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Unsere Reiseroute um die Welt, Deutschland, Germany travel blog

Unsere Reiseroute um die Welt

A travel blog entry by tripumdiewelt


... haben wir uns Flug für Flug selbst zusammengestellt und einzeln bei der jeweiligen Airline gebucht. Teil 1 Unsere Reise wird uns von Rostock nach Kopenhagen führen, wo wir einen Flug nach Boston nehmen. Das war das günstigste Angebot um in die USA ...

Willkommen in Deutschland!, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Willkommen in Deutschland!

A travel blog entry by nayda_dew

... ;ли на машинке)) ********** It was almost dark when we arrived in Rostock... I had to be content with a view of distant lights and last year's Sergei's photographs... But there was no need ...

They'll start the party with a heave-ho me hearty!, Rostock, Germany travel blog

They'll start the party with a heave-ho me hearty!

A travel blog entry by gallopmonkey


... and have had very little sleep in the last 48 hours, so I'm not expecting much out of this entry! I arrived in Rostock last night around midnight, after a 24 hour ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland.  Unfortunately, the ferry left from a terminal in ...

Warnemunde - Germany, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Warnemunde - Germany

A travel blog entry by kellyfayeurope


September 2 Tuesday (Royal Princess) Warnemunde and Rostock (Germany) Awakening refreshed from a day of nothing, how relaxing - opened our curtain to a beautiful day and watched the passengers boarding their early train for the $350 day tour to Berlin, ...

Eine Weltreise ist kein Urlaub, Deutschland, Germany travel blog

Eine Weltreise ist kein Urlaub

A travel blog entry by tripumdiewelt


Wir haben uns also entschieden eine Auszeit in Deutschland zu nehmen und eine Reise um die Welt anzutreten. Seit Monaten laufen die Vorbereitungen und im Juni geht es ja auch schon los. Das ist nicht mehr lange. Die meisten beneiden uns schon für den ...

Last Of The Swedes, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Last Of The Swedes

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... Laura and Gabbi decide the best thing to do is to walk me to my door, not liking the idea of an Australian lost I Rostock. The streets are crazy umbers here. Instead of have odds and evens on opposite sides like in Australia (and other English and ...

Rostock, Rostock, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by rora_8

Rostock was a short stop but by far one of my favorites... it was a cute little beach town right up against a forest.. fully equipt with a light house and little pained huts on the beach... it was a nice place to wrap up my european adventure and prepair ...

Weltreise - Vorbereitungen und Planungen, Deutschland, Germany travel blog

Weltreise - Vorbereitungen und Planungen

A travel blog entry by tripumdiewelt


... da es ja eine Auslandszahlung war. Schade dass man die Oneworld Tickets nicht in Deutschland bekommt. Wieder zu Hause in Rostock gleich mal bei British Airways eingeloggt und unseren Reiseplan angeguckt, dabei stand neben einem Flug die Anmerkung, dass ...

Basic Safety Training 21.-26.05.12, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Basic Safety Training 21.-26.05.12

A travel blog entry by vanessa_86


Letzte Woche war es dann soweit: Das Basic Safety Training in Rostock stand an, welches jeder, der das erste Mal auf ein Schiff geht, erfolgreich absolvieren muss. Ich hatte vorher schon viel über die zahlreichen praktischen Übungen gelesen und gehört ...

Day 1 - Rostock, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Day 1 - Rostock

A travel blog entry by dvlrnr

... apartment, sipping on a cup of peppermint tea, after riding for 22,86 km through the by then already dark suburbs and downtown Rostock. This is then my first, official couchsurf. Tomorrow my touring starts in earnest. I should be able to reach the Elbe ...

Beach Weather, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Beach Weather

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... . We’re talking about Stupwitz, and how it keeps traveling and sticking to the larger cities through originally coming from Rostock, when who should show up but Casper and Claudia. Nadine finds it quite amazing that two of her best friends have ...

First of the Germans, Rostock, Germany travel blog

First of the Germans

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... only need the few pages relating to the city is a silly silly idea, so surgically removed the two pages that make up Rostock from the 700 that make up Germany, so much easier, I don’t even need a bag. The walk this morning gave me a head start on ...

We are in Germany!!!!!, Rostock, Germany travel blog

We are in Germany!!!!!

A travel blog entry by rachel10


... are OK). The weather has been fine during the days but wet at night but we have a great tent! Yesterday we got the ferry to Germany after a lot of fast cycling as we didn,t have a lot of time to get to the ferry without a long wait until the next one, ...

Day 12 - Rostock revisited, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Day 12 - Rostock revisited

A travel blog entry by dvlrnr

... cash and it took some haggling before I was sold a cheap enough ticket to make it all the way to Rostock. My experience of travelling by train through Germany luckily wasn't only a negative one. Next to me on the IC was Felix, a graphic designer from ...

Heute beginnt unsere Weltreise, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Heute beginnt unsere Weltreise

A travel blog entry by tripumdiewelt


... weiterfährt - zum Glück gerade noch mit uns an Bord.   An Bord ist das Stichwort denn es geht zum Überseehafen in Rostock, wo der Bus auf die Scandlines Fähre rollt und 90 Minuten später sind wir auch schon auf dänischem Boden unterwegs gen ...

