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Peklenska vrocina in bliznje srecanje s sloni, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

Peklenska vrocina in bliznje srecanje s sloni

A travel blog entry by repa01

Zivjo! Pravkar sediva v internet cafeju pod kopico ventilatorjev in se ne moreva dovolj ohladiti. Sva namrec na severu Gane, kjer so se temperature krepko dvignile. Le te naj bi se dvignile tudi do 45 stopinj cez dan. In to v senci. Potem si lahko ...

Krokodil a hatar mellett..., Paga, Ghana travel blog

Krokodil a hatar mellett...

A travel blog entry by ahajni


... A tajkep hihetetlen valtozasokat mutatott az Accra es Kumasi kornyeki esoerdokhoz kepest, itt ereztuk eloszor, hogy megerkeztunk a szavannaba. Bolgatanga az Upper East Region (Felso Keleti Regio) fovarosa, es bar eleinte gondoltuk talalunk buszt akar ...

A little story...from hell, Wa, Ghana travel blog

A little story...from hell

A travel blog entry by karanshark

... a bike then a boat ride to go see the hippos in the Black Volta River! Burkina Faso was on one side of the river, Ghana on the other, so I've kinda touched Burkina Faso already. Hippos are also cool. The make this awesome snorting sound when they come ...

Election day, Lawra, Ghana travel blog

Election day

A travel blog entry by withmeryltomali


The next day, leaving a somewhat impatient and anxious Prof. Poppi (convinced that the people who were bringing him his money had done a runner), I set off for Lawra. After an uneventfull days riding, with a lunchtime stopover for beers at a place ...

Local bus journey to Bolga, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

Local bus journey to Bolga

A travel blog entry by catherineforbes


Woke up early today and set about packing up the trusty pack for my journey further up North to the small city of Bolgatanga. I found Tamale very interesting and very different form both Accra & Kumasi - hotter, more Muslim and an incredible amount of ...

Bolgatanga Heat, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

Bolgatanga Heat

A travel blog entry by slowchimes

... in Twi, I ask my friend what shes saying. She's saying "Do you see now how we are suffering here in Ghana?". - Ritual scarring, Ramadan, potholes, distrust, openness, like an insect feeling about in the darkness. - Border crossing tomorrow; Burkina ...

On the border of Burkina, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

On the border of Burkina

A travel blog entry by jamie_lee


... simply adding another hut when a child is grown and starts their own family.  It was so fascinating!   We enjoyed Bolgatanga and the Upper Eastern Region immensely.  It was the most beautiful landscape in all of Ghana and the hassle factor ...

Bolgatanga, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeneggener


Greetings! Staying at my guesthouse here in Bolga, I met a mother and daughter from Austria that hired a taxi driver for a day to take them to some villages nearby and asked me to join them.  Here's a recap of the day: Tongo and the Tengzug ...

Mole National Park, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

Mole National Park

A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann


... ich nicht so recht wusste, was ich mit dem Tag anfangen sollte, hab ih mich direkt noch weiter auf den Weg nach Bolgatanga gemacht. Nett hier, aber nicht weiter spektakulaer. Mal sehen, dass ich morgen weiter nach Burkina Faso komme. Das heisst, dass ...

GHANA (..are we on a Mediterranean island), Nevrongo, Ghana travel blog

GHANA (..are we on a Mediterranean island)

A travel blog entry by zeeshanv


... smaller town (I think) than Maroua (capital of Far North) where it was difficult to even find milk. We joked about how Ghana was like a Mediterranean island compared to Cameroon. I found the people very friendly. I remember I asked an elderly gentleman at ...

Laat maar..., Navrongo, Ghana travel blog

Laat maar...

A travel blog entry by nienke78


...  opgeven voor een betere in Nederland. Veel meer geld verdienen… hij was serieus! Vanmiddag, mijn eerste terras in Ghana… heerlijk, een pizza, een colaatje en een prachtige omgeving en dan, op enig moment wil je afrekenen. ...

