Oooops, We're In . . . Kiato

A travel blog entry by annalisamurray


... nbsp; Kolokotroni(s), who has appeared in numerous statues – and as the name of several streets and squares – throughout Greece (including the street on which our current Hotel Carolina in Athens is located), was a Greek general who fought in ...

Beautiful Venetian days and nights!, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

Beautiful Venetian days and nights!

A travel blog entry by mimmy21


... traveled by ferry, bus and train around Greece and tomorrow lam about to embark on an Easy cruise around the Greek islands. I have really enjoyed exploring mainland Greece and a little of the beautiful Peloponnese....and cant wait to hit the islands ...

Nafplio for a day, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

Nafplio for a day

A travel blog entry by laytonandjana


... we are always glad we make the effort. We had fried squid and a pork souvlaki (kabob) for dinner as our last meal in Greece. The seaside restaurants were really cool and had a nice vibe. You should definitely spend a night here if you have ...

It's 12 o'clock and do I know where Melissa is?, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

It's 12 o'clock and do I know where Melissa is?

A travel blog entry by karenmw


Actually June 19. I left her blogging at an internet café here in Nauplio and came back to the hotel room to wash some clothes, do up a draft post and sort through today's pics and videos.  This has been the nature of this trip.  We walk or ...

Great town of Nafplion, Nafplion, Greece travel blog

Great town of Nafplion

A travel blog entry by travelbee

Our GPS took us through a very long and mountainous drive from Olympia to Nafplion.  We knew there had to be a better way but at least we knew we would eventually get there even if the GPS steered us in the least desireable path, and it was quite a ...

Be worthy of victory: the Nemean Games, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

Be worthy of victory: the Nemean Games

A travel blog entry by karenmw


Nowadays there are the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, but in ancient Greece in the classical era there were four athletic festivals, one per year rotating between four localities: Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia and Nemea.  These were all ...

On the Road to Nafplion, Nauplion, Greece travel blog

On the Road to Nafplion

A travel blog entry by johninsac


... for about 20 minutes until the water taxi came back. We walked around the shops for a while and ate dinner in a garden restaurant. Greece has a lot of outdoor dining, especially in the summer. Vicki had Greek roasted lamb and I had risotto. There is a lot ...

Spetses, Náuplion, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by mmbcross


... On the way we pass by the very well known seaside resort of Tola. We have read that this has one of the best beaches in Greece . We drive through the town, but it is bleak and empty. Hotels and shops are closed and we are unable to visit the famous ...

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