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Australia - last 16 of the world, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Australia - last 16 of the world

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... Australiana like "land down under" and "TNT", we were swept out onto the massive street party that had engulfed Stuttgart, seemingly involving every Australian in the entire world. Huge. Fucking enormous. Before the game, we envisaged riots in the ...

STUTTGART, GERMANY, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by loving_family

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Monday, 25 July 2016   Our picturesque journey with the most amazing greenery from Switzerland to Stuttgart gave us 4 seasons in one day, well actually in 2 1/2 hours.  We went into an eye of a storm, the temperature dropped from 32 to 16 and ...

MERCEDES-BENZ MUSEUM, STUTTGART, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by loving_family

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... I did,  poor Pete wore his.    HEIDELBERG The drive to Heidelberg should have taken an hour from Stuttgart but took 2 1/2 hours, yet again we struck road blocks, traffic jams and accidents and torrential rain. Once we checked in, we ...

Australia vs Croatia - Crunch Time, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Australia vs Croatia - Crunch Time

A travel blog entry by kiemce

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... doubt find a stash of 20 flares down your pants. Believe me when I say the security padding-down at Stuttgart was the most thorough I experienced in Germany. The other surprising discovery was that all the Croatian songs were totally lame. And when I say ...

Chapter 55: Stuttgart and Schwarzwald, Stuttgart / Heidelberg / Freiburg, Germany travel blog

Chapter 55: Stuttgart and Schwarzwald

A travel blog entry by easyread

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... Germans in their own scene, and getting to practice my language skills with such patient teachers. Monday Jonas took me into Stuttgart and showed me around. I like the downtown area a lot, even though it's not super-big. The pedestrian shopping ...

Waiting for Gufman, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Waiting for Gufman

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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(S) My first trip to Germany!!! After my grandfather leaving this country 80 years ago, I'm finally here. We find a hotel with limited difficulty. It would seem Chad expects my German to be perfect - even though I took it for one year when I was 16. Let's ...

Plans go astray, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Plans go astray

A travel blog entry by scootergal

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... was close to 40oC and the 5 km walk zapped all my remaining energy and I collapsed on the lounge for the rest of the evening. England won the world cup game but a severe hail storm prevented them from ransacking Stuttgart as they had the night ...

Beer Virgins, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Beer Virgins

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... walked into a few different tents, and they were all empty. The bands were playing but nobody was home. I ordered a stein of Stuttgart's Hofbrau, I took a sip and realised two things. One it was colder than Munich's, and two, it was disgusting. I ...

Germany, Roman style, Heidelburg, Stuttgart, Trier, Germany travel blog

Germany, Roman style

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... . Does the whole of Europe revolve around Germany !!!!! Will this question ever be answered ????? Only time could tell. We headed back to Stuttgart, but this time to the north of the town. We decided we would go to the Porsche factory on the off chance of ...

I WANT A MERCEDES NOW, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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We had missed out Stuttgart, two years previously, but as we were in the Chookster, we were going there. The speciality of Stuttgart though is Porsche and Mercedes. We emailed them both for a factory tour, but Porsche were full, and Mercedes told us to ...

What day is it today??, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

What day is it today??

A travel blog entry by scootergal

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We bade farewell to Ruth and rode to Stuttgart which was only 2 hours away. We had made arrangements with another family from Hospitality Club and were made very welcome by Breda and her twins, Fiona and Jacqueline. The girls took the BOSS to meet ...

5P's - Spell 'em out, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

5P's - Spell 'em out

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... . Usually they are mostly empty being winter, but this time I ran into a little bit of trouble. I got off in the Stuttgart main train station and I tried looking for the information office. I must have walked by it about three times before I actually ...

Star studded Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Star studded Stuttgart

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... Australia advanced to the next round in the world cup and I experienced my most luxurious CouchSurfing experience to date. I arrived in Stuttgart with my accommodation already sorted, except I didn't know where I was staying. I called Ken, my host, to ...

Lug und Trug bei Air Berlin 3. Teil, Stuttgart/Winnenden, Germany travel blog

Lug und Trug bei Air Berlin 3. Teil

A travel blog entry by thekurk

... 5 Stunden) Nachdem die Presse bereits informiert wurde forderten wir ein ICE-Ticket das uns mit der halb neun Verbindung nach Stuttgart bringen sollte. Um 8 Uhr waren wir dann bei den Schaltern von Air Berlin wo wir einen Redakteur des Koelner ...