Brugge and Rostock Germany, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Brugge and Rostock Germany

A travel blog entry by bbk6

Gutentag,      My travels have now come full circle and I am now back in Germany, this time in Rostock. On Tuesday we left Brussels for a day trip to Brugge. Brugge is a quiet belgian town north of Brussels which is encircled by ...

Crossing over into Germany, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Crossing over into Germany

A travel blog entry by foegoer


It's a 24 hour trip from Helsinki to Rostock, Germany. I decide to sleep in a chair, well in the end it's the floor with a borrowed blanket but that's fine for me! This boat is much smaller then the ones that cross between Sweden and Finland and not busy ...

Driving to Budapest - Ferry Arrival, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Driving to Budapest - Ferry Arrival

A travel blog entry by sarahindenmark

... . We arrived at one in the morning on the ferry connecting Denmark to Germany.  I'd never been to Germany before so I felt it deserved a map pin although I drove through Germany both ways in the middle of the night and never saw any of ...

no1, Rostock, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by asci

So, jetzt gehts los... diesesmal als Blog, hoffe das ist ok....bisher konntet ihr ja mit nem texteditor meine seiten lesen da ich sie auch so geschrieben habe. Aber am Blog reizt mich vor allem das ich ab und zu mal n Bild dazustellen kann... Also, am ...

I Eintrag Blogbuch: Rostock-Berlin, Rostock-Berlin, Germany travel blog

I Eintrag Blogbuch: Rostock-Berlin

A travel blog entry by saschasito


Alles beim Alten! Da sitz ich nun - Gate A04 Berlin Tegel. Nichts scheint  sich so richtig verändert zu haben.Die Jahre auf dem Bu- ckel mehren sich die Erfahrung auch, blos wirkungslos. Den Einlass zum Gate beinahe verpasst (ein Verspätung von ...

Summer has arrived, for now., Rostock, Germany travel blog

Summer has arrived, for now.

A travel blog entry by stef5353


... off the boat) From here we drove on to Rostock were we are booked in for 2 nights. Thursday morning we headed for Rostock harbour and booked a ferry trip to Warnemuende. Even though Rostock is a Baltic Sea harbour it lies about 12 K's inland ...

Tropic of Capricorn, Rostock, Namibia travel blog

Tropic of Capricorn

A travel blog entry by leonnatmckenna


Today we left our lovely room with the lovely bed and headed back to our tent!!! We had an 8 hour drive to Naukluft National Park, the desert. I was excited!!!  We passed the Tropic of Capricorn today aswell. It is one of the five major circles of ...

Tyskland - Dag 2, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Tyskland - Dag 2

A travel blog entry by lrtravel


Framme kl 05:30 och vi kör av färjan. Soluppgång i Rostock och fortsatt färd söderut. Kl 8 stannade vi en stund för div behov för oss och hundar i höjd med Berlin. Vilket egentligen innebär att vi är ett ...

Rumble in Rostock, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Rumble in Rostock

A travel blog entry by barber.timothy

... ! Hunger starting to cause lightheaded feeling so we're gonna have a stomp around... Take care and Auf-wiedersehn from Rostock! And hello again...updating you on the happenings of that very night before that very ferry... We meandered around town ...

Wernermunde, Germany, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Wernermunde, Germany

A travel blog entry by ohiolair


... off to the most amazing church, St. Marys.  It is in the process of being restored, and has a varied history.  Rostock had a rivaly with Liebzieg, and they each competed in tring to build the largest church at the time.  So this church ...

Leaving Berlin for Warnemunde, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Leaving Berlin for Warnemunde

A travel blog entry by tedbryce


Left Mulackstrasse at 9ish for a train trip, firstly to Berlin Hauptbahnhoffe, then on a regional train to Rostok then Warnemunde. We arrived, finally, at around 1pm. We eventually found our way to the Royal Princess after foregoing a wander into the ...

We Love Geocaching!, Rostock, Germany travel blog

We Love Geocaching!

A travel blog entry by siky68


    After almost 500 km of a direct drive from our home we made a stop near Rosctok where we found a cache and we all could stretch ourselves a bit.     Obligatory visit of the toilets, another cache had been found before we ...

Baltic beaches and wild boars, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Baltic beaches and wild boars

A travel blog entry by bakker-bilton

... the wedding weekend of Matty and Kamila. After we left Holland we decided to make tracks for The Baltic beaches of northern Germany, still without the aid of our trusty auotoroute (this has now been fixed so you won't hear any more grumbles about it). ...

Rostock, Rostock, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by connielu


Rostock is in the former East Germany, and as last time, when we went to Magdeburg, I was warned that the people are poorer and I was more likely to see Neo-Nazis and the like. As a port-town Rostock must have a leg up on some other cities in the former ...

Rostock-Warnemünde-Hanse Sail, Rostock, Germany travel blog

Rostock-Warnemünde-Hanse Sail

A travel blog entry by lisaputtlitz


... a nice Airport but not many people fly from there which is why it is always endangered to close.   Rostock itself is a nice harbour-city in northern Germany. One of it's parts, Warnemünde, is really worth a visit, because it is a really good place ...

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