Paga, Paga, Ghana travel blog


A travel blog entry by bastiengest


... du Mali et se rendent à Tamale. On prend quelques photos moyennant quelques billet, une transaction fréquente ici... On arrive à Bolgatanga juste avant midi. Notre chambre est nettement supérieure à ce qu'on a eu la veille. On pose les valises, on ...

May 06, 2013, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

May 06, 2013

A travel blog entry by laurentrav


Krokodillen, Paga, Ghana travel blog


A travel blog entry by nienke78


... Stel dat we toestemming krijgen en dan gaat de toestemming-meneer naar het toilet of naar huis, dan moeten wij maar zien of we Ghana weer inkomen… Hoewel alles hier te koop is ;-), is het de vraag of dat bezoekje aan zo’n buurland het waard ...

Biking in Bolga, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

Biking in Bolga

A travel blog entry by cathjama


... Our in-country motorbike training took place in Bolga in the Upper East region. The 8 hour bus journey on the worst road in Ghana was not the most fun, but we got to visit some interesting places whilst riding the bikes. First were the villages of Bongo ...

Back through Ghana, Bolgatanga, Ghana travel blog

Back through Ghana

A travel blog entry by nathanphil

Day 150: Early Morning in Bolgatanga March 22, 2006 12 hrs, 12.9 kms Finally I reach Ghana once again. Bolgatanga is the next town down the road and it has a cheap hotel--and is large enough to spend a couple of hours exploring it. Early next morning ...

Bolga, Bolgatanga et Tamale, Ghana travel blog


A travel blog entry by bastiengest


... playing or just watching, always ready to join you for a few minutes. I don't miss the DVP... After breakfast, we go to the Bolgatanga market. It is really why we came here. every 3 days, there is a big market were people sel their craft, mainly baskets, ...

Burkina & Back, Paga, Ghana travel blog

Burkina & Back

A travel blog entry by guy.everton


... destination right up in the north at Paga until around 6pm. This may give an idea about the sheer size of the north of Ghana, considering there's a paved road all the way, in many places as straight as an arrow, reminding me of the images of the ...

broodjes knakworst bij kaarslicht, Navrongo, Ghana travel blog

broodjes knakworst bij kaarslicht

A travel blog entry by nienke78


Vol frisse moed begon ik om 7 uur een nieuwe dag. De enige stroom die we hebben is “de stroom water in de douche”. Ik ben de dag begonnen met vegen en de troep opruimen van vannacht. Overal lagen takken en rotzooi Toch was het ...

Save the chickens!!!!, Paga, Ghana travel blog

Save the chickens!!!!

A travel blog entry by lexicon

... it out of the house and hoped a cab to the bus stop near market.We found our way to the tro-tros headed up to Bolga -or really Bolgatanga but if you're in the know you can call it Bolga :) - and boarded what could on ly be called a death trap. I'm not ...

Getting there is the hard part..., Sandema, Ghana travel blog

Getting there is the hard part...

A travel blog entry by austinairwaves


... ://  (French) Both are in north central Ghana, north of Tamale. The distances to travel are not that great, but the roads may be the worst I have ever encountered, ...

In memory of Dani, Walewale, Ghana travel blog

In memory of Dani

A travel blog entry by laurenbell


... the quality of life for her community in the areas of nutrition, HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness, and sanitation. Peace Corps Ghana staff said Dani’s boundless energy and enthusiasm endeared her to her community in Ghana, and that she was proud of ...

Pikkedonker, Navrongo, Ghana travel blog


A travel blog entry by nienke78


... al gesmolten in mijn tas waardoor ik ze weg heb moeten gooien (en mijn tas onder de wax zit…). “Het echte Ghana” overvalt mij een beetje op dit moment. Gisterenochtend werd ik rond 4 uur in de ochtend gewekt door een gek ...

don's smoke, Navrongo, Ghana travel blog

don's smoke

A travel blog entry by nienke78


... “raar”. In tolerant Nederland is het natuurlijk niet zo erg om “raar”  gevonden te worden. Hier in Ghana is dat anders. Remie kan zowieso niet roken. In vergelijking met Nederland: lekker beeld als je een docent van ...

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