Reunited at last, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Reunited at last

A travel blog entry by ashnbrieurope


... pork is the perfect way to say hello to a brand new city. We left Munich at around 10 pm to start our drive back to Stuttgart. The trip took a little over 2 hours and at one stage along the Autobarn the car got to 210 km! We arrived at their apartment ...

Company's Comin', Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Company's Comin'

A travel blog entry by travelink


... , Schweine Museum (pig museum), Mercedes-Benz Museum, the Wilhelma (zoo and botanical garden), Weinerlebnis (an area within Stuttgart that features vineyards and walking routes through them), Killesberg (a public park in an area that overlooks the city) ...

Day 46: Hegel-mania, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Day 46: Hegel-mania

A travel blog entry by lithobolia


... both of us), and when they thoughtfully called up the other hostels in the city, those were COMPLETELY booked! They explained that Stuttgart was very busy now for some reason. They actually told me why, but that was just beyond my level of comprehension, ...

Our first entry, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Our first entry

A travel blog entry by gurus


... run out of time or our itinerary doesn't pass your home. Speaking of which, we should make an itinerary soon.   Stuttgart, in Germany, is Babel fish for motor vehicle. The Porsche and Mercedes museums are here if you want something more exhilarating - ...

First full day in Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

First full day in Stuttgart

A travel blog entry by aschmidt


I woke up this morning to find out that the hotel had free complimentary breakfasts. So, I saved some money there. I took some pictures of the hotel so you may see how it looks. After I got ready to go to Neues Schloss (New Castle). I went to the ...

Heidelberg Visit, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Heidelberg Visit

A travel blog entry by macfive


... ; Beitigheim at 4:30. Then to host homes for a quick meal and back for the evening concert. The students have been superb! They are following directions and doing what we ask with no problems at all. Tomorrow Stuttgart by bus for tours and ...

Spininnig the Wheel of Destiny, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Spininnig the Wheel of Destiny

A travel blog entry by dagroove

Give your heart and soul to what you do. Dont look back, but dont look too far ahead. Have faith that all answers shall be given in their time due.            ...

Zurück in Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Zurück in Stuttgart

A travel blog entry by travelfishes


... rum und wir haben ausreichend Gelegenheit, diese tollen Tage Revue passieren zu lassen! Letztendlich landen wir pünktlich in Stuttgart und beenden hier eine fantastische Reise. Aufregend, spannend, neue Ecken, viele Kontraste, viele neue Eindrücke - ...

Walking around Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Walking around Stuttgart

A travel blog entry by carita


... the whole time as in Berlin. I think people here enjoy a comfortable way of living. There are some 600000 inhabitants in Stuttgart and almost 3 million in the greater area of the city. The city is not too small, yet doesn't have the atmosphere of a ...

Museum!, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by aschmidt


... that this museum was a museum of a "Prehistoric collection with oldest sculptured works of art known to man."( Some of the sculptured there were unbelievable. You never would have thought that ...

Cross-border croissant smuggling, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Cross-border croissant smuggling

A travel blog entry by sares


... were talking about. In the afternoon, Chris and I and one of his sisters went exploring in the public woods right within Stuttgart. Horseback riding must be popular in the area because by the side of the road we saw a horse-level zebra-crossing ...

Quick stop, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Quick stop

A travel blog entry by cire7777

Adam and I left his place and headed to Stuttgart. It was just to have dinner and go out a bit. He had a friend that was out of town and we got to use the apartment. We walked around, grabbed some food, and had some drinks. It was a lot of fun, just a ...

Getting ready, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Getting ready

A travel blog entry by kias

I think I might try and update this regularly, but we will see. So many unknowns right now- how many internet cafes? how much interest I will actually have to update? among others The excitement is rising, but as always, the actual arrival in Salvador ...

From Spain to Germany, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

From Spain to Germany

A travel blog entry by clareandbuzz


Flew to Stuttgart on Spain's small airline, Vuerling, and the day before they offered an upgrade to roomier seats for 16€ each.  Having flown on a local European airline in the past, we knew the leg room was non-existent so we upgraded. ...

All I can Say is

All I can Say is "Time" by Pink Floyd

A travel blog entry by banderson19


I had all intentions of posting the rest of my trip across Eastern and Southern Europe, but to be honest it would be a slap together job that wouldn't be worth your time to read. Instead I am going to post a video that Phillip and I made from the trip, ...

Wuerttemberg State Theater, Stuttgart, Germany travel blog

Wuerttemberg State Theater

A travel blog entry by aschmidt


I found out about this place from an advertisement I seen just the other day so I decided to check it out. Turns out that there was a ballet going on later so I went. It was a ballet of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was played by Tentschikowa and Romeo was ...

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