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Lounging around in Greece, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Lounging around in Greece

A travel blog entry by mightylongway

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We spent a few days doing, well, not much really in Corfu. We stayed at a hostel/guesthouse that seemed to have more 'staff' than guests, most of them Aussies working for board and food. The 'traditional greek cuisine' that they advertised was cooked by ...

Corfu With Company., Corfu Town, Greece travel blog

Corfu With Company.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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... wandered around the old Corfu Town which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoying the very different architecture to other parts of Greece. Like other places in Greece it seems everyone is waiting for the 1st of June (the 1st day of summer) ...

JE le Grec, Corfu, Greece travel blog

JE le Grec

A travel blog entry by jelg

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Allo!!!!!!!! Je suis en Grece depuis maintenant 1 jour et demi! Mon auberge me fait penser a un camp de vacance sans supervision! Beaucoup de jeunes gences. La plage est rocailleuse mais tres jolie. Les paysages sont extra! Aujourd'hui j'ai loue un ...

Fun in the Grecian Sun, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Fun in the Grecian Sun

A travel blog entry by orangenemo

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... the beaches, the clear blue waters and all the pretty, sun-tanned people. Where I am now is Corfu which is an island off the west coast of Greece. It is mountainous and sunny. There are a lot of vacationers that come here, including backpackers to the ...

Cruzin', Corfu Town, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by josiezim


Hello Friends!!! I'm torn between it being a relief and a disappointment that I now speak English freely among all the other English-speaking folks. (I'm on the cruise.) While there are over 40 countries represented by visitors, America absolutely took ...

Day 13 Corfu, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Day 13 Corfu

A travel blog entry by victoriatravels


... tied down. Jade and I stayed in the water alone to fulfil our next bucket list item -  to skinny dip - just to say we had actually done it. I can now say I've skinny dipped in Greece!! After that we headed back to bed and collapsed there. ...

PINK PALACE!!!!!!, Corfu, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by becky23

... ratty little diner in the middle of nowhere. And... i got spaghetti bolognese...which... turns out.... must be avoided at all costs in Greece, or just Europe in general! So we finally got to the Pink Palace, after an hour and a half long ferry ride ...

Life on

Life on "Island Time" with Old Towns in the middle

A travel blog entry by drewmarie


... a thick viscosity that made me feel I was sipping dirt...check off the list. We left bar at 130pm for the 20hr sail to Paxtos, Greece. I was told this stretch of travel was the most likely to be rocky. We sailed the day away on the sun deck, but almost ...

Corfu, Greece Cruise 1, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Corfu, Greece Cruise 1

A travel blog entry by tlbuster


... work today after 8 AM and I was able to "GET ME OFF THE SHIP"!!!! My roomie recommended going to the old fortress in Corfu, Greece.  I walked there by following the coast line and it took only about 25 minutes so it was approximately a 1.8 mile ...

Fun With Miscommunication, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Fun With Miscommunication

A travel blog entry by wanderingblonde

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Miscommunication is the name of the game today! Actual exchanges that took place, with names omitted to protect the not-so-innocent who still have a right to privacy: Me:  Sultiri took my gloves.  Do you think he's still using them? Person: ...

Getting wet in Corfu, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Getting wet in Corfu

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Corfu was surprisingly warm today, around the mid 70s, which was warm enough for us to spend some time at the Aqualand water park. I've never been to a larger water park and we make is just in time before they closed for the winter. Me and my buddies ...

Needed some sunshine again!, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Needed some sunshine again!

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... to SE Asia. Had no intention of staying in wet; cold; & miserable England so bought a cheapish flight out to Corfu and the sunshine.  I did Greek island hopping many, many years ago but not the Ionian islands.  Corfu is okay but ...

Sailing adventures begin, Petriti, Greece travel blog

Sailing adventures begin

A travel blog entry by srb013


... to work with.  Over the head lifejackets are not designed for this kind of activity! We learned that there is no time in Greece, as dinner wasn't scheduled until 8:30.  We had a couple of hours to wait, so we sat on the tented patio of the ...

Laduuuuummmaaaaaa!, Corfu Town, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


Day 7 Today: 6 km Total: 1,658 km  Luckily we did survive and made it to the Greek island of Corfu safe and sound.  We set up our campsite, cooked dinner and watched the World Cup Final at the bar.  Unfortunately Holland did not live up to ...

Greek Salad (lots), Corfu Town, Greece travel blog

Greek Salad (lots)

A travel blog entry by david.aileen


... .  The south west in particular we were told to avoid so concentrated on the areas just to the south and west of Corfu town.  I hadn’t quite realized, but the island is only 10km wide at some points.  After navigating through the ...

Pink Palace, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Pink Palace

A travel blog entry by carey99

... me to the great game of foosball. Also Mike and Troy, no better guys to hang out with and thrash quad bikes all over Corfu with. And last but not least my roommate Ian who drank everyone under the table every night and had to put up with drunken ...

First Yacht Trip Mediterranean Greece, Corfu, Greece travel blog

First Yacht Trip Mediterranean Greece

A travel blog entry by mumnmgr

... /_vti_g2_gallery_aspx_idM_654-rpstry_20_--luxury-yacht-italian-boat-builder-motoryacht-sales.sphtml .  So far, I know we're landing in Corfu, someone is supposed to pick us up (the transfer), and if that doesn't work out, I don't have a clue where ...

Isle of Corfu Sailing, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Isle of Corfu Sailing

A travel blog entry by chrisab14

... one more cool beach stop, but other then that just sea ones. We docked at a small fishing town just outside the city of Corfu (a bit off the schedule, but it was ok). We had anotehr traditional Greek meal where I ate calamari, greek salad, and tsatziki ...

The pink palace awaits, Corfu, Greece travel blog

The pink palace awaits

A travel blog entry by heatherthewhyte


Took off from Athens for the pink palace on a night bus-ferry. Didn't get much sleep so I had a very long day. Went on a quad safari of the Island and I was thoroughly impressed. It is amazingly beautiful. The hostel is a little crazy though. Party ...

Yay, the Greek islands!, Kerkira, Greece travel blog

Yay, the Greek islands!

A travel blog entry by kateanddrew


... everywhere and there was no shade anywhere! But the views from the top was outstanding. In one direction you could see Greece mainland, another Albania and in the distance Italy. All around the island was the beautiful blue water, such a lovely view. We ...

Corfu, Kerkira, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by djmitchos


... ) were amazing and only 2 euro, and 2 euro beers everywhere! It's nice to be able to live cheap again :) One really dumb thing about Greece is to say yes, you say neh. And also you're not meant to flush toilet paper in the toilet, they have bins to put it ...

Corfu, Corfu, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by beyermatt


... other Greek isles) and the ocean water has clear shade of turquoise. The Pink Palace was located (in my opinion) at the most scenic part of the island (Gordis Beach). Besides the 42 mosquitoes bites; Corfu was a great!!! Now I'm racing up to ...

Vegging out/Tanning/'s a rough life..., Corfu, Greece travel blog

Vegging out/Tanning/'s a rough life...

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


We have decided to take a travel break and thus we are relaxing on the Greek isle of Corfu, at the Pink Palace backpacker resort... for 25 Euro a night (or essentially 20 Euro because our 5th night is free) we get a nice double room, with bathroom and ...

Corfu.....and 26hrs of travel, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Corfu.....and 26hrs of travel

A travel blog entry by snystrom

... Rome. Now we actually have NO PLANS. Nothing booked. Dont know when Ferrys come and go etc. We just know we're going to corfu, greece a island right off the coast. So we buy train ticks from Rome to Brindisi, a main italian port. In our Lonely Planet ...

Greece - Corfu, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Greece - Corfu

A travel blog entry by kimba


Sun, Sea and Sand! my first stop for my travels was the island of Corfu in Northern Greece.I met with a friend who was working there and we were joined by 2 other friends the following day. We stayed in the village of Agios Gordios, on the west of the ...

Under the weather, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Under the weather

A travel blog entry by segacs


... , we caught the "green bus" to the beach. This as opposed to the "blue bus" which runs from the hotel. Public transit in Greece is certainly an experience. Everything runs on "ish-time", so you never really know when a bus is going to show. And none of ...

Day Two, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Day Two

A travel blog entry by wanderingblonde

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Today (day two) of work was much easier. A guy who works on the estate named Spyro mucked out the big field, so we had a lot less poop to shovel.  Next, we went up to this amazing pasture at the top of the estate that has tons of trees and ocean ...

Oh...The Pink Palace!, Corfu, Greece travel blog

Oh...The Pink Palace!

A travel blog entry by sihomara

... was fantastic.  Everyone was dancing, talking, and just having a good one should when basking in the sun in Greece! That night was karaoke night! Our Aussie friends from Santorini were at Corfu for the night and we had a magnificent time ...

To Alba or Not to..., Agio Gordis, Corfu Island, Greece travel blog

To Alba or Not to...

A travel blog entry by whk2006

... the Aegean Sea (as most Greek islands are), it is one of the most popular Island destinations in Europe. Since it is on Greece's northwest coast (Ionian Sea), not too far from southeastern end of Italy (the heel of the "Boot"), many backpackers make a ...

The last island :(....., Corfu Town, Greece travel blog

The last island :(.....

A travel blog entry by sobby


So after three week of Island hopping it has come to an end on Corfu. But we went out with a bang. We stayed a couple nights at the Pink Palace a place where Renee stayed a couple years ago. The pink palace is alot of plate smashing, Ouzo drinking and ...